True friendship love and trust (episode 17)


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Let’s begin,
Dhani was waiting outside for viplav just then Raj Lakshmi came
Raj lakshmi: dhani ?
Dhani turned towards her and gave a fake smile
Raj lakshmi: no need to smile, I am ur sister naa
Dhani hugs her and cries

Dhani: why all this happened with me only ?
Raj lakshmi: it’s Ok yaar.. thank God viplav came on right time.. u know what dhani not only u in fact viplav is also shattered
Dhani: I know but because of him all this happened..
Raj lakshmi: dhani how can u say like this.. did he called akshay or did he tell u to be frank with him ? U trusted him blindly and u knew it very well that he doesn’t like him at all
Dhani: yeah I know that and I always thought him as a friend and after that camp’s incident I totally broke the friendship but I didn’t know that he will stoop so low..
Raj lakshmi: now tell me what is viplav’s fault in all this ?
Dhani: (looks down) yes u are right.. I hurt his feelings even though he haven’t done anything I talked with him so harshly .. I should apologize naa

Raj lakshmi: yeah u should.. but don’t feel guilty as u were not in ur senses at that time naa
Dhani: yeah but then also how can I hurt that person who always wants to see me happy.. thanks lakshmi for making me realize my mistake.. (holds her hand) u are my true sister
Raj lakshmi: (teasingly) so before that u were having any doubts ?
Dhani smiles.. after few minutes viplav came there and saw dhani smiling.. he feels relief
Viplav: Raj lakshmi u are here till now
Raj lakshmi: yeah.. why ? u don’t want me to stay here.. Ok say it directly
Viplav: Oh Raj ke lakshmi.. don’t eat my brain.. if u want to stay u can I was asking because u were leaving for Delhi naa

Raj lakshmi: yeah I am just leaving but before that I want to meet dhani (looked at her) dhani don’t take tension and if u need help or anything then call me i am just a call away.. (then she hugged her and whispers) end up the matter Ok.. (break their hug) take care
Saying so she left.. Viplav opens the front gate for dhani and ask her to sit.. she looked at him and sits inside..
After awhile they both were seen in car.. there was a pin drop silence
Dhani: (take a gulp) viplav ?
Viplav: haan dhani ? Are u Ok ? Want something ? Are u hungry ?
Dhani: viplav relax actually I want to ask that can I.. turn on the radio ?
Viplav: (smiles at her innocence but shows fake anger) dhani why are u asking me obviously u can.. next time don’t ask..

Dhani pouts
Viplav: (smiles on her) acha ab come on don’t act like a child..
Dhani looked at him then turned on the radio and
“Pal do pal ke kyun hai zindagi
Iss pyaar ko hai sadiyan kafi nahe
Tou khuda sey mang lun mohlat mai ek naye
Rehna hai bus yahan ab dur tujh sey jana nahe
Jo tu mera humdard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai

Suhana har dard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai plays”
Dhani was having tears while listening this.. viplav noticed that and changes the channel now
“Jaddu ke jhapi ley ja tu abhe milun ge mai naa dobara plays”
Viplav naughtily smiles.. dhani widens her e

yes and glares at viplav while he gave I haven’t done anything type of look..
Dhani again changes the channel and
“Phoolun ka taaron ka sab ka kehna hai
Ek hazaro mai meri behna hai plays”
Viplav looks at dhani.. now she was smiling naughtily and viplav was getting irritate then finally he turned off the radio
Dhani: what ?
Viplav: what, what ? How cheap songs are coming.. no need to listen..
Dhani giggles then puts her head on his shoulder and closes her eyes
Viplav to himself: I know it was my mistake and I know u must be angry but I am happy that u are getting normal and trying to forget that.. and from now on I will never leave u alone.. promise dhani
Saying that he kissed on her hairs..
After half an hour
Viplav: dhani we reached
Dhani gave no response.. he looked at dhani who was sleeping with angelic face and smiles
Viplav: (slowly pats on her hairs) dhani see we reached ur home
Dhani: (with half opened eyes) hmm.. suchi
Viplav: (smiles) muchi..
Dhani: thanks for the lift
Viplav: I haven’t gave u any lift.. it was my responsibility understand..
Dhani: acha baba don’t get angry..
Viplav: so stop talking like this naa
Dhani: Ok fine I have stopped

Viplav: Good
She comes out from the car.. viplav also follows her
Dhani: umm !! Bye
Viplav: bye take care
Dhani: now go.. otherwise bhai or bhabi can see u
Viplav: let it be.. I am not going from here until u reach ur room safe and sound
Dhani: but viplav..
Viplav: (interrupts her) no arguments dhani
Dhani: acha Ok
They both walks towards the main gate.. dhani was surprised to see the door locked
Dhani: (tensely) viplav see my house is locked it means nobody is at home
Viplav: Arey why are u panicking call them naa
Dhani nods and dials her bhabi’s number.. she picked the call
Dhani: hello bhabi.. where are u ?
Bhabi: we are not at home.. I forgot to tell u that we will come by tomorrow morning
Dhani: what ? But bhabi..
Bhabi: we are at my mom’s home so manage for tonight
Dhani: bhabi but where will I stay for whole night.. u should tell me before so that I would take spare keys with me
Bhabi: don’t shout girl.. u can stay at Raj lakshmi’s home (and she disconnects the call)
Dhani: but bhabi.. hello hello..
She was standing still but tears were flowing from her eyes..
Viplav: what happened ?
Dhani tells him everything cryingly
Viplav: (angrily) yaar how can someone do this.. they are heartless
Dhani: (verge of crying) yes they are
Viplav: but why are u crying.. come let’s go
Dhani: where ?
Viplav: (sighs) Lucknow
Dhani: I am crying here and u are joking
Viplav: ab u only asking me silly question so what can I do..
Dhani glares him

Viplav: Ok Ok .. obviously at my home I mean our home naa (winks)
Dhani: no.. I can’t come viplav
Viplav: but why ? And if u won’t come with me then where will u stay ? tell me..
Dhani: I will stay here.. outside my house I will not go anywhere woh bhe at ur home.. no way what maa will think about me
Viplav: are u nuts ? Don’t u know it is not save here..
Dhani: I know but I will not come.. it’s wired, what ur family will think
Viplav: (holds her shoulder) dhani my mom, my family is not like that.. fine stay here, but I will also not go.. I will stay here right next to u

Dhani: are u mad ? No u go ur mom must be waiting
Viplav: u are talking like mad so instead of me u are mad.. u think I will leave u alone at this time.. huh !! I can’t argue anymore so please.. and I think u have some listening problem no issue I will repeat again (this time he shouts) dhani I will stay with u that’s final..
Dhani: (keeps her hand on his mouth) viplav why are u giving pain to urself.. I know u love me and I love u too but I don’t want to become burden on u guys already I am burden on my family.. so please go now

Viplav: (removes her hand from his mouth and with teary eyes) dhani u are wrong.. u are not burden on anyone and I can’t even think to leave u alone because I had done this mistake before (closes his fist and eyes and takes a deep breath) anyways I don’t want to talk on this matter anymore so good night.. I am feeling very sleepy
Dhani: (confused) what ?
Viplav: wish me good night naa
Dhani was staring at him in a confused way while viplav gives her a flying kiss and went to lay down beside the main gate.. she was shocked at his weird behaviour.. she walks towards him and bends down
Dhani: (shakes him) viplav, get up why are u laying here.. please get up
Viplav: no, and it was ur decision so..

Dhani: viplav my hero (pouts) please
Viplav: no (closes his eyes) I will not come in ur trap so stop making those faces
Dhani: viplav stand up
Viplav: no, no and a big no
Dhani: viplav don’t be stubborn.. I said stand up
Viplav: again no (presses his lips to control his laugh)
Dhani was about to say him something but before that viplav pulls her towards him
Viplav: dhani my princess.. u are wasting ur energy.. I will not go anywhere without u and will stay here until ur family will come so u also come and sleep.. u know I am enjoying because first time I am sleeping like this

Dhani: (finally gave up) Ok come.. I will (hesitates) stay at ur home
Viplav: (happily claps) great but wait.. did u say my home.. Oh I don’t remember the address
Dhani: (pats on her head) sorry the great dramybaz viplav tripathi jee come let’s go home, my home, our home.. now Ok ?
Viplav: (jumps in excitement holds her hands and kissed them) I love u
Dhani: (rolls her eyes) yeah I know..
Viplav gave a killer smile.. then they both sits in car and heads to AN.. after awhile they entered the house just then kanak came
Kanak: dhani ? Are u Ok beta ? What happened dhani.. viplav u didn’t drop her
Viplav: mom relax.. too much questions woh bhe in one go

Dhani: maa woh actually no one is at home so I thought to stay here tonight
Viplav: (laughs) madam it was my idea.. mom u know she was like (does her mimicry) I will not go with u, I will stay on road for the whole night because ur mom will think…
Before he could complete his sentence dhani hits her elbow on his stomach and coughs
Viplav: ouch !! What dhani
Dhani: what ?

Kanak: acha bachoo (holds her ears) why u said so.. this is ur home naa then why were u not coming.. hmm tell ?
Dhani: Ahh maa sorry.. please forgive me
Kanak: next time I don’t want to listen these types of foolish things
Dhani: yeah maa promise.. now leave me naa please (pleading with her eyes)
Kanak: (smiles on her antics) haan.. Ok
Viplav was smiling seeing their beautiful bonding
Kanak: viplav go and show her ur room
Viplav: ur room.. u mean my room
Kanak: yes she will stay there and u will stay in guest room
Viplav: mom but u know naa I can’t sleep without my pillow
Kanak: Ok then take ur pillow with u

Viplav: mom I can’t sleep without my bed too
Kanak: viplav don’t act like a child.. my daughter will not stay in guest room.. she is not guest
Viplav: so I am guest
Kanak: viplav if u don’t want to stay in guest room then stay in some other room naa and now no more arguments
Dhani: but maa
Kanak: dhani now u started.. both of u go and dhani I am sending clothes for u.. Ok and if u want anything tell viplav.. hmm
Dhani nods
Viplav: come madam jee

Then they both left
Screen freezes

Precap: viplav comes to her room secretly later viplav applies ointment on her wounded feet..

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