True friendship love and trust (episode 18)


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Let’s begin
Viplav holds her hand and they head towards his room.. later they entered the room
Viplav: so this is ur room and our future room (winks at her)
Dhani smiles
Viplav: how is it ?
Dhani: beautiful
Viplav: but if u want any change u can do that after marriage (gave a broad smile)
Dhani: no, its very good.. why would I change
Viplav: yeah but girls like pink color naa so…
Dhani: (interrupts him and teasingly) how do u know this much about girls ?
Viplav: yaar this is common.. all knows it
Dhani: hmmmm
Viplav: what hmm ? don’t tell me dhani.. u were thinking..
Dhani: (interrupts him) I was thinking nothing.. now go
Viplav: yeah yeah going.. can I ask one thing
Dhani: yup ask..
Viplav: can I take (pointing towards a pillow placed on his bed) that pillow actually I can’t sleep without it and then there are two pillows so one is enough for u naa and if u want more then I will bring for u but please let me take that
Dhani: (thinks to pull his leg) no viplav I am sorry but u can’t..
Viplav: but why dhani ?
Dhani: ab (thinks) I don’t know why but u can’t..
Viplav: arey !! I will
Dhani runs towards the bed and grabs his pillow..
Viplav: dhani.. cheater
Dhani: hey.. don’t call me cheater
Viplav: u are a cheater

Saying so he runs behind her and was pleading her to give that pillow but dhani was enjoying so she was continuously forbidding both were running when viplav holds her hand but suddenly his feet trips because of carpet and as a result of it they both fall on bed.. viplav was on dhani but that pillow was in between them, both were lost in each other eyes but dhani’s hair was tickling viplav so he gently locked them behind her ears..
” Chhupte chhupate jhoome
Zulfe labon ko choome
Uff! kare shaitaniyaan, sar pe chadhaya inhe
Itna banaya inhe, Uff! hui deewaniyan
Mujhpe yun hasti hai
Yeh zulfein kyun meri tarah masti hain
Ab jo ghalat tha wo bhi sahi hai
Behosh bhi hoon, Pee bhi nahin hai haay
Yeh jo halki halki khumariyan
Hain mohabbaton ki taiyaariyaan
Hain mohabbaton ki taiyaariyaan
Yeh jo halki halki khumariyan plays”
Just then someone knocks on the door.. dhani came into senses while viplav was still lost.. she shakes him then viplav realized his position and blushes he tries to get up but falls again.. that servant was watching all this standing at the door..
Dhani: viplav get up..
Viplav: arey I am trying naa.. wait (he takes that pillow out) thank God I have got it
Dhani: (gave an irritating look) are u mad .. first try to get up
Viplav smiles and get up with the help of a support.. he gave her hand for help and he was holding his pillow from the other hand.. she holds his hand and stands up
Dhani: u are really a kid.. take that pillow with u I don’t need it.. wired person..
Viplav: if u didn’t need it then why were u acting like that
Dhani: I was just joking
Viplav: acha.. by the way I enjoyed alot.. my exercise is done in this way.. after our wedding we will daily do this (laughs)
Dhani pats her head and gave u are impossible type of look..
That servant knocks again..
Dhani: yes..
Servant: sorry for disturbing.. ma’am has sent a dress for u
Viplav: (murmurs) what’s the need of sorry now.. everyone’s timing is wrong..
Dhani stares at viplav
Servant: yes sir.. u said something
Viplav: no, nothing keep this on bed and go..
Servant nods and keeps that dress on bed and left
Dhani: viplav u also go now and take some rest
Viplav: yeah I am going.. and if u want anything just shout “viplav” .. Ok
Dhani nods.. viplav gave her a flying kiss grabs his pillow and left from there..
Dhani smiles and walks towards the door to lock then she goes to change her clothes.. after awhile she comes out wearing a pink shalwar kameez and dupatta then goes towards the mirror and comb her hair..

Later it was night..
In viplav’s room
Viplav was lying on bed and to himself: arey viplav.. why are u feeling restless, (keeps his hand on his heart) oye heart why are u pounding like in sometime u will come out from my chest (stands from bed and start walking) I think I should go and check dhani.. no, no viplav she must be sleeping and if she is not.. if she wants something.. I bet she will not ask anyone so I should go and check her..
Thinking that he goes towards the lawn to get a flower for dhani..
Scene shifts to dhani
Dhani was sitting on the bed with tears filled in her eyes and to herself: my own bhabi and bhabi don’t love me they don’t care about me but here kanak anty oops maa loves me like my mom in fact whole family treats me so nicely as I am very precious for them.. viplav loves me, cares for me like I am his life and what I did, I shouted at him for no reason.. I accused him (a tear rolled down from her cheeks) dhani u hurt him.. it wasn’t his mistake but then also he remains silent.. oh God this guilt will kill me (wipes her tears) tomorrow morning I will apologize from him
She was lost in these thoughts while tears were flowing from her eyes when she feels someone’s hand on her shoulder and before she could shout he quickly keeps his hand on her mouth..
Viplav: dhani don’t shout.. it’s me
Dhani: (removes his hand) are u mad ? I would have a heart attack
Viplav: (angrily) how many times I have told u to don’t say these stupid things but u never listen to me..
Dhani: Ok sorry but I was scared..
Viplav: sorry I don’t want to scare u.. I want to surprise u
Dhani: (smiles) acha from where did u come
Viplav (innocently smiles): from that window (points towards the window)
Dhani: but why ? U can come from door also.. its ur home so why did u come secretly
Viplav: woh actually I love to come like this.. u know we will remember this time after wedding so I want to make this time special
Dhani: u are making it special by coming through window
Viplav: yeah for me it’s special
Dhani (pats her head): God please give him some wisdom
Viplav noticed her eyes which were quite red and swelled because she was crying naa
Viplav: dhani u were crying ?
Dhani: (shockingly) no, why would I cry
Viplav: (holds her shoulders) don’t lie dhani at least in front of me.. (she was silent but tears were falling from her eyes) dhani what happened (she gave no response) look at me dhani (tightens the grip) dhani for God sake tell me..
She can’t take anymore so she breaks down in lots of tears and hugs him tightly leaving viplav shocked
Viplav: (hugs her back) dhani why are u crying ? Tell me please it’s killing me
Dhani: (while sobbing) viplav I am sorry
Viplav: for what ?
Dhani: for shouting at u, for hurting u.. I know u love me but at that time I doubted on ur love I should show trust on u at that situation because trust is the most important element of a relation but what did I do.. I am sorry viplav.. I am really sorry please forgive me please viplav don’t ever leave me..
Viplav: (controls his tears, break the hug and holds her hands) enough dhani.. who told u that I will leave u.. I know u were not in ur senses that time.. (politely) dhani I didn’t feel bad for whatever u said because u were right, I shouldn’t leave u alone that time anyways from now on we will not discuss about this matter.. forget about all this (wipes her tears thinks something and smiles) and if u want forgiveness then u can give me a flying kiss at least..
Dhani: what (lifts her eyebrows)
Viplav: what what ? It’s so simple
Dhani: u are too much
Then she gave him a flying kiss viplav looks at her lovingly and gave a killer smile
Viplav: really u did that.. it seems like I am dreaming
Dhani: stop acting viplav.. now tell me did u forgive me
Viplav: who was angry dhani.. I was just acting
Dhani: what u are such a.. (pats him)
Viplav: Ok Ok my lady love I have forgiven u (laughs) acha now come here..
He takes her towards a sofa when dhani feels pain on her feet
Dhani: ouch !! Wait viplav
Viplav: what happened ?
Dhani: nothing my foot got injured
He makes her sit on the sofa and bends on his knees to check her feet..
Dhani: viplav leave it naa
He showed her an angry expression while dhani gulps in fear and looks down
Viplav: (surprisingly) dhani u were saying that it’s nothing.. look at this (points towards the wound) it’s a deep wound.. when it happened
Dhani gave no response
Viplav: (understands and changes the topic) u should tell me before naa.. u are very careless..
Dhani: viplav it’s nothing to worry about
Viplav: for u it’s nothing but for me it’s a very big thing..
He stands up and brings first aid box.. then he again sits down, holds her feet and applies ointment on it..
” Teri muskurahatein hain taaqat meri
Mujhko inhi se ummeed mili
Chaahe kare koi sitam ye jahaan
Inme hi hai sadaa hifaazat meri
Zindagani badi khoobsurat hui
Jannat ab aur kya hogi kahin
Jo tu mera Humdard hai
Jo tu mera Humdard hai
Suhaana har dard hai
Jo tu mera Humdard hai plays”
dhani was looking at him lovingly while viplav was busy in dressing her wound..
Viplav: done.. now u will not feel pain..
Dhani smiles

Viplav: always keep smiling like this as sad face doesn’t suits on u.. umm !! Let’s watch TV
Dhani: (gave a confused expressions) tv at this time
Viplav: so dhani.. I always watch TV at this time only
Dhani: (innocently) but this time is for sleeping naa
Viplav: dhani don’t be a kid yaar.. who sleeps at this time..
Dhani: those who sleeps early are kids and what about those who fights for pillow..
Viplav: dhani don’t pull my leg yaar
Dhani: (laughs) Ok fine now turn on the tv naa
Viplav nods, switches on the tv and sits besides her and holds her hand.. dhani was looking at him while he noticed
Viplav: stop staring like this dhani it’s making me crazy
Dhani: (blushes) I wasn’t watching u I was looking at that wall
Viplav: (smiles naughtily) Ok then stop staring the wall otherwise it will feel crazy.. now Ok
Dhani: kia kuch bhe.. and stop switching the channels
Viplav: yaar nothing is coming.. wait this song is my favourite
Dhani: yeah mine too
Viplav imagines himself in place of hero and dhani in place of heroine.. he feels strange and rubbed his eyes
Viplav: dhani did u noticed anything ?
Dhani: no.. what happened
Viplav: strange but it’s lovely
Dhani was watching that song while viplav was lost in his imagination..
(The song and imagination is something like this)
Viplav and dhani are standing on a beautiful hill covered with snow
(Wearing blue high neck with jeans stretches his arm and sings)
Aankhon Ne Tumhari Meethi Baton Ne…
Meri Neend Udayi Mera Chain Churaya
(Dhani runs towards viplav wearing sky blue sari and hugs him while he also hugs her back)
Sapna Sajaya Apna Banaya
Apna Banake Sapna Sajake
Chupke Se Sikhaya Pyaar
Dheere Dheere Is Dil Ka Cheena Hai Karaar…
(Breaks the hug, looks at viplav and sings)
Aankhon Ne Tumhari Meethi Baton Ne…
Meri Neend Udayi Mera Chain Churaya
Sapna Sajaya Apna Banaya
(Cups his face)
Apna Banake Sapna Sajake
Chupke Se Sikhaya Pyaar
Dheere Dheere Is Dil Ka Cheena Hai Karaar…
Now vidhani is standing beside a beautiful lake and their surrounding is filled with colourful flowers
(Wearing a formal jeans and shirt of black colour he comes towards dhani and sings)
Deewana Ishq Ka Main To Hone Laga
(Strikes her hairs and kisses on her cheeks)
Zulfon Ki oth Mein Jana Dhone Laga
(Wearing a black frock and pajama, slightly pushed him)
Mera Kehna Na Mane (pouts)
Meri Pyaas Na Jane
(Keeps her hand on her heart while viplav was looking at him lovingly)
Dhak Dhak Dhadke Dil Mera Tadpe
(Holds his hands)
Rangeen Safar Mein Aisi Umar Mein
Dard Utha Pehli Baar
(Kisses her hands)
Dheere dheere Iss Dil Ka Cheena Hai Karaar
(Smiles and stretches his hairs)
Dheere Dheere Iss Dil Ka Cheena Hai Karaar
Now vidhani is standing on an ice cream parlor.. shopkeeper handover them strawberry ice cream.. they both come out holding their hands
(Wearing a red gown comes to viplav and applies ice cream on his face)
Yaadon Mein Aaj Kal Kaatoon Main Raat Din
Jhoota Sa Jahan Lagata Hai Tere Bin
(She was about to go when viplav pulls her back and slightly lifts her chin)
Kya Haal Jiya Ka Main Tujhse Bataon
Ek Pal Kahin Main Tujhe Bhool Na Paaon
(Twirls her)
Shaam Savere Dil Ko Mere Rehta Hai Kyon Interzar
(While dancing)
Dheere Dheere Iss Dil Ka Cheena Hai Karaar
(Lifts her in his arms in bridal style)
Dheere Dheere Iss Dil Ka Cheena Hai Karaar
(Kisses on her cheeks)
Dhani looks at viplav who was lost in his imagination and was smiling broadly.. she gave a weird look and calls viplav but he gave no response so she pats on his shoulder which makes him fall and he came to his senses..
Dhani: viplav what happened ? Are u Ok ?
Viplav: yeah I am Ok .. but that was beautiful
Dhani: what was beautiful.. oh that song yeah it’s amazing
Viplav: (murmurs) who is talking about song my imagination was beautiful that atmosphere u and me.. oh God (sighs)
Dhani: (surprisingly) what are u saying viplav at least say it some louder naa.. and instead of watching the song what were u thinking.. tell me (viplav tries to speak but was interrupted by dhani) tell naa why are u silent
Viplav: arey !! If u will stop then only I can speak naa.. and I was also watching the song
Dhani: (in a suspicious way) are u sure ?
Viplav: kia dhani ? Why are u acting like a CBI officer.. I was imagining.. (coughs) I mean watching that..
Dhani: hmm if u are saying so then Ok .. but now go as I am feeling very sleepy
Viplav: yeah going even I want to reminisce those moments..
Dhani: which moments ? I think u need some rest and want some sleep so go otherwise I will become mad
Viplav: yaar u will not understand.. acha I am going.. take care.. good night
He walks towards the door and dhani goes behind him but he again turned and calls her name
Dhani: yes viplav now what ?
Viplav: oh how can I forget (takes out a red rose which was now dead from his front pocket and gave a sad expression) poor rose.. I forgot to give u before
Dhani: Aww !! It’s Ok viplav.. (takes that rose from him and smells) this rose has still fragrance.. it will never die like our love (smiles) wese from where did u get ? Did u go market for a rose ?
Viplav: (smiles) I knew it u would ask me this question actually I plucked it from my lawn.. I want to give a rose to a rose..
Dhani blushes..
Viplav: (smiles and gave a flying kiss) bbye good night..
Then viplav left from there and dhani locks the door and goes to sleep with a smiling face..
Screen freezes

Precap: viplav takes her (dhani) to her home while her bhabi accused her for spending a night with a boy later viplav tells her family about their relationship leaving her bhabi and bhai shocked..

Hope u loved this one too.. I will be back with another episode by the end of next week till then enjoy this and don’t forget to share ur opinions..
Keep smiling? and keep watching ikrs daily?

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  1. Sujie

    Maha….. Hayee hayeee…it was so lovely….. Imagination Part was greatly superb….pillow fight…awesome
    keep going dear…
    And yes….. Dhaani’s bhaabi… only knows to accuse others ….waiting for the next post

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks sujie.. Happy to know that u loved each scene.. keep reading and yes her bhabi is like that because she is a villain naa..

  2. Latha

    Wow Maha superb. Imagination part, pillow fight and those flying kisses awesome and lovely Maha. A rose was giving to a rose superb loved it so much and keep rocking

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank u so much latha.. keep reading?

  3. Renuverma

    Mahi behtreen????
    Viplav showing dhani his room? their pillow fight wud have continued longer if servant wud not have come to give pink suit for changing sent by kanak
    They were so engrossed that servant had to knock again??
    Viplav s flying kiss while going off for sleeping ???
    His desire to meet dhani at midnigut n going through window ? dhani crying for shouting at viplav n is shocked to see him at back she just hugged him n then viplavs consoling her, asking yor s flying kiss from her?
    Viplav seeing dhanis wound n dpplying ointment song in background ??
    Their watching tv n cute fight over switching channels ??
    His imagining himself with dhani at hill at dnow; lake n icecream parlour ??
    His giving rose n saying rose to a rose??
    Precapis shocking as dhanis bhsbhi accusing her of spending night with a guy.but great that viplav stood by her n declared his wish yo to marry.
    Dounds like in ourvikrs ??

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Sorry di by mistake I have posted ur reply separately..

  4. Maha_Aijaz

    Oh di thanks alot.. u have given great analysis of my episode? glad to know that u loved each and every scene..

  5. Maha diiii it was an mind blowing episode ……..enjoyed each and every word ☺☺☺
    Viplav’s imagination?? pillow fights that all were awesome ??

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks sweetie .. keep reading
      how is ur leg now ?

    2. It’s okay now but it’s paining

  6. Angel20

    It was just simply awesome!! Each and every part of it touched my heart!!?
    Keep going.. And post the next one soon!!
    Love you❤

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks Maria 🙂 yeah will try to post the next one soon.. keep supporting
      Aww !! love u too :-*

  7. Shruthy

    Hey pyaari si pari <3 How are you?
    I know it has been so long I didnt comment but actually whenever I had WiFi access, I used to screenshot all stories fast so that I can read once free. And so I have been following yours too. <3 Unfortunately I couldnt comment regularly so now that I have better internet access and time, here I am.
    Honestly, i am like usual, bluffed. All the episodes were great (well I guess there might have been only 2 or 3 since my departure). Like the way Viplav really cared for Dhaani's, the way he was always next to her even while she was blaming him for her state. But then he takes her home and they found out she was quite alone at home and unable to go in. That was quite cute and funny when Viplav was trying to make her stay at his but she was refusing. And then, the zid Viplav inside of him did all his level best to make her agree and then they finally go home. And then Kanakji scolding Dhaani for refusing to come home. Then ViDha's cute nok-jhoks. Then Viplav coming into her room secretly and their lovey-dover moments…
    Alright I cant comment long like before because I am not able to right now…
    Anyways… Precap looks thrilling and interesting. I am quite excited to know what will be Dhaani's family's reaction on knowing that they are together. So will be waiting for it EAGERLY <3
    PS : waiting to go back home to chat with you and disturb you :p :*

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey sweetie? I’m fine.. hope u are too? yeah I know u are busy and out of ur country so it’s Ok as it’s too difficult to comment from there and I am sooooooo happy to see ur comment.. yeah only two episodes because I am too busy with my studies.. thanks for liking those scenes even I am going right now so can’t comment more as tomorrow is our independence day that’s why busy in celebration.. u will know their reaction soon.. long or short I always love ur comments..
      Yes I am too waiting for u to come back.. take care and have a safe journey.. love u?

      1. Shruthy

        Yes I am 🙂 thanks for understanding chellam :* awww I had to. I am actually sad I couldnt comment the other ones so I will have to make it too 🙂 No I meant to say that I didnt remember how many there were from my departure and I totally understand? Even I thought to write a lot but at the end I couldn’t make anything >_< ghar jaa kar hi sab kuch karna padega …
        Excited to know them 😀 Awww you are such a sweet pie :* Thanks. Miss you xo

  8. Lakshmi

    oh my god maha….itni lambhi update? but i am loving it…… just love u dear…..kahaan se tumhe yeh sab aatha hai..? ek baar padkar man nahi bar raha….when viplav says to dhani he loves to come through window….. an fb came to my mind…in the real ikrs too it happened na? just missing those ones… but our ffs makes it alive now….mera bas chale na main un dono ko maar doon… i mean bhai and bhabhi….and how could they do this to her….look at our kanak and viplav…kitni pyari hai na…..
    and got one song….humdard…which one is the others..? specially the imagination waali…? is that imagination the real song ki scenes hai kya? toh main woh song dekhna chahthi hoon…to imagine vidhani once more…..oho i can’t end my bakwas….becoz that much i loved ur epi….can’t wait for the next one…

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks Lakshmi.. yeah it’s long but I am happy that u loved it.. love u too? bus mera talent hai? mazak kar rahe hn Yar yeh sab serials and films dekh kar aya.. yes I remember those scenes how can I forget yaar.. those were evergreen moments.. ohk I thought u want to kill? but then I read bhai and bhabi? they are villains so sure u can kill them.. thanks to me I made kanak world’s best mom like we have.. first song was yeh jo halki halki khumariyan from son of sardar and third one was ankhon ne tumhare meethi baaton ne song from ishq wishq movie .. listen them I bet u will love them.. those scenes were not adopted from song it was my imagination actually as I want to watch them like this aur mai na apne wish poore kar le through ff.. don’t say it bakwas re as I am happy to see ur long comment.. thanks alot.. keep reading?

      1. Lakshmi

        Sure dear…thanks for suggesting songs…and glad to know that someone is liking my bakwass… haha just joking yaar…

  9. Meghs

    Maha maha maha i don’t know how i missed this wonderful ff?? i read it it one go its amazing superb..
    Camp part to till the part i loved ? viplav is so sweet caring guy and dhani family is so bad.. i can imagine well the scenes.. the way u writing is adorable..

    I loved songs too in ur ff wow??

    Dhani giving flykiss to vip and vip imaginary part omg i am speechless i will faint after reading this i think i have to learn romantic part from u as i need now in my ff naa???

    Good going.. keep rocking

    1. Meghs

      Maha darling forget to say pls post next asap ?

      1. Maha_Aijaz

        Aww thanks Megha.. u read them altogether.. waah re !! Thank u so much for liking those scenes and songs.. oh don’t say like this u write way more better than me.. keep reading and yes will try to post the next one ASAP

      2. Meghs

        Oi maha don’t say this ur better than me?

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