True friendship love and trust (episode 16)

Hey lovely people.. sorry for late update and thanks for liking that OS..
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Episode 15

This episode will be sad and little boring.. I am telling u before so that after reading it u guys don’t get mad at me?

Let’s begin
Vidhani was seeing in hugging position and after few seconds they break their hug.. they both were looking each other with a broad smile
Dhani: now let’s go inside
Viplav: wait naa dhani after sometime we will go
Dhani: but viplav..

Viplav: (interrupts her) please yaar
Dhani nods in yes just then viplav’s cell rings.. he takes out his mobile from pocket..
Viplav: private number.. who is calling me from private number
He picked the call but get no response..
Viplav: dhani I think here is some network issue.. wait I am coming
Dhani: but here is too dark viplav.. don’t leave me alone like this
Viplav: hey dhani.. I am coming, don’t be afraid.. don’t move from here Ok
Dhani: (unwillingly) Ok

Viplav goes from there to attend the call.. dhani was standing alone suddenly someone pulls her hand without revealing his face and takes her backside of the house
Dhani: Aray !! Viplav what is this ? Now where are u taking me ?
A voice came “surprise” and finally his face is revealed and he is none other than akshay
Dhani: (turn towards Akshay) Akshay.. u ? What are u doing here ?
Akshay: I am here to give u surprise.. u were angry at me naa so..
Dhani: (interrupts him and in angry tone) get out from here
Akshay: what do u think ? U will marry viplav ? No dhani u are mine.. I loved u since long and what I get.. ur hatred but not anymore
Dhani: (gave him a tight slap) how could u stoop so low.. I always thought u as a good friend.. I only love viplav.. mind it

Akshay: (pulled her hair) don’t take viplav’s name in front of me.. he snatched u from me
Dhani: (screams in pain) leave me akshay.. please
Akshay tries to come close to her..
Scene shifts to viplav
Viplav: (comes back to that place) dhani ? dhani where are u ? Don’t scare me yaar.. dhani (goes to watchman) a girl was here naa where is she ?
Watchman: don’t know sir.. actually akshay baba called me outside for car parking and when I came back she was not here

Viplav: Akshay ? Oh God!!
He run towards the backside of house because he was having a gut feeling that dhani is there
Here Akshay was trying to come close to her but dhani pushed him harder and tries to run from there but her feet hits with a rock and she falls down, her foot was bleeding
Dhani: please leave me
Akshay: no u are mine (he was acting like mad)
Akshay was moving towards her whereas dhani was crawling and pleading.. he moves towards her, dhani spits on his face and asked him to stay away from her.. he slapped dhani and pulled her by hair..
Just then an angry and strong voice came “Akshay”
He turned back and saw an angry face yeah he is viplav

Akshay: oh so.. dhani’s hero came
Viplav: leave her akshay I am warning u..
Akshay: oh if I will not leave then what will u do ?
Dhani, who was not in her senses and didn’t noticed viplav’s presence was continuously asking him to leave her, let her go and was crying loudly with closed eyes..
Viplav was shattered after seeing his love in that condition and start beating him.. he beat him black and blue, blood was oozing from his mouth and head but still he was continuously murmuring that she is mine and was acting like mad

Viplav: (while beating him) how dare u ? U touched my dhani.. how could u do something like this with any girl..
Everyone gathered there listening the noise and was shocked to see that scenario.. raj and pankaj makes him to leave akshay and asked him to go to dhani.. she needs u.. viplav realized and leave akshay while they took him to police station..

Here viplav runs towards dhani makes her sit on a chair
Viplav: stop crying dhani.. nothing happen
Dhani: (not in her senses) leave me viplav.. can’t u see I am dirty that akshay has made me dirty
Viplav: dhani.. no one is dirty.. u are as sacred as before
Dhani: leave me viplav.. don’t touch me otherwise u will also get dirty.. where is water I will clean myself..
Viplav: (shakes dhani) dhani please come to ur senses.. I can’t see u like this.. see I am touching u neither u are dirty nor u are..

He hugged her while dhani pushed him leaving viplav shocked
Dhani: don’t u hear me.. (louder) I have become dirty.. see my clothes are dirty.. I am asking for some water..
Kanak and others were looking this silently they have no words to say only water was flowing from their eyes in form of tears..
Viplav: have u gone mad dhani.. no one is dirty (pulled her closer) see ur clothes it is as clean as u.. please stop it dhani I can’t see u like this
Dhani: (wiping her tears) fine.. I will go by myself
Viplav: (holds her wrist) dhani look at me.. look in my eyes.. what’s wrong with u.. have u gone mad.. it was not ur mistake.. that akshay was at fault and he will get sever punishment but u have to be strong..
Dhani: (again pushed him) yes u are right.. I am not at fault (holds his collar) it’s ur fault..
Viplav: (shocked) what ?

Dhani: yes.. because of u I am in this situation.. I came here to attend this party I came here for u but what u did with me u left me alone.. I asked u not to leave me like this but ur so called call was more important than me
Viplav: (can’t control his tears) sorry dhani.. I am sorry it’s all because of me but I didn’t know that all this will happen
Dhani: yeah u don’t know anything but how can I forget this.. he slapped me he touched me (cries bitterly)

Viplav: dhani he will get punishment I promise but please pull ur self together
Dhani: no I can’t.. leave me
She ran inside the house leaving everyone tensed
Kanak: viplav go behind her.. may she not harm herself
Viplav also go inside with a tensed expression.. he was searching her then finally she found her inside the kitchen and was shocked to see her.. she was having a knife in her hand and was about to cut her wrist when viplav holds her hand
Viplav: (angrily) dhani are u out of ur mind ?
Dhani: leave me viplav.. I said leave my hand.. I can’t live with this burden
Viplav: of which burden u are talking about.. nothing has happened why are u overreacting
Dhani: overreacting ? I am doing overreacting.. yeah easy for u to say
Viplav: leave this knife otherwise..

Dhani: (interrupts him) otherwise what..
She pushed him and again was trying to cut her wrist when viplav holds her hand and gave a slap on her face (because it was too much naa so he lost control from himself) dhani was standing numb whereas viplav throws that knife on floor and hugged her tightly.. dhani feels relief in viplav’s arms
Viplav: I am sorry dhani.. don’t know how..
Dhani: (interrupts him) why always me viplav.. why I have to face all pains.. u told me that u will face all problems..

Raj Lakshmi: (interrupts her) so he faced dhani (they both break their hug listening this) he helped u.. he was the one who reached on time and saved u from that monster.. how can u blame him
Viplav: no Lakshmi she is right.. it’s my mistake I shouldn’t leave her alone like this (looked at dhani) but dhani don’t punish urself punish me.. I will bear everything but if u will do anything wrong with urself again then I will not regret to do this again..
Kanak comes there actually she was biding bye to all guests so she is late.. anyways she comes towards dhani..
Kanak: stop crying beta.. we should thank God that He saved dhani and sent viplav on time.. dhani come with me (she takes her to hall and makes her sit on sofa) beta it wasn’t ur mistake so please stop blaming urself.. drink some water.. ur mom is with u naa.. no one will harm u no one will leave u alone.. I promise

Dhani: (drinks water and hugged her) I want to go home
Kanak: beta go afterwards just stay few more minutes here
Dhani: no maa actually my family must be worrying about me and I want to be alone for sometime that’s why..
Kanak: Ok beta but first promise me that u will not blame urself and will not cry.. promise me
Dhani: (smiles with teary eyes) promise maa.. pakka promise
Viplav was watching this standing at the door tears were continuously rolling down from his cheeks..
Kanak: (moves towards viplav) beta drop her at home safely and take care of her
Viplav: yes mom.. come dhani

Dhani looked at viplav with pain and goes outside..
Kanak: viplav u shouldn’t leave her alone.. she came here for u and what did u do..
Viplav: mom trust me.. I can’t even believe that akshay will stoop so low
Kanak: beta I know.. but this evil society will do anything if they will get to know about this they will badmouth about her.. I can’t listen anything against my daughter in law
Viplav: don’t worry mom.. I am with her nobody can say a single word against her
Kanak: acha beta go she must be waiting for u and take care of her
Viplav nods and leaves
Screen freezes

Precap: vidhani reached at her home but find the door locked later viplav brings dhani back to his home..

I know this is not a good but a sad episode but it’s necessary to close akshay’s chapter so please bear it and don’t get angry.. Ok !! I will try to post the next one soon till than enjoy this with heavy heart because I know it’s very hard to enjoy?
Do drop ur lovely opinions because it means alot..
Keep smiling?and keep watching ikrs daily?

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  1. Mahi it was not boring but full of ACTION , SUSPENSE, THRILL, N EMOTIONAL TOO.
    Dhani left alone for a minute, akshsys taking dhani to a corner in a bid to molest, dhani crying n running for her safety, viplavs saving dhani beating akshay; dhanis guilt feel n trying to end her life n blaming viplav; viplav losing his cool n first slapping theņ hugging to normalise dhani ; kanak being motherly to her , n later vipjúyùgoing to drop her home was beautifully nartated.
    Precap good as dhani would be able to stay close to viplav n his family.

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Oh Renu di I love when u call me mahi? thank u so much for liking it I thought u guys will not like the way dhani treated viplav but glad u loved it.. and yeah u gave a lovely analysis of my episode.. thanks alot di love u?

  2. Sujie

    Dear… was not boring at all….. Loved Viplav beating akshay black and blue….
    But felt sad seeing Dhaani…… The way she went and held the knife I was really scared thinking she might slit her wrist….but viplav saved her …..thank god ???
    It was emotional..

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks sujie.. yeah dhani was shattered and so as viplav.. Ahaan jab viplav is there then no need to fear.. and yeah it was emotional.. thanks for liking it dear

  3. Maha di it was not at all boring but it was very emotional episode. Precap is really very nice??

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Oh u called me di?? I love when someone call me di? .. I thought it’s a boring one because it was too sad and emotional and then dhani doesn’t behave good with him that’s why.. but glad that u loved it.. thanks darling? .. I guess u were not commenting on previous two episodes not even in OS so I am very happy to see ur comment.. keep reading dear?

      1. di but i was reading all your previous episodes . i was busy on a project so was not commenting , from now onward’s i will comment

      2. Maha_Aijaz

        Oh I see.. Thanks for reading <3 Hope ur project went well 🙂 Sure will wait for ur lovely comment <3

  4. Shruthy

    omg this was too scary and emotional man. well I expected something sad indeed seeing the cover picture but not something this emotional and sad. :/
    but I seriously loved the episode, from the beginning till the end. she was so shocked and scared that she lost her senses and she even felt being someone liek “apshaguni”… poor Dhaani! 🙁
    I never thought such a twist will come in the story but true, we had to throw that Akshay away. so it was needed. we had to reveal his true colours and finally he is now exported outside…
    Couldn’t see Viplav liek this, he was completely shattered seeing Dhaani’s condition. he couldn’t come on his own senses that he was even ready to kill that Akshay O_o and then when his tears were covering the floor, quite helpless seeing Dhaani.
    and one more thing, you scold me for saying so but what are you doing? You are also calling your episodes boring. Ab mujhe bhi bohot gussa aa raha hai Mahaji… It was really a fantastic episode re, dont even say such things ok? I loved it as always, and even the others did and would. SO please, no more “boring” word to be used in your commentary ok? Samjhi ya samjhaoon? You are my nalla ponnu no? Meri pyaari si pari ho tum. So chup… xD
    Kuch zyaada ho gaya na ? Please don’t mind… I quite lost my senses too :p

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks shruthy.. yeah this was indeed an emotional episode.. yeah dhani was shattered because of that accident and lost her senses actually I thought she is a bit overreacting so I asked my sister to read it and she gave approval but still I was scared about ur all reaction and yeah viplav was so depressed that he would have killed him but Raj pankaj came on time and saved him so thanks to them.. thanks for liking it dear? oh yes but I was serious this time actually I thought u guys will not
      like it that’s why I mentioned that in starting.. I was saying so because it was too sad and she treated him quite bad but happy to know that u liked it.. Haan baba will not say it again.. smajh gae mai? plus u can’t say that because u are a very good writer Ok .. OMG my sweetie? I was about to faint reading that pyari se pari again but seeing no one around me I controlled myself? Ok now I am chup? no I didn’t mind so stop saying that.. love u?

  5. Angel20

    Ohhh such an emotional episode!! You made me cry yaar.. That was so nice! It was sad but still I loved it!! Post the next one soon pls!! Very eager to read it..

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks Maria yeah it was emotional sorry I made u cry 🙁 but it was essential naa so I am happy that u cried it means u feel it 😀 thanks for loving it darling :-* yes will try to post the next one by the end of this week .. Thank u <3

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