True friendship love and trust (episode 19)


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Let’s begin
It’s morning
Viplav was sleeping peacefully in his room just then the alarm rings..
Viplav: (with half opened eyes) what nonsense yaar.. who set the alarm
Saying so he turned off the alarm but after awhile alarm rings again
Viplav: Oh God.. this stupid alarm will not let me sleep..
Then he again turned off the alarm and closed his eyes again but suddenly he gets up..
Viplav: oh my goodness.. viplav how can u forget.. dhani is here she must be waiting for me..
Saying so he runs towards washroom.. After awhile he comes out and rushes to downstairs.. he walks towards dinning table and wishes good morning to kanak and shambu.. they also wish him back
Viplav: mom where is dhani ?
Kanak: beta she is in her room.. I think she is sleeping
Viplav: sleeping till now.. strange she used to wake up early
Kanak: she must be tired naa.. let her sleep
Viplav: yeah and then she slept late at night..
Kanak: (teasingly) how do u know ?
Viplav: (coughs) woh mom actually her room’s light was on that’s why..
Kanak: acha by the way shambu I was hearing some noises too
Shambu: no I didn’t hear anything..

Kanak: (slightly hits her feet on his feet) we heard naa..
Shambu: yeah yeah.. we did, I forget..
Viplav: what mom dad.. actually naa dhani was watching TV so…
Kanak: (interrupts) how do u know ?
Viplav: because I also heard the noises..
Shambu: kanak.. leave him naa see how tensed he is bechara getting confuse from our questions..
Kanak: (laughs) viplav, u and ur lame excuses..
Viplav: mom actually naa I was in her room but don’t take it wrong because we were just talking and then we watched tv.. that’s it
Kanak: yeah I know no need to explain.. I trust my daughter
Viplav: what do u mean by daughter.. don’t u trust me..
Kanak: I trust u too but dhani is a very good girl so I trust her more..
Viplav: mom.. u hurt me today
Kanak: stop acting like heroines viplav
Viplav: u called me heroine.. dad see ur wife she is continuously pulling my leg
Shambu: he always used to do that with me now it’s ur turn (laughs)
Viplav: it means u are also scared of her.. kia mom itne dehshat hai ap ke.. (laughs)
Kanak: u both started again
Viplav: acha mom I am going to see dhani
Kanak: arey let her sleep naa

Viplav: no mom if I didn’t wake her up then she will scold me.. so I am going
Kanak: waah abhe sey he u are getting scare of her..
Viplav: yeah we men are so innocent naa that’s why..
Saying that he runs from there and walks towards dhani’s room.. he knocked at the door but receive no response.. he knocked again and again
Inside the room
Dhani was sleeping peacefully.. but because of the noise she slowly opened her eyes
Dhani: hey.. who is this
(Suddenly she gets up) oh God.. it’s too late, why I didn’t wake up.. (she noticed that someone is knocking the door) yeah yeah coming.. (She was trying to get up from the bed but gets stumble in blanket and falls down) ouch !! Coming wait..
Then she gets up and rushes to door and opened it..
Dhani: (sighs) can’t u wait ?
Viplav: (goes inside the room) what were u doing.. I was knocking since long
Dhani: yeah because of ur impatience I fall from the bed
Viplav: (laughs) really ? (Innocently) I want to see that can u do that again..
Dhani: shut up.. already I am surprised how can I sleep till now.. I used to wake up early
Viplav: it’s Ok dhani.. why u are taking tension
Dhani: I am so lazy.. I am not saying this.. maa must be thinking that
Viplav: dhani, dhani no she is not saying that in fact she was asking me to let u sleep.. acha now stop being tensed, go and freshen up quickly..
Dhani: yeah going
Dhani goes to washroom and viplav was sitting on bed.. after awhile she comes out and combs her hair
Dhani: now come on
He makes her sit on bed and bends on his knees
Viplav: wait show me ur wound first
Dhani: viplav that is Ok now

Viplav: I know but we have to change its bandage naa otherwise it will get infection
Dhani forwards his foot and viplav opened the bandage
Viplav: hmm.. it’s much better now
Dhani smiles then viplav gets busy in dressing the wound
Viplav: done.. it will heal quickly
Dhani: u should be a doctor
Viplav: yeah I was also thinking the same but now nothing can be done as I am getting admission in MBA
Dhani smiles.. they both were about to leave
Dhani: wait viplav
Viplav: ab kia hoa (now what happened)
Dhani goes inside, viplav also follows her and saw dhani was cleaning the room and placing the pillows properly..
Viplav: leave it dhani..
Dhani: done.. we should clean our room by ourselves..
Viplav: yeah but if there are servants then what’s the need of it
Dhani: so.. we should do some work ourselves.. u have to change ur habit because it’s bad habit
Viplav: I will not do that..
Dhani: u have to otherwise I will not talk with u
Viplav: u are such a blackmailer.. we will see that afterwards.. abhe chalo as I am feeling very hungry..
Dhani: Ok come
They both moves to dinning table where shambu and kanak were waiting for them.. dhani wishes them good morning..
Dhani: sorry maa.. I am late today don’t know..
Kanak: (interrupts her) it’s Ok beta.. u must be tired yesterday and then this naughty boy mustn’t allow u to sleep
Dhani smiles..

Shambu: now leave all this and start ur breakfast otherwise I will start eating without u..
Dhani sits on a chair and viplav sits beside her..
Kanak: beta what will u take in breakfast ?
Dhani: umm !! Juice and toast
Kanak: itna rookha sookha breakfast.. eat something more
Viplav: mom she is on diet (laughs)
Dhani: no nothing like that.. I eat only this
Kanak: (nods and passes them their meal) acha did u sleep well
Dhani nods
Viplav: (laughs) mom she sleeps so well that she forgot to wake up..
Dhani stares him angrily
Kanak: dhani ignore him.. he always used to eat my brain this time but today as u are here so I am forgiven..
Dhani: by the way maa his room was so tidy usually boy’s rooms are quite untidy
Viplav: I love cleanliness so that’s why..
Dhani: (interrupts him) so who was saying before few minutes that servants are there to clean etcetera etcetera..
Kanak: dhani room was tidy because of Melvin (servant) he keeps his room neat and clean
Dhani: yeah mom I know viplav is so lazy can’t even clean his room
Viplav: hey don’t underestimate the power of viplav from tomorrow I will clean my room by myself I don’t need Melvin or Marvin..
Dhani and kanak smiles looking at each other..
Kanak: dhani u know he always used to wake up late but today because of u he woke up early.. this is only one day and u have changed viplav, now I am sure u will bring viplav at right path
Viplav: u are saying this like I was on wrong path
Kanak: u were not on wrong path but u have bad habits which dhani will make u to get rid of it
Viplav: it seems like dhani will come as a teacher instead of wife (laughs) wese dad why are u silent.. u also speak something
Shambu: kanak is speaking on behalf of me
Viplav: oh my cute dad.. now we are silent u speak

Shambu was about to say something but he noticed that everyone is staring at him
Shambu: why are u staring me like this.. u guys are making me confuse (then all gets busy in eating) so what I was saying that I am very happy to see my family like this.. may God bless us
Viplav: (laughs) it was like speech but still it was good
Shambu: see ur son how he is making fun of his dad.. dhani beta be a strict wife Ok .. because u can handle him nicely
Viplav: dhani be a sweet obedient wife Ok ..
Dhani was looking at this surprisingly..
Kanak: (smiles) don’t get surprise re.. it’s our daily routine once u will enter this house u will get used to it..
After finishing their breakfast
Kanak: shambu now we should leave it’s getting late.. beta we will come soon
Dhani: yes mom I am also living
Kanak: arey stay some more time naa.. I will come soon I would have stay if there wasn’t any important meeting
Dhani: no it’s Ok maa.. I should leave as my family must be worrying about me
Kanak: acha.. viplav drop her safely Ok
Then they bid bye to each other and left for their respective places..
Scene shifts to car where viplav was driving and dhani was sitting beside him..
Dhani: don’t know why I am feeling as if something wrong will happen
Viplav: dhani don’t take tension.. nothing like that will happen
After awhile, they reached her home, both comes down from the car and heads to the main gate
Dhani: where are u coming ?
Viplav: I want to talk with them
Dhani: talk about what ?

Viplav: don’t worry I will not tell about our relationship for that mom will come.. I want to ask something else
Dhani: viplav they will not leave me if they will see us together
Viplav: they can’t even touch u.. have trust on me.. and if they will ask u that where u stayed last night what will u answer.. I want to answer them and also wants to ask some questions.. trust me dhani sometimes we shouldn’t remain silent..
Dhani rings the door bell when someone opened the door.. she was surprised to see him in front of her
Viplav: if this is ur brother
Dhani: no he is my bhabi’s brother
Viplav: oh tw he is the one..
Veer holds dhani’s hand
Viplav: hey leave her hand..
Veer: who are u to tell me..
Viplav: (jerks his hand and holds her hand) same question I should ask u
Veer: I am his fiance.. she is engaged with me, got ur answer ?
Viplav: (burst into laughter) what did u say, engaged with u..
Then he looks around and saw a bucket filled with water and throws it to him which makes veer full drenched dhani was surprised on viplav’s act but was laughing too
Viplav: I have to do this as u were day dreaming so to wake u up, this was essential.. dhani let’s go
They both went inside leaving angry veer outside.. they enter the room where her bhabi and bhai were sitting, her bhabi saw them and starts creating a drama
Bhabi: dhani finally u have come but who is he (point towards viplav)
Dhani: actually bhabi he is my friend and..

Viplav: and she stayed at my home.. which kind of people u are, don’t u have shame how can u ask ur own family member to stay at anyone’s home..
Bhabi: who are u to ask us questions.. dhani u have started these things..
Viplav: what things ? And I am not talking with u.. I am talking to him, u are her brother naa how can u let ur sister to stay at road for whole night.. are u new at this place don’t u know it’s not safe for a girl, I am speechless that how can a brother be so cruel with her own sister..
Bhabi: see Sahil, in which way an outsider is talking to us, what relation do u have with dhani ? (Turns to dhani whose eyes were filled with tears) dhani u stayed at his house, ur other friends have died, how can u spend a night with a boy.. u have ruined our respect
Sahil comes forward and was about to slap dhani but viplav holds his hand
Viplav: don’t u dare.. I am telling u I will send u behind bars for torturing a girl, u don’t know me and u are asking her that why she stayed with me so I will give u answer Raj lakshmi was out of city and I can’t trust anyone else, in fact u should thank God that I was with her who took her at home otherwise she would have spent her whole night at road
Sahil: I am her brother.. I can do whatever with her, who are u to stop me.. dhani I didn’t think u will stoop so low
Viplav: (shouts) enough, nor she is characterless neither our relationship is illegal so stop it, I love her and she is my to be wife and I can’t tolerate a word against dhani and our relation, mind it (holds dhani’s hand) I will not allow u to ruin her life
Just then veer comes inside all gets shocked seeing him full drenched except viplav and dhani
Bhabi: what happened to u ?
Veer: ask from this man
Viplav: so don’t u dare touch her again otherwise the consequences will be worst because throwing water at u was just a trailer next time u will not identify urself in mirror..
Bhabi: how dare u.. dhani u know u are so lucky that my brother loves u.. he accepted u through u are inauspicious..
Viplav: hey don’t say that again and lower the volume while talking with her because she is not alone now..
Sahil: (breaks his silence) Ok then send ur mother tomorrow then we will see
Viplav: (happily) are u serious..

Sahil nods while veer was about to say something but he sign him to have patience.. dhani understood that something is fishy..
Viplav: dhani I will send my mom tomorrow (cups her face) now no need to worry
Dhani: but viplav…
Sahil: (interrupts her) so now u can leave.. I mean u have to inform this to ur mom naa
Viplav: yeah but after my exit don’t even say a word to dhani..
Sahil: yeah.. don’t worry
Viplav: (smiles) dhani ur bhai has realized his mistakes now he will not allow ur bhabi and this veer to ruin ur life.. now smile and if u need something then I am just a call away..
Then he bid bye to her and left from there.. dhani also went to her room..
Bhabi: Sahil are u mad.. how can u ask him to bring his mom
Veer: yeah sahil.. I am not a toy, I was here to get engage with dhani but here some other things are happening.. what about our deal don’t u need money ?
Sahil: have u guys done.. I know everything and I remember our deal too, but right now it was important to assure viplav otherwise he would have done something bad to us because he madly loves dhani so this was the only way to get rid of viplav
Bhabi: yeah but now he will send his mother tomorrow then what we will answer her ?
Sahil: don’t worry about that we will give a special treatment to her that she will not take dhani’s name, who will fix her only son’s alliance with such kind of family.. (keeps his hand on veer’s shoulders) u just ready the money
Veer: they are ready once dhani and me get married those money will be yours
Sahil: then it’s great, get ready to become a groom day after tomorrow as u are getting married and we will get ready to welcome viplav’s mother..
Screen freezes on their smirking faces

Precap: dhani was seen in restaurant waiting for viplav later viplav takes her to her (dhani’s) home where her brother shouts that he is her step brother, dhani and viplav gets shocked

Just one episode left and then the flashback will end, this precap is not a fb to know what brings dhani to this restaurant keep reading, sorry if this is a short episode but as u know my cousin met with an accident so I was quite busy there otherwise I would have finish the fb in this episode only..
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  1. Mariyam123

    Maha di at last u posted?? I was eagerly waiting for it. The episode was jhakkas??Loved the funny jokes in the starting??? U know in the morning when I saw your ff, i read it and i had a huge smile on my face?

    U seriously made my day? Loved the way Viplav stood for Dhaani. And Veer?? Was laughing when I read he was drenched in water??

    Plz post the next part soon as I want to know what is going to happen next?

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey louella πŸ™‚ thank u soo much.. I have seen ur comment after very long time so thanks for ur appreciation :-* actually I have adopted those jokes from my family because at breakfast we usually pull each other’s leg πŸ˜› I am happy that u liked it and double happy for making ur day πŸ˜€ yes will try to post the next one by the end of next week.. keep commenting
      U know what blunder I have done I didn’t post a cover picture for this episode as I thought they will use my previous one but they didn’t so now I am so sad πŸ™

  2. Sujie

    Maha…. Good one…..
    Loved that first half …..
    And second one when Viplav confronts Dhaani’s disgusting brother….
    Never let the evils win ????❀️❀️

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks sujie πŸ™‚ Glad u liked those parts.. yeah I will never let the evil win πŸ™‚ keep reading

  3. Angel20

    Maha just loved this episode!!??
    You are an amazing writer… Haha?? that veer bada aya Dhaani SE shaadi karne… Paani SE hi shaadi kar li??? I know it was a lame joke.. But the episode was awesome!! Update if soon.. And take care of your cousin☺☺

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank u Maria.. Oh am I :-O anyways thanks alot <3 Arey I was laughing reading this joke πŸ˜€ yeah he deserve this kind of treatment bada aya πŸ˜€ I will try to update soon, yup I will thanks :-*

  4. Maha diiiiii it was an awesome episode
    I was waiting for a long time
    Diiiii take care if ur cousin n u

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks sweetie :-* Aww !! u were waiting so sweet of u πŸ™‚ yeah I will, thanks

  5. Areeb

    Hi Maha. Okay, Acha mein sachi me tasali k sath likhna chahti thi about all the previous episodes I missed. Lekin I’m a slight lazy to write everything what I think. Pardon me. ? So, I was reading and reading while getting into the story deeply then suddenly in 14 episode the scene comes where Viplav comes to Dhaani’s room hiding and then the THING CAME WHICH MADE ME TO SAY LOVE YOU MAHA RIGHT FROM HERE! The song came O terey sang yaraa.. khush rang bahara.. Phir next mein apny khayalon me hi thi or agy parhy ja rahi thi k next episode khola meny. Abhi kuch hi lines parh’hi thin meney k pir sey song aagaya Terey sang yara.. or mein phir Khush ho gae!! So basically, I want to thank you for making me That Really Special Wala Happy! That only get by thinking of Atif! ❀ Is pehley me Atif Aslam k geet ganay me masroof ho jaon or track sy hat jaon. Lets come to today’s episode. ? Start was funny! ? Sub sy best tha when Dhaani fell from bed and tells to Viplav about the same. ? ? Or story to kahan sy kahan ponhch gaey hai shukar hai I caught it today before the flashback gets end. ? And I’m what they are gonna do in front of Kanak. Hmm, thinking. ?

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey Areeb πŸ™‚ It’s OK.. typing something long is quite difficult πŸ˜› I think u have missed 5-6 episodes Right ? anyways thanks for reading them altogether in fact double thanks πŸ˜€ I didn’t remember that scene actually so I will read that again.. tere sang yaara is currently my favorite one and when I was writing that episode this song was new so I quickly added it.. Aww !! I am glad that it makes u happy.. Yeah Atif is a very good singer and his songs are lush <3 It's OK I can understand as u are his fan so… Oh yes that was indeed a funny one don't know how that scene came in my mind πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Hmm Thank God u have caught it otherwise the number of missing episodes would increase.. For knowing about that keep reading πŸ™‚ but they will going to do something bad so keep urself ready πŸ˜›

  6. Aiswarya

    Maha di how is ur cousin now

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      They are much better now but my nano’s leg is paining too much because of her age and cousin’s feet is badly injured which will take time to heal, just pray for them.. Thanks for ur concern <3

  7. Angel20

    Ohh I’m so sorry for commenting late?
    I had read it but forgot to comment? I’m so sorry yaar…
    Ok so I have to recollect the episode.. And yes I have done it!! It was awesome, great.. But I hope his Bhai doesn’t separate vidhaa with their new plan!! This Viplav is so innocent he believed Dhaani’s brother so easily?? but overall an amazing episodeepisode?? Finally the flashback will end! Very eager to read the next episode!post the next part soon!

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Maria dear just have a look on above comments there u will find ur own comment?? u have already commented re.. but it’s Ok I loved to read ur comment again, thanks for liking.. vidha will never separate in my fiction that’s a pakka wala promise.. thanks for commenting again?

      1. Angel20

        Omg??? I didn’t notice?? I am so dumb!!??

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