True friendship love and trust (episode 15)


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Viplav was waiting for dhani at main gate just then dhani arrived.. he was mesmerized seeing her beauty and innocence..
Dhani: (comes towards viplav and whispers in his ears) hello.. viplav ji !! Am I looking good in this dress ?
Viplav: (closes his eyes) not again viplav beta .. come back to ur senses otherwise..
Dhani: (interrupts him) viplav have u gone mad ?
Viplav: are u real dhani ? Please pinch me..
Dhani: viplav I am here only but what happen to u ?
Viplav: (touched her face and realized that it is not his imagination) I know dhani.. I am acting kind of weird today please bear me
Dhani: yeah I can see that..
Viplav: just leave all this (holds her by waist and pulled her closer) u are looking gorgeous today
Dhani shyly smiles
Viplav: I haven’t thought that u will look that much beautiful in this dress
Dhani: what do u mean by that .. I look beautiful in every dress because I am very pretty
Viplav: (laughs) I know that pagli.. wese I am thinking to.. (he comes close to her and give a peck on her cheeks)
(Maine chhode hain baaki saare raste
Bas aaya hoon tere paas re
Meri aankhon mein tera naam hai
Pehchaan le…
Sab kuch mere liye tere baad hai
Sau baaton ki ik baat hai
Main na jaunga kabhi tujhe chhod ke
Ye jaan le
O karam Khudaya hai
Tera pyar jo paaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai.
O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara.
O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Main behta musafir
Tu thehra kinara lines play)

Dhani: (shies) viplav leave me.. it’s looking cheap
Viplav: what’s cheap in it.. I am talking to my would be wife
Dhani: yeah viplav but then also it’s wrong if someone may see us like this then what they will think..
Viplav: (sighs) ok madam .. but u are so unromantic but it’s ok I will teach u complete romance after marriage
Dhani: again u started..
Viplav: achaa sorry (he keeps finger on his lips)
Just then kanak came
Kanak: viplav where is dhani ?
Viplav: mom she is standing right in front of u ..
Dhani greets her and takes her blessings
Kanak: jeeti raho .. beta u are very beautiful.. viplav why u called her churail ?
Viplav: what mom ? When I said this ?
Dhani: viplav u are also a monkey (rolled her eyes)
Viplav: (holds his ears) dhani I promise I didn’t say anything.. mom is pulling my leg
Kanak: (laughs) dhani I am sure u will bring our naughty viplav on right path..
Dhani smiles
Viplav: u bhe naa..

Kanak: viplav I didn’t think that u will choose such a beautiful and good wife for u .. now I am relax as u are matured now and a caring wife like dhani is with u.. May God bless u both
Dhani: thank u anty
Kanak: viplav who is anty here ?
Viplav: mom u (laughs)
Kanak holds his ear
Viplav: Aaahh !! Dhani please call her mom fast
Dhani: maa (her eyes were filled with tears)
Kanak: meri beti (my daughter) (she hugs her)
Viplav: mom and miss dhani we should go inside otherwise I will start crying seeing this emotional scene
Kanak: (lovingly pats him) come let’s go..
They go inside.. raj pankaj and raj lakshmi also come .. they all greet each other
Raj: bhabi jee.. our guru had finally proposed u
Dhani blushes
Raj lakshmi: haain (what) when it happened.. dhani u didn’t even tell me
Pankaj: leave it yaar .. now they will forget us.. viplav had promised me that he will find a good girl for me but now he is busy in himself
Viplav: arey !! Raj and pankaj u guys will always be my dear and weird friends .. how can I forget u guys.. and pankaj (holds dhani by her waist) first let me settle my life
Dhani: viplav.. leave me
Raj lakshmi: ohoo !! Romeo Juliet.. acha who will marry first u and viplav or me and raj
Viplav: me and dhani.. actually I want to marry as fast as I can because u know I can’t wait as…
Raj and pankaj: (interrupts him and together) as u love her very much we know that
Viplav blushes
Raj: oye hoye .. koi tou rok lo (someone stop him) guru u look so cute while blushing
Viplav: hey don’t call me cute.. I am handsome
Dhani: (pulls his cheeks) oh my cutie baby is blushing
Viplav: (widens her eyes) what ? Cute baby.. no way I am handsome, charming man (said proudly)
Dhani: (teasingly) Aww !! U are cutipie
Saying so she runs from there viplav also chases her
Dhani: (stopped towards kanak) maa .. see ur son is teasing me
Kanak: viplav why are u teasing her
Viplav: mom I am not teasing her she is calling me cute
Kanak: dhani not fair u can’t say him cute he is damn cute baby
Viplav smiles then realizes what she said
Dhani burst into laughter
Viplav: acha bachoo.. wait I will tell u
He was coming towards him but dhani ran from there
Shambu: kanak see our viplav is very happy with her
Kanak: yeah may God bless them
Dhani was running while viplav was chasing her finally viplav grabs her hand and pinned her with wall
Viplav: now run

Dhani was trying to go from the other side but viplav blocked that way through his hand
Viplav: all ways are blocked madam
Dhani: viplav leave me.. someone will see us like this
Viplav: (keeps his fingers on her lips) sshh !! No more blackmailing I am not afraid of anyone I have licence as u are my to be wife
Dhani: to be wife not wife naa..
Viplav: (sighs) u are very unromantic.. doing romance like this is something special as this time is very precious
Dhani: maa .. u are here, viplav leave me maa is watching us
Viplav: let her watch she should also know that her son is sooo romantic and taking care of her daughter sooo nicely.. maa come on u can watch us
Dhani: u are too besharam (shameless)
Viplav intertwined his fingers into hers, they both share an eye lock.. viplav was coming close to her dhani was forbidding him but viplav puts his finger on her lips so she closed her eyes?
(Tu hoga zara paagal, tune mujhko hai chuna
Tu hoga zara paagal, tune mujhko hai chuna
Kaise tune ankahaa, tune ankahaa sab sunaa
Tu hoga zara paagal, tune mujhko hai chuna
Tu din sa hai, main raat
Aa na dono mill jaayein shamon ki tarah
Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe
Koi toh toh na laage
Kis tarah girah ye suljhe plays in background)
Finally viplav gave her a tight peck on her forehead and cheeks.. dhani opened her eyes and was turned red
Viplav: (noticed this and smiles) dhani I know my limits.. but what were u thinking.. oh God dhani don’t tell me u were thinking…
Dhani: i was thinking nothing.. now let me go
Viplav: not so easily.. give me a kiss first (pointing on his cheeks)
Dhani: (widens her eyes) have u lost ur mind.. I will not do such kind of things
Viplav: ok then stay here.. acha tell me where will we go after wedding
Dhani: kia matlab ? (What ?)
Viplav: arey on our honeymoon
Dhani: (shies) shutup viplav.. kuch bhe mat bolo (don’t say anything)
Viplav: arey why are u getting shy (comes close to her) I haven’t done anything till now
Dhani: viplav u are shameless
Viplav: (kisses her on cheeks) from now on whenever u will call me shameless I will give u kiss in return..
Dhani: viplav u are…
Viplav: yeah I am what ? Say..
Dhani: u are cheap
Viplav: (again kissed her) by changing the word, my condition will not change.. dumbo
Dhani pinched him on stomach
Viplav: Ahhh !! Dhani what is this ?
Dhani: and from now on whenever u will kiss me I will pinch u in return
Viplav: dhani.. this is not fair, u are so cruel instead of pinching me u can kiss me in return.. than u may say tit for tat
Dhani: actually I am not shameless like u
Viplav was about to give her a peck again just then..
Raj: (coughs) uhmm uhmm..
Dhani pushed him..
Raj: let’s join party if u guys have done..
Viplav: (pats raj) ur timing is worst.. we were…
Dhani: (coughs) yeah we were coming come on let’s go..
They all come in hall (where party was going on) after awhile kanak comes on stage with a mike
Kanak: good evening!! As u know that I had invited u guys for small get together but there is some special reason also.. I want to introduce my daughter in law, dhani.. dhani come beta
Dhani comes on stage everybody claps for her and adores her beauty. Dhani folds her hands and greet them.. suddenly light goes off and dim light focused on dhani.. she was quite surprised, after few seconds viplav entered the hall..
Viplav: (sings)
tere bin, tere bin, tere bin
Tere bina marna nahe
Jeena nahe tere bin…
(bends on his knees and said)
hum yeh nahe chahte k koi tumhare liye dua naa mange,
Bus itna chahte hai k koi dua mai tumhen naa mange.. (Renu di will convert this in english for kavya.. haaiinaa renu di?)
Mom said right she is very special for me, she is a blessing from God for me.. she is my love, my life and my to be wife.. I love u dhani, do u love me..
Dhani nods in yes

Viplav: (smiles) would u like to dance with me ?
Kanak: dhani beta go ur prince is waiting for u..
Viplav forwards his hand and dhani keeps her hand on his hand.. he takes her in middle of the dance floor.. viplav keeps his hand on her waist and she keeps her hand on his shoulder and the cute couple dance began.. while raj raj lakshmi and other couples also join them
(Meri bechainiyon ko chain mill jaaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye
Mere deewanepan ko sabr mil jaaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye
Zikr tumhara jab jab hota hai
Dekho na aankhon se
bheega bheega pyaar beh jaata hai
Meri tanhaiyon ko noor mill jaaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye
Main raat-din ye duaa karun
Tere liye main jiyun marun
Chaaron pehar tujhe dekha karun
Mera jahan ye tujhpe fanaa karun
Zikr tumhara jab jab hota hai
Dekho na honthon pe tera ehsaas
Reh jaata hai
Mere har raaste ko manzil mill jaaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye
Berang hawayein mujhe naa jaane
De gayi sadaa kyun abhi abhi
Hai sarfaroshi ye aashiqui bhi
Jaayegi jaan meri isme kabhi
Zikr tumhara jab jab hota hai
Dekho na har lamha teri daastaan
keh jaata hai
Meri har ik tadap ko sukoon mill jaaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye plays)
Viplav and dhani were lost in each other eyes.. both were very happy
Viplav: (while dancing) how was the proposal ?
Dhani: beautiful.. thanks viplav for coming in my life.. for making my life beautiful..
Viplav: (winks) mention not
Dhani smiles
Viplav: come with me .. I want to give u something
Dhani: now what u want to give me .. already u have done so much for me..
Viplav: dhani all this makes u happy naa
Dhani nods in yes
Viplav: bus.. then no arguments .. I want to see u happy only and for this precious smile I will do anything.. now come
He takes her in lawn secretly..

Viplav: close ur eyes princess
Dhani: why ?
Viplav: uffhoo shikayte puriya.. u ask many questions please no questions.. close ur eyes fast .. have trust on me
Dhani closes her eyes and feels something.. actually viplav was showering rose petals on her .. she was enjoying it alot ..
Viplav: how was that ?
Dhani: as usually beautiful.. it is like a dream for me (tears rolled down from her cheeks)
Viplav: (cups her face) hey dhani.. why all these tears .. I have done this to see ur smile..
Dhani: viplav.. I don’t have words to thank u.. u loved me, an ordinary girl, made my life like a heaven.. u can love anyone after all u were the son of a business tycoon.. but u loved a middle class girl.. I don’t have words to explain my feelings
Viplav: dhani, ur words are hurting me yaar.. for me u are not an ordinary girl u are my love, my life.. I don’t want to listen these words again (kneels down) I promise to never let u feel alone in the world and I promise no matter what happen I will be there for u always because I love u alot.. the day I will go on knees for another girl is the day I will tie shoe lace for our daughter but for that u have to marry me (winks) so will u marry me ? Will u become my better half ?
Dhani: (smiles but tears were falling continuously) yes viplav.. I will marry u
Viplav smiled broadly and takes out a ring box from his pocket.. he holds her hand and makes her wear a very beautiful ring.. dhani was looking at him with lots of love..
Viplav: (stands up and wipes her tears) did u like this ring ?
Dhani: I loved it
Viplav: thank God I was afraid because I was buying a ring first time
Dhani: ur choice is pretty good viplav.. first u bought a beautiful dress for me and now this ring I am very impressed
Viplav: (proudly) yeah I am proud of myself
Dhani: (smiles) thanks for this beautiful gift
Viplav: ahaan !! Don’t say thanks.. u can…
Dhani: (interrupts) no viplav I can’t do that
Viplav: I know dhani that’s why I wasn’t asking that… u can sing a song for me
Dhani: song ? no viplav
Viplav: what yaar .. u can’t kiss me and now I am just asking u to sing and u are not doing that also.. go I will not talk to u..
Dhani: but viplav…
Viplav: u start .. I will join u like we did before
Dhani: ok .. (closed her eyes and start singing these lines??)
Mai tou anjaan thi yun bhe hoga kabhi
Pyaar barse ga yun toot k
Viplav: (gave a killer smile and joins her)
Such yeh iqraar hai
such yehi pyaar hai
Baqi bandhan hai sab jhoot k
Mari sansoon mai hai
Ghool rahe pyaar ke dheemi dheemi ragini
Tum hi dekho naa yeh kia hogaya
Tumhara hun mai aur tum mare
Mai heraan hun tumhen kia kahun
K din mein hoe kase chandni
Jaagi jaagi se hai phir bhe khuwabo mein hai
Khoi khoi zindagi

Tumhara hun mai aur tum mare
Yeh din mai hoe kase chandni
After singing the song both were looking each other lovingly..
Viplav: now I am eagerly waiting for the day of our wedding
Dhani: me too
Dhani hugs him and he also hugs her back..

Screen freezes on their lovely hug☺

Precap: someone holds dhani’s hand and takes her at the backside of the house.. later dhani is crying and shouting at viplav while he is also shattered and crying..

Who is that someone why dhani is shouting at viplav.. what happened to viplav, waiting for ur guesses in comments section..

Do drop ur valuable opinions
Keep smiling?and keep watching ikrs daily✌?

Credit to: maha

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  1. Maha wow such a cute and lovely episode…. Viplav ka romance block buster….? raj timing was perfect….. Loved it…. No words more…. Precap is quite suspense I have to wait to know who is that person…. Until then bye! bye! …..?

    1. Thanks Kavya.. Glad u liked their romance?.. for knowing about that person keep reading?

  2. Sujie

    Maha….. Thank you for a such a lovely episode…..
    Hayee Hayee…… Romance ????
    Loved it.
    But precap is filled with suspense …..who is that????

    1. Oh I should thank u for liking this episode?.. that person is _________? .. ok I will give u a hint, he loves dhani madly and hates viplav.. I hope u get it?.. let me know if u get it.. and if u didn’t then keep waiting loving and supporting?

    2. Thanks Sujie for liking it.. that person is _______?? ok I will give u a hint he hates viplav but love dhani I hope u get it?and if didn’t then keep waiting and reading?

  3. Latha

    Awesome and lovely episode Maha. Superb songs and full of romance. I loved Raj and RL scenes and kanak’s too while saying that viplav was damn cute baby. Eagerly waiting to know who is that someone. Loved it so much Maha and keep writing????

    1. Thank u so much latha… Glad u liked the songs and so as episode plus romance?.. yeah keep reading for knowing about that someone.. keep supporting?..

  4. Angel20

    Wow! Such a lovely episode?? full of romance❤ loved it to the core??
    Love you Maha for this! ❤ Post the next one soon…

    1. Angel20

      And the precap???? can’t understand what happened?! Pls post it soon!

      1. Thank u Maria?love u too and yeah will try to post it by saturday or sunday .. ok precap is scary I know? that person hates viplav and loves dhani.. now enough of the hint .. keep reading?

  5. Shruthy

    Where is the girl who said she was too small to be able to write intense romantic scenes ? ? My goodness, the episode was just OUTSTANDING! ? It was a blessing for us to read it girl. The way you showered us of a naughty Viplav, that shy Dhaani who cares about others … omg how many kisses! Lucky Dhaani though ? Kiss karke, bechari ka chehra lal ho gaya. ? That was so adorable actually. I dont know how guys can become this romantic once they are in love. ? And girls though they love when their guys kiss them, they keep refusing. ? Alright that was an unnecessary comment of mine. ?
    Finally he proposed her in front of everyone and he made her wear a ring. She is too lucky as he never have bought and gifted rings to anyone. She was the first one. ? I actually liked that detail like Dhaani is really the most special one. And apart those romantic monents, my most favourite part when he says “the next time I’d kneel in front of a girl is to lace our daughter’s shoes” that was literally so adorable and even I got a broad smile reading. ?? you might think why a crying face ? It’s because when I started writing it, I got some tears on my own face.
    But anyways I am so happy for having read such a beautiful episode. And precap looks thrilling and suspenseful. I so want to know what will happen. So please post the next episode as soon as possible. It’s a wish and request from your behna.

    1. Oh shruthy u are praising me I guess? .. actually I am not that much small I am 18 years old girl so can write some small romantic scene?thanks for liking it?yeah she was getting irritate with his numerous kisses that’s why pinched him?I also don’t know because no guy loved and even I didn’t love someone like this so waiting for my love story? (just kidding don’t tell my parents about this stupid joke??)how do u know that those girls love these kisses may be they are refusing it seriously hmmmmmmm?.. but u can be correct may be they are just pretending?no, not unnecessary I loved reading it?
      Yeah he proposed and made her wear a ring because that was essential.. Glad u liked that part?yeah I also loveeed that line it was indeed beautiful??I read it somewhere actually.. I don’t remember where anyways it was a very heart touching line and woh bhe listening from Viplav is beyond something??.. oh u were crying.. I knew it koi roi na roi u must be crying because u are such a senti girl.. I have started knowing little about u?.. thanks dear?.. yeah precap is scary?.. u guys know that person he loves dhani but hates viplav.. now guess?.. Awww my pyari behna will try to post the next one on Saturday or Sunday?

      1. Shruthy

        No yaar, those words are not enough to praise you ? And I didn’t say that, you did ? I didnt know your age first. But anyways thanks for such roooomantic scenes ??? Haha poor Viplav he was certainly not expecting that ?? Viplav betha, wait for your marrige, then you can. Rigt now Dhaani is not ready ? Bahahaha uncle and aunty might scold you indeed. Dont worry I wont tell them. Behna wala promise. ??? well I dont know, I dont have either any experience ?? but I can guess it. First of all they get shy and not angry. ?? Then, who wouldnt want to be showered of love ? ? But actually, even I would refuse all this. You dont have to shower love only physically agar dil se pyaar karte ho. ☺️ You dont have to repeat “I love you” to prove you love me, only a look of love. ? Well that was Shruthy’s philosophy. ✋?
        Haan it is to be officially engaged but… I think they were already engaged long ago : in love. ? Rings exchange are just … a formality. ? Oh really? I really found it so adorable. It brought tears (basically because I was imagining) ? You are right! When you hear Viplav saying it, it has more magic.
        UFF! Everyone knows it so well how senti fool I am ? Haan you have indeed. I am impressed ?
        NO? REALLY? That… Akshay, right? Dekho toh, villain ka naam bhi bhool gayi main ?? Main bhi na …
        Haan haan… WHAAAT? Saturday or Sunday? ONE WEEK WITHOUT UPDATES? Why Maha ? Why ? What was our paap? Why do you make us suffer this much ? ?? there wont be any “action… cuy…” Because these are my real feelings. couldnt control!
        Am I really such a big dramebaaz? ??

    2. What a long comment drama queen?
      Oh don’t get angry re?yeah i told u about that .. I was joking don’t take it serious.. I know u were praising me?.. ab mai hun he aise?
      Oye hoyeeee what a philosophy by great shruthy madam? and it was lovely.. in relationship saying I love u is not essential u should prove it when time come like viplav always did?
      Akshay hmmmmmmm.. u have to wait to check it out?
      Yeah Saturday or Sunday because of my studies, tests etc etc?ur paap is nothing sweetie?.. yeah u are that’s why I have mentioned it earlier at the top??

      1. Shruthy

        HAHA I don’t even know how I get to write so long… xD
        I am not angry re don’t worry :*
        Yeah exactly. True love doesnt have to be proved 24*7
        Hmm will chek it for sure <3
        Oops sorry! I mean take your time… I know studies and tests are quite time taking.

  6. Shruthy

    PS : I just wantedf to suggest you something. I actually like the way you are making the story musically beautiful. But, I just thought that instead of writing all the lyrics like this, you can choose a small part of it and describe the scenery. For example, if it’ s a song you choose for a dance performance, then you can describe the steps of theirs.
    But well that was just an idea that clicked in my mind and I felt to tell you. If I hurt you, I am sorry.

    1. Angel20

      Shruthy madam where is your ff? I am very angry on you!

      1. Shruthy

        ?? no but seriously, I was really busy for more than a week. Waking up at 6 to come back home at 8/9pm. I was exhasusted. Even though, I tried my best to write few parts whenever free, but what I used to write was not satisfying so I was erasing it. I need free mind to be concentrated na.
        But today I am free. So once I am done with writing, I will try to post, promise!
        But really sorry for making you wait. And please dear, gussa mat karo! :*

    2. Angel20

      Awww I am so sorry! If you are busy then it’s OK! Take your time! I am not angry OK? ☺☺

      1. Shruthy

        You dont need to say sorry dear. I can understand you also. Even I get angry on other writers for posting late sometimes xD will try my best to update soon. :*
        But thanks for liking my stories dear. Glad to know you guys are waiitng. *folding hands*

    3. Oh don’t say sorry otherwise katti??.. first u called me behna now sorry not fair?.. I loved reading opinions and u guys have right to suggest me because u are reading and bearing my writing??.. anways I always love reading ur comments so don’t say sorry I am not at all hurt pagli? !now enough of my emotional hathyachar??
      Now coming to ur PS, thanks for liking the musical tarka? yeah u are right from now on I will not write the full song and will describe the scene.. but I will write two-three lines of that song which will play in background like I used to write because I used those lines which suits on that particular situation.. but dance performance I will write only song name .. and the which vidhani will sing would be fun because u know they are singing that?… and yeah one thing how to describe dance steps please tell me something about it .. waiting for ur reply?
      Thanks for the suggestion .. keep suggesting without hesitation dear? sister kaha hai nibhana tw pare ga ???

      1. Instead of fun there is full.. sorry typing mistake?

      2. Shruthy

        Phir bhi re… Acha theek hai, sorry for having said sorry. Kush? ?? alright i will stop ?
        We love your writing mind it ? Oh thanks for loving our comments sweetie ??
        Hmm nice! But what I meant is you describe the scenery while song will be played in the background.
        For example. Let’s imagine ViDha are under the rain and it’s a sad moment. Just imagine they got separated because of some fights and they got to meet again but Viplav always loved her and it was Dhaani who went away angry. So they are face to face to each other under the rain and both are staring at each pther with loads pain of love. You decide to put the song “Baarish” in the background.
        Dhaani was irked of seeing him and turns back ready to go.
        “Dil mera hai na samaj kitna”
        Viplav holds her wrist and stops her not letting her go.
        “Besabar yeh”
        Dhaani slightly turns her head to look on her left
        “Bewakoof bada”
        Dhaani completely turns her head and looks at Viplav.
        (piano notes)
        Viplav looks at her sad.
        (silence before next line)
        Viplav’s hand moves and pulls Dhaani’s wrist (camera focused on the hands).
        “Chahta hai kitna tujhe”
        Viplav pulls Dhaani towards him. (Slow motion)
        “Khud magar nahin chan sakha”
        Dhaani’s face falls on Viplav’s chest.
        I dont know if you got what I meant. I dont tell you not to write full song. You can, but if there will be a scenery in front of, I feel the scene would look eveb better. Dances will approximatively look the same. For example there is a line in which Viplav will hold her by waist amd pull her close to him. For another one, you can say that Dhaani puts her hand on his shoulders. It’s just synchronising the rhythm and the lyrics to the actions.
        If you want any help do let me kniw ok 🙂

    4. Yeah khush? .. thank u so much for such an explanation.. u are so sweet actually I didn’t think to write like that but u gave me a wonderful idea .. thanks for sharing ur talent with me??.. oh sorry I shouldn’t say u thanks because we are sis??oh God chalo return my thanks back?? ohk enough of my pakaOoo comment?
      Ur comment helped me alot?.. u are an excellent teacher yaar .. from now on I will not write full song in dance performance and if I will write I will surely give a detail scenery of it like u told me .. love u ummmah? .. yeah sure I will tell u whenever I will need ur help?

      1. Shruthy

        Oh really? I gave you an idea? Quite excited to know what it will be then 😀 this is not my talent, I just ty to help you exposing yours <3 haan you should not :p
        I actually feared you wouldn't get me well but glad you did 🙂 yeah that's what i meant. try to detail the sceneries <3 lvoe you too sweetie :*

  7. Arshdeep

    Maha just read the episode today dont know why? could not stop myself
    Taareef ache se baad me krungi jab purane episodes bhi padungi. Sorry. Now i can only say i loved it❤ The previous ones must be more beautiful ??

    I commented because i wanted to guess is it akshay????

    1. Thanks Arshi :-* .. yeah u will always be welcome 🙂 Ok done I will wait for ur comment 😀
      Waah re Arshi even though u were not reading it but u guessed right .. Love u for it <3

  8. Renuverma

    Hi maha
    Just read it. Complete romantic one n i enjoyed it thoroughly. It was so well described that cud imagine entire scene of dhani going to party n viplav doubting on himself if he is again dreaming then kanaks praising dhani n announcing their engagement ? cutie pie incident ? vidhànis romantic moments when he had pinned her n the splash of kisses . ???????IT WAS A TREAT. N THEN YR MUSICAL ALBUM. TOO GOOD. PRECAP SCARY N I ALSO THOUGHT ITS AKSHAY AS U SAID HE HATES VIPLAV. ALSO I LIKED YR CONVERSATION WITH SHRUTHY.

    1. Hello Renu di?
      Thanks alot.. Glad u enjoyed it?
      Hmmmm akshay?u will come to know that soon .. oh shruthy gave me a suggestion so we were talking about that?.. she is very sweet?

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