True friendship love and trust (episode 14)


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Now let’s begin?
After viplav left dhani was coming to her room but was stopped by her bhabi who was surprised to see her full drenched in rain
Bhabi: what were u doing upstairs ?
Dhani: I was enjoying rain
Bhabi: alone ?
Dhani: obviously bhabi I can’t invite anyone to accompany me

Bhabi: behave yourself and go to ur room
Dhani goes to her room and changed her clothes.. after awhile she was looking at her cell thinking about viplav
Dhani: (to herself “I don’t know why viplav didn’t informed me that, shall I call him.. no, no i shouldn’t.. arey dhani don’t think too much.. I should know whether he has reached safely”)
She picked her cell and called viplav.. on the other side viplav was busy in his laptop suddenly his cell rang .. he picked the call and smiled broadly..
Viplav: hey dhani, missing me.. I mean we met each other few hours ago and suddenly call.. is everything okay actually u called me first time
Dhani: have u done ?
Viplav: yup now waiting for ur answers
Dhani: I have called u to ask something.. have u reached home ?
Viplav: yup.. I have reached and was busy in laptop my princess

Dhani: (angrily) u don’t even think to inform me
Viplav: arey bab re, dhani got angry like a caring wife.. now I am damp sure u will become an excellent wife
Dhani: yes I am angry u should inform me now I am damp sure u will not become a responsible husband
Viplav: hey, don’t say like this acha I promise I will not meet ur expectations and will become a responsible husband.. one more promise from now on I will tell u each and every thing
Dhani: that’s like a good boy
Viplav: dhani u will be a very strict wife now I am very afraid
Dhani: no way.. I am very sweet
Viplav: yeah sweet like karela (laughed loudly)
Dhani: very funny.. for u karela must be sweet but for me I am sweet like honey
Viplav: (laughs) oh acha madam jee
Dhani: now I am going to sleep..
Viplav: yeah go.. Good night.. see u tomorrow

Dhani: yeah good night.. take care
Viplav: u too
They both disconnect the call after awhile both were laying on bed
(“Kyun itna mai tujh ko he chumti ho har pal
Tere he khuwab ab bhoonte hun har pal
Tu ne mujhe jeene ka hunar diya
Khamoshi se sehne ka sabar diya
Tu he bharosa zindagi ka tu hai mera hosla
Mujhe jeena seekha diya

Marna seekha diya
Teri wafaun na insaan bana diya” song plays in background)
Dhani blushes and viplav gave a killer smile.. thinking about each other they both slept
It’s morning dhani wake up get ready and went to dinning table for breakfast.. she was tensed because she has to take permission anyhow.. anyways she went there and tensely looking at them
Bhabi: what happen ? Why are u looking so tensed ?
Dhani: no, nothing like that
Bhabi: ok then come, and have breakfast

Dhani: bhabi actually I want to ask u something
Bhabi: yeah.. ask ?
Dhani: my friend invited me at her house.. there will be a small party so…
Bhabi: u can go
Dhani: (surprised) what ? Can I go ?
Bhabi: yeah !! u can because I am going to my mom’s house and u were the problem as I can’t leave u alone otherwise people might say that I am cruel, left u at home
Dhani: oh thanks bhabi
Then she went to her room happily and was deciding the dress but wasn’t able to decide.. just then viplav called her she picked it at once
Viplav: hello princess

Dhani: hey viplav.. I am very happy my bhabi gave me permission
Viplav: really.. that’s great.. u are only happy.. I am triple happy
Dhani: but I didn’t tell her that I am coming at ur home and now I am feeling guilty
Viplav: dhani obviously u can’t tell her and don’t feel guilty yaar.. acha if u are feeling so, I am coming to ur house we will tell her every thing
Dhani: no viplav.. acha there is one problem
Viplav: (shocked) which problem ?
Dhani: I can’t able to decide that which dress I should wear as I don’t have branded clothes and all ur friends must be wearing branded clothes
Viplav: (sighs) dhani stop it .. I love u, I love ur simplicity purity not ur dresses
Dhani: thanks viplav acha what are u doing ?
Viplav: I am.. thinking about our future

Dhani: future ?
Viplav: about our children.. I want ummm atleast 2 boys and 3 girls
Dhani: viplav besharam (shameless) how can u say like that and I am not a baby producing machine
Viplav: arey I know that that’s why I will help u (laughed loudly)
Dhani: how cheap u are
Viplav: u called ur to be husband besharam and cheap now I will add one more child
Dhani: u are too much.. don’t talk with me now .. bye
Viplav: acha dhani, dhani sorry really sorry that was a cheap joke.. I am besharam but please don’t get angry .. I am really afraid of it
Dhani: yeah right.. drama King
Viplav: Good name dhani, I am ur drama King u are my drama queen.. best jodi in universe
Dhani: viplav I have lots of work so I am going.. u also go and do some work plus don’t even think about this shameless things again
Viplav: (pouts) ok bbye

They disconnect the call.. viplav thinks something and smiled
Dhani was pressing her clothes just then viplav called her.. she picked it
Dhani: what viplav ?
Viplav: dhani open the window
Dhani: window ? why ?
Viplav: arey open naa.. actually weather is so pleasant.. cold wind is blowing
Dhani: really ? but here is quite hot outside
Viplav: uff !! Dhani, but suddenly weather is changed now please no more arguments and open the window
Dhani: ok .. fine, opening.. but u are too weird
Viplav: I know that, u have told me numerous times now please go and open
Dhani opened the window and starts pressing clothes again suddenly she feels someone’s hand on her waist she turned to see
Dhani: (shouts) v.. viplav

Viplav: (puts his hand on her mouth.. they both share an eye lock, her hairs were moving continuously which was disturbing viplav so he gently locked it behind her ears meanwhile he sings) O karam khud aya hai, tujhe mujh se milaya hai tujh pe mar k he tou mujhe jeena aya hai.. O tere sang yaaraa khush rang bhaara tu raat dewani mai zard sitara .. O tere sang yaaraa khush rang bhaara mai tera hojaun jo tu kar de ishaara (comes close to her)
Dhani: (pushed him) viplav.. u ?
Viplav: don’t shout dhani.. I am viplav tripathi ur would be husband dad of ur children
Dhani: stop it viplav.. and why have u come
Viplav: ok I am going
Dhani: no, I didn’t mean like that but tell me the reason naa
Viplav gives her a box which was fully decorated with ribbons
Dhani: (excitedly) wow !! Gift for me
Viplav smiled at her childishness
Dhani: but how can I take this
Viplav: from hands ..
Dhani: very funny

Viplav: arey my heart soul money everything belongs to u
Dhani blushes and smiles
Viplav: u are blushing only.. I mean open this naa I have given u long detail now
She opened the box and found a beautiful dress

Dhani: Wow !! Beautiful viplav.. but why have u brought this .. I told u naa that I will wear anything and u also told me that u love me not my dresses .. so why ?
Viplav: oh shikayte puriya how many questions will u ask woh bhe in one go .. yes I told u that but I also want to see my would be wife in this dress
Dhani: but this must be very expensive
Viplav: dhani don’t talk about these useless things .. I only want u to be happy so stop thinking about prices
Dhani: u are very cute (pulled his cheeks)
Viplav: I am not cute .. I am handsome
Dhani: (hugged him) u are angel for me u had changed my life
Viplav: no dhani u had changed my life
Dhani: no viplav u had changed my life
Viplav: dhani I told u naa that u had changed my life
Dhani: viplav why are u arguing with me..
Viplav: ok baba we both have changed each other lives..
Dhani: hmmm
Viplav: how mean only hmmm ..

Dhani: I know what u want…
Just then viplav kissed on her cheeks whereas dhani was surprised on his gestures
(Dheemi dheemi hawa teri urne lagi hasti meri
O khushbu khusba mehka ishq.. dooba doobka gehra ishq.. en khayalon ko orh lun mein khud ko yaadon se jorh lun mein khushbu khusba mehka ishq dooba doobkaa gehra ishq song plays)
Viplav: (whispered in her ears) see I got it
Dhani: u naa viplav.. go I will see u in party
They both bid bye .. after viplav left dhani sits on bed and recalls her all moments spend with viplav she was smiling continuously and hides her face with hands
(Saathiya saathiya pagle se dil ne yeh kia kiya
Chu liya chu liya tujh ko deewane ne chu liya
Dil tou ura ura re asmaan mein baadlon k sang yeh tou machal machal k gaa raha hai sun nai se dhun
Badmash dil tou thag hai bara badmash dil yeh tujh se joora badmash dil mare sune na zid pe ara song plays)

She takes bath and comes out wearing the dress given by viplav and smiles looking herself in mirror.. after this she wears accessories and all that.. she was looking very pretty..
Scene shifts to viplav’s room
Viplav: (to himself: “oh God I am late .. I have to get ready before dhani come”)
He was going to change just then..
Dhani: arey stop have some shame.. go and change in washroom
Viplav: (shocked) what ? U here ?
Dhani: so what ? U can come in my room so why not I .. now hissab barabar
Viplav: (smiles) wait .. I will tell u
Kanak: (knocks on the door) viplav to whom u are talking ?
Viplav: (comes to his senses and realized it was his imagination.. he opened the door) woh mom .. actually I was talking to … dh….
Kanak: what ?

Viplav: to myself
Kanak: uffhoo !! Beta go and change ur clothes .. guests have started to come .. where is dhani ?
Viplav: she was here only..
Kanak: what ?
Viplav: oh woh … mom she is on the way
Kanak: u also go and get ready like a prince as ur princess is coming
Viplav smiles later he gets ready and was looking stunning

he smiled looking himself in mirror
Viplav: (to himself: “oh God viplav u are looking more handsome today.. love has made u more stunning.. Miss. Dhani today I will propose u in front of all”)
He comes down and saw dhani serving drinks. He shockingly looked at her and goes towards her
Viplav: arey dhani why are u doing this work.. leave it (holds her hand) wese u are looking beautiful in this dress (and was about to kiss her)
Girl: sir what are u doing ? I am not dhani..
Viplav: (bites his tongue) I am sorry.. really sorry actually I have gone crazy in love.. love has made me mad..
That girl was shockingly looking at her
Viplav: don’t be shocked.. I know u can’t understand all this but one day u will now kindly go and do ur work.

That girl leave and viplav pats on his head
(Ate jate jo milta hai tum sa lagta hai hum tou pagal hojai ge aisa lagta hai tere pyaar mein tere intezaar mein song plays)
Viplav: (to himself: “hosh mai aoo viplav.. otherwise u will go mad)
(He goes towards the door) dhani where are u ?
Screen freezes☺
Precap: vidhani dance

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Credit to: maha

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  1. Wow another mind blowing episode. Loved it soo much ??.prepare well for your test ok??.

    1. Thanks alot aiswarya .. keep reading and thanks for ur wishes?

  2. Wow maha such a long and loving episode…. I just love the each and every scenes… Phone conversation, vidhaani romance and Viplav’s gift everything was awesome …… U did a fab job….. Keep rocking…..?….. And all the best for your exams……?

    1. Thanks Kavya.. Glad u liked each scene?
      Not exams it’s regular tests taken by my tutor to cover the syllabus.. My exams are on December☺.. anyways thanks for your wishes?

  3. Wow Awesome!!!! Eagerly waiting for the next one… and all the best for your tests! wish me also from tomorrow i am also having tests….

    1. Thanks Maria? will try to post the next one soon..
      Thanks for ur wishes and best of luck to u too .. InshaAllah u will succeed?

  4. Dear maha it was fabulous n in entire episode i was imagining eisha n mishal. Great telephonic conversation ; ?heroic entry of viplav in dhanis room ? viplavs surprise gift for dhani? sweet imagination of viplav seeing dhani everywhere really superb n was made best by your romantic sobgs. Quite excited for next episode as interesting precap. ?

    1. Thanks alot Renu di for this lovely appreciation? keep reading?

  5. Great episode ?keep rocking

    1. Thanks pooja .. keep loving and I will keep rocking??
      I think u have commented first time on my ff .. Glad to see ur comment??

  6. Shruthy

    Hey Maha sweetie! ❤ Sorry re, I have already read it but couldn’t comment yet as I couldnt get logged in. Anyways…

    It was just superb sweetheart! ? ViDha are just perfect. Viplav’s naughtiness is just ???
    “D : I am not a baby producing machine.
    V : Don’t worry I will help you.” ??
    Very naughty and bad!
    When he was getting ready and dreamt of Dhaani and even tried to woo her. ?
    And he is desperately waiting for her presence in the party that he even flirted unwillingly with the maid. ? Poor cutie.
    Cant wait for next episode lovely! Post it soon. And once again sorry for the late comment.

    1. Sorry shruthy by mistake I commented separately actually mistakes bohat hote hai mujh se? again sorry for that?

      1. Shruthy

        dont be sorry for that sweetie. <3

  7. Hey shruthy?oh don’t be sorry I am glad that u read it atleast?
    Thanks alot?actually I took that idea from ur ff (imaginary one) don’t call me copy cat?? Ok ? Yeah that one was quite hilarious.. he has become mad in his love that he imagined her woh be while changing clothes?.. hehehe that girl was quite lucky actually.. viplav ka pyaar itne easily nahe milta but yeah she was surprised on this gesture?
    I will try to post the next one soon and don’t say sorry otherwise katti??

    And most importantly where is ur ff(s) madam ? Post them soon as I have taken quite long time for imaginary one?

    1. Shruthy

      how can I even miss it ? paap hoga agar aisa hota tho. xD
      I know that, I felt having read that thing somewhere and then remembered where exactly. And don’t worry I won’t call you copy cat for this, I am in fact happy that you got to use it as it means you liked that part. x)
      haha haan, he didnt get any other moment. sharam karlo Viplav, otherwise Dhaani (and we poor fangirls) will get so red at the end of it. 😀 *__*
      I agree but poor girl she got scared at that moment. I would have been happy if I was there. haan right, yeh Viplav Tripathi ka love hai madamji. sabko nahin milta. xD
      yaaay! I will be waiting <3
      *flying kiss* ab bhatti? x)
      *tongue biting* oops! actually, I was not free since last Thurdsay and couldnt write any story since and that until I dont know when. But I am still trying to write whenever I can you know 🙂 so.. but haan IKRS-AIFF is indeed in pending for a while, and I am sorry for making you wait. But in a way, I am happy hearing this as it means you really like that story. So thank you!

  8. Sujie

    Maha…..sorry for commenting late….,Was busy…. When I saw this…. I was like I NEED ENOUGH TIME TO READ IT PEACEFULLY … comment mein thodi deri hogayi…..apologies??
    And yes……. It feels so good to read and imagine the moments….. Keep going dear ??

    1. Oh thanks sujie even I was thinking about ur comment.. I am happy that u take out ur precious time for my ff?and don’t say sorry?.. Thanks alot .. keep supporting dear??

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