True friendship love and trust (episode 13) *Special Episode*

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Let’s begin?
Finally dhani reached home.. she was going to her room but unfortunately stopped by her bhabi
Bhabi: oh ! Welcome ! Finally u came.. u know how much we were missing u
Dhani ignored her and was going to her room but her bhabi asked for her (dhani) bag
Bhabi: (while checking the bag) dhani where are those prizes ?
Dhani: (tensed) woh actually bhabi sir cancelled all the games and so as prizes.. but do u know that was so boring trip
Bhabi: (angry) ok now enough of ur talking. Go to ur room, freshen up quickly and then eat something as there isn’t any servant who will serve u food
Dhani: (tears fall from her eyes) ok bhabi?
Scene shifts to AN
Viplav was sitting in his room reminiscing sweet moments with dhani. Just then his mom (kanak) knocked the door
Viplav: come in mom. No need to ask
Kanak: beta when children grow up parents have to take permission before coming inside the room
Viplav smiles
Kanak: have u enjoyed the trip ?
Viplav: mom I enjoyed every bit of it .. u know I loved each moment spend with dhani
Kanak: who is dhani ?
Viplav: actually she is my best friend.. she is amazing cute and lovely
Kanak: oh only friend naa ..
Viplav: yes mom
Kanak: oh .. good !! Beta we are thinking to fix ur alliance with piya .. a small engagement ceremony will happen then after studies u can marry her
Viplav: (surprised) but mom I don’t wanna marry her
Kanak: but why beta .. she is ur cousin.. most importantly u guys are compatible with each other.. so what’s the problem.. do u love someone else ?
Viplav remained silent
Kanak: feel free to tell me as we are best friends
Viplav: (takes a deep breath) I love dhani and I want to marry her
Kanak: oh !! So that’s the reason, actually I knew it because the way u were telling me about her was kind of different.. I only want to listen it from u
Viplav: (stretches his hair) mom are u happy with my decision ?
Kanak: yes beta we are happy with ur decision. You are matured now and can take decision at ur own will.. but tell me something about her
Viplav: mom she is very simple, golden hearted girl. She is so sweet. Her parents died one one year back and now she is living with her bhai and bhabi but they are not good with her, they are not treating her nicely but then also she respects them alot
Kanak: hmm !! Viplav why don’t u throw a party at home.. invite her in this way I will meet her
Viplav: wonderful idea mom but her family will not agree
Kanak: ask dhani to make some excuse.. acha !! Very important thing does she love u ?
Viplav: I don’t know mom. I think yes but I don’t know exactly about her feelings and we can’t even talk to her family because they want her to marry some useless person
Kanak: viplav first u should know about dhani’s feelings.. rest we will see later and if they are greedy then they will surely say yes to us
Viplav: yeah mom !! Hope so.. but party idea is brilliant.. I will talk with dhani about this.. love u mom
Kanak: love u too beta, I am going now.. u take some rest
Viplav: (smiles) yes mom
After kanak leaves he started dancing on his bed in excitement as his mother gave approval to his love (raanjhanaa mai tera kon tere bin mera song plays)
Here at dhani’s home
Dhani was reading some book just then her phone rang.. she became happy and picked it at once
Viplav: hellow !! Miss dhani
Dhani: hi .. viplav. I think u don’t have any work, always calling me
Viplav: talking with u is the most important work of my life
Dhani: (smiles) really ?
Viplav: yes .. any doubts ?
Dhani: no.. what are u doing ?
Viplav: nothing.. just sitting idle
Dhani: so.. do some work naa
Viplav: arey I am doing work.. just now I have told u that talking with u is the most essential work.. dumbo !!
Dhani: (smiles) uffho !! Viplav..
Viplav: acha dhani.. tell me one thing honestly.
Dhani: yeah I will tell honestly.. ask ?
Viplav: are u missing me ?
Dhani: no .. why should I miss u ? I was reading a book ..
Viplav: how rude !! Atleast u can lie for me
Dhani: I don’t lie .. u know that
Viplav: ok .. ok but I am missing u alot
Dhani: (smiles) acha
Viplav: just acha.. I am coming at ur home to meet u
Dhani: what ? Are u mad ?
Viplav: yeah I am mad.. how do u know ?
Dhani: Viplav I am serious.. stay at ur home only.. ok
Viplav: acha dhani I have some work.. talk to u later (and cuts the call)
Dhani to herself: why did he cut the call ? He is so weird
And start reading the book again.. after sometime dhani was watching television suddenly her mobile rang again.. she picked it
Viplav: dhani come on terrace fast
Dhani: but why ? Don’t tell me u are at my home
Viplav: oho.. u ask too questions.. now stop questioning and come fast
Dhani runs towards terrace and was shocked to see viplav. Her mouth and eyes opened widely.. viplav saw her in this condition and laughed loudly
Viplav: hey close ur mouth atleast
Dhani: are u mad ? I mean u are not my boyfriend and if someone will see u then what we will say
Viplav: all questions in one breath and who told u that only boyfriend come to meet secretly well I thought to give u surprise but it’s ok I am going.. Good night
Dhani: (holds his hand) I didn’t mean that..
Viplav: (leans closer to her) so do u like my accompany
Dhani: yeah kind of.. but if someone will see us, my bhai and bhabi will definitely kill me .. and this is also wrong
Viplav: nothing is wrong and no one will harm u .. I am with u naa
Dhani smiled and looked at him lovingly (ae mere humsafar ek zara intezaar sun sadaai de rahe hai manzil pyar ki.. jis ko duaon mein manga tu hai wohi rehnuma tere bina mushkil hai ek bhi qadam chalna bin tere kahan hai manzil pyar ki plays in background)
Just then rain started and dhani goes under some shelter whereas viplav was still enjoying the rain
Viplav: (surprised) dhani why did u run away ?
Dhani: I don’t like rain
Viplav: what ? Strange.. girls enjoy rain but u are opposite
Dhani: I don’t like rain because it makes me wet and for me tears are enough to make me wet and yeah I am different from others because those girls have their parents, those girls live their lives happily they are not like me. You know my family consider me inauspicious as if my family died because of me (cries vigorously)
Viplav: hey, stop crying dhani just forget all bitter moments and move forward
Dhani: forget everything and move on .. how ? Is it so easy.. yeah it can be easy for u to say because u are not living ur life like me
Viplav: dhanii .. I know dhani it’s difficult but now ur life is changed I am with u now and will always be with u.. now stop wasting ur tears
Dhani: but till when u will stay with me one day u will also go away from me
Viplav: (puts his finger on her lips) never .. it will never happen
Then they share an eye lock (tere liye duniya chorr de hai tujh pe hi sans aa k ruke mai tujh ko kitna chahta hun yeh tu kabhi soch na sake .. kuch bhi nahi hai yeh jahaan tu hai tou iss mai zindagi ab mujh ko jana hai kahan k tu he safar hai aakhri k tere bina jeena mumkin nahe na dena kabhi mujh ko tu fasle mein tujh ko kitna chahte hun yeh tu kabhi soch na sake plays in background)
Viplav holds dhani’s hand and takes her in rain
Viplav: we should enjoy our lives instead of thinking about those who didn’t even love us.. just look around yourself some one is madly loving u
Dhani was shockingly looking at her .. her heart was beating very fast
Viplav: listen dhani.. I want to tell u something important.. it’s about my feelings.. I haven’t thought to tell u like this but waiting for the right time become loss for sometime.. actually I … I love u dhani, when I saw u first time my heart felt something special.. I love ur presence I love when u laugh on my silly jokes I love when someone teases u by my name and u start to blush.. without knowing the results I love u deeply.. I can’t promise to fix all ur problems but I can promise u won’t have to face them alone.. (bends on his knees) I love u very much dhani and I can’t imagine my life without u, when I met u I honestly didn’t know that u were gonna be this much important to me but now my life is incomplete without u.. dhani do u love me ? Will u marry me ? Will u become Mrs. Dhani viplav tripathi ?
(Chalo ji aj saaf saaf kehta hun itne se baat hai mujhe tum se pyar hai yun he nahe mai tum pe jaan deta hun itne se baat hai mujhe tum se pyar hai plays in background)
Dhani was too much surprised and tears were rolling down from her cheeks
Dhani: viplav.. I .. I .. I don’t know my family will not accept u .. they want something else
Viplav: just forget about everything dhani.. only think about yourself.. I know dhani u too love me.. I have seen it in ur eyes many times (he pulled her closer.. they both can listen their heart beats) look into my eyes and then answer (bol do naa zara dil mein jo hai chupa mai kise se kahun ga nahi plays in background) if u will say no.. I will go far from u and will never show my face again
Dhani: no.. viplav I love u too.. I love u very much.. don’t leave me (saying so she hugged him tightly) (chal wahan jate hain pyar karne chalo hum wahan jate hain song plays in background)
They both share a tight hug .. dhani was crying while tears were falling from viplav’s eyes too. They both were full drenched in rain. After awhile they break the hug and were looking each other lovingly (bheege bheege sarkon pe mein tera intezaar karun dheere dheere dil ke zamin ko tere he naam karun khud ko mai yun kho dun k phr naa kabhi paun hole hole zindagi ko ab tere hawale karun sanam re sanam re tu mera sanam ho re karam re karam re tera mujh pe karam hoa re song plays in background)
Viplav: now stop crying.. I only want u to be happy.. so say bye to these tears because from now on there will be no place for them
Dhani: thanks for coming in my life viplav.. after my parents my life was hell u made it heaven.. u know I fall in love with u because u loved me when I couldn’t love myself.. but promise me that u will never leave me.. I will die…
Viplav: (places finger on her lips) sshh !! Dhani I will die before leaving u.. now forget everything and let’s enjoy rain
Dhani smiles and enjoyed the rain.. she splashed some rain drops on viplav but viplav was continuously staring at her with lots of love (mujh ko barsaat bana lo ek lambi raat bana lo apne jazbaat bana lo jana song plays in background) dhani noticed this and shy
Dhani: viplav stop staring me like this it’s embarrassing me
Viplav: (pulled her closer) u are my life and going to be my wife so I have full right to watch u
Dhani: (tears filled in her eyes) but if my bhai and bhabi will not accept u then..
Viplav: oho dhani.. u started crying again.. don’t take tension my princess.. I will make everything fine.. have trust on me
Dhani: I trust u more then myself.. acha now go otherwise some one will see us
Viplav: let them see .. I am not scare of anyone. You know I have told everything about u to my mom.. I have told her that I love u alot
Dhani: (tensed) what was she saying ?
Viplav: she was saying that the girl shouldn’t be khurat and drama queen.. and now I am in tension as u have these qualities (laughed loudly)
Dhani: (pushed him) u are always ready to pull my leg
Viplav: acha naa princess.. she was very happy.. she was asking me to organize a party at my home so that she will meet u..
Dhani: but how can I come ?
Viplav: by these two legs?(laughed)
Dhani: very funny viplav?
Viplav: acha naa.. don’t be angry young lady.. u know I love jokes
Dhani: achaa .. I thought u love me but just now u have changed ur statement..
Viplav: dhani that was a very lame joke
Dhani: yeah actually I have learned how to make cheap jokes from u
Viplav: (pulls her closer) achaa jee .. now learn some romance, some love from me
Dhani: (pushed him) viplav u naa.. just leave all that and tell me how can I come .. my bhai and bhabi will not allow me
Viplav: but atleast u can try once.. please for me
Dhani: ok .. I will. Now go
Viplav: I don’t want to.. i want to take u along with me
Dhani: u can but not now
Viplav: yeah I know.. acha come at sharp 7’o clock tomorrow.. ok
Dhani: I will be there if they will allow me
Viplav: sure they will.. now may I go ?
Dhani: yeah .. u can, please
Viplav: but first I want to (leaned closer to her)
Dhani: viplav what are u doing ?
Viplav ignored her and leaned close to her she closed her eyes and viplav kissed on her forehead just then dhani opened her eyes and blushed harder (naa jiya zindagi ek pal bhe tujh se ho k juda sun zara, bin tere mujh se naraz tha dil tu mila hai tw hai keh raha.. mai tou tere rung mein rung chuka hun bus tera ban chuka hun mera kuch bhe tou nahe sab tera song plays in background)
Viplav: u are looking like rose while blushing..
Dhani smiles..
Viplav: yaar I don’t want to go
Dhani: viplav please go otherwise I will not come
Viplav: acha naa going.. don’t blackmail me. Bye see u tomorrow
Dhani: bye .. take care
Viplav: u too
He kissed her forehead again and goes from there..
Screen freezes on this lovely scene☺

Precap: viplav brought a beautiful dress for dhani later vidhani is getting ready for party at their respective homes

Huh !! How was the special episode.. hope u liked no, no, loved it..
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  1. Maha keep it up … U and your sis writing skills r awsome.. 😉

  2. Plz update next one soon

    1. Thanks ansa madam? .. and yeah thanks for appreciating my and ur own writing skills?and why maha where is api?
      Yeah will try to update only if u will keep helping me? .. love u?

      1. Buhahah stop buttering me .. yeah u will help u but this epi credit goes to u only … And hate u too 😛 😀 … Acha love u don’t cry

  3. Angel20

    Fantabulous episode? their confession awwwww??? I was smiling throughout☺☺
    Loved it to the core❤
    The songssongs? were perfect for every single situation? and all my favorite?
    The tight hug❤, the kiss on forehead was awwwww??
    Dhaani turning red like a rose??
    Wow I love Kanak, she agreed for Dhaani??
    But I hate Dhaani’s Bhabi, how rude she is! Checking her bag for the gifts?
    But overall the episode was full to awesome!!? you get 1000/100?
    Post the next one soon pls?
    And yes the episode was super long, I love you for that!❤

    1. Oh what a wonderful appreciation?
      I love songs so add number of songs in this episode.. glad u liked it? .. all these song are ur favourite happy to know that?
      Yeah hugs and eye locks are always cute?
      I made kanak, the best mom? yup her bhabi is disgusting actually? oh my goodness 1000 marks now I am falling please someone hold me? hehehe.. thanks alot dear love u too?
      Yeah will try to post it soon .. Eid is on the way so I will give u eidi in face of my ff?.. just kidding?

      1. Angel20

        Haha ?? you can give me eidi as a romantic (most) episode! I will give you eidi as the most wonderful appreciation?

    2. Yeah sure?
      Deal pakki?

  4. Yah maha sure I will read your previous episodes…. Thank you for sharing this…. Today episode was lovely and superb….. Keep going…. ???

    1. Thanks Kavya .. oh don’t say thanks it was my duty to share? yeah read them? .. keep supporting and I will keep going?.. again thanks for loving it?

  5. Wow maha super episode. I was waiting for your update for so long.

    1. Oh thank you so much Ashwariya?.. u were waiting for it how sweet?.. keep loving dear?

  6. Latha

    Maha it was fantabalous episode????I am excited while reading . I liked kanak very much and the way she came to know about viplav’s love and the idea about the party shows the mothers love ???? viplav as usual rockz and rockz. Episode drenched with full of romance and beautiful songs❤❤❤❤❤ I remembered Ikrs scenes while viplav kissing dhani’s forehead.???loved the episode so much . U have written superbly Maha speechless. Waiting for next post and keep writing dear?????????????????????❤❤❤❤

    1. Thanks latha?happy to know that u were excited?yeah I made kanak, a very sweet mom?viplav is always like that in all ffs and so as in ikrs.. love him yaar?songs oh I love them romance is essential.. glad u liked it?old ikrs episodes were sizzling?and lovely?thanks alot latha .. I will try to post it soon.. keep loving I will keep writing?

  7. Sujie

    Maha……. This is not only a special episode….but superbly superb fantastic episode….. And the songs …… Lovely one ❤️❤️❤️????
    Love you for this…keep rocking like this ???

    1. Thanks alot sujie?.. oh my God so amazing praising.. I am very happy? .. glad u loved the songs and so as episode?love u too? keep supporting☺

  8. Shruthy

    Sorry I had to show you such a state of mine. What to do ? Your episode just made my whole body cry yaah. ?
    Chalo drama queen, band kar apni bakwaas! Let’s move to the episode.
    I can only say one thing : you are FANTABULOUS ! ❤ I just love you girl! That’s all.
    The way Viplav couldn’t stop himself not meeting Dhaani and came at late night at her home. omg how romantic! ?? jealous tho main zaroor hoon.
    But anyhow! It was really cute. Toh you made it be quite senti also man… Proposal scene also made me cry. Why ?? Hopefully we will get such romantic scenes (or more romantic) in the upcoming episodes.
    Just keep doing the great job you do and you will always make us happy. Stay blessed!
    Post the next one soon. :* Love you loads

    1. Oh shruthy it was not that much sad yaar?.. actually u are quite senti? thanks alot?love u too?yeah he couldn’t stop himself.. it was kind of romantic and we, crazy fans of mishal must feel jealous?u can imagine yourself there instead of dhani?.. and I think to make this proposal scene some different as story requirement was that?.. but feeling bad if I made u cry?.. yeah I will try to make upcoming episodes (more) romantic?
      Thanks for appreciating.. just keep supporting me and I will keep doing the great job??.. and yes will try to post it sooner?.. love u too☺
      And most importantly I guess I have stood up in ur expectations as u and Maria were the most excited?

      1. Shruthy

        no but i was crying also in hapiness ? kya tum bhi!? It was really ? Haan we were getting jealous from inside but it was Dhaani so it was excused. And yeah, otherwise, like you said, you just imagine yourself there, what I actually did reading. ?? oh! ? Ok I got it then ? i was just kidding, i didnt cry that much dear, but you know when you feel beung Dhaani, you have to act crying too na ?? YAAAY ??? i love ViDha’s romance. ?
        I will always support you dear, fan jo hoon ?Yeah but take your time, post it asap only ? Haha I have never expected that terrace matter so it was surprising. And I thought he will feel more romantic seeing her drenched, like you know playing with her hair and all. But your proposal was much much better ??? so I am happy happy with this!

    2. Thank God u weren’t crying.. crying in happiness was ok?yeah dhani is excused?oh u imagined urself there?maza aya hoga?.. actually when I was writing this episode I was imagining myself there?as every girl want a lover like viplav?so…?
      I am ur fan re? u are probably more amazing writer then me☺..and thanks for giving me the idea of such romance like I said playing with hairs?I didn’t think about it so thanks alot.. that’s why I have said u are an awesome writer .. just keep giving me these lovely ideas please?
      Thanks for giving me time yeah will post it soon☺Glad u are happy with it?

      1. Shruthy

        Of course I have. ?? Mazaa? You cant imagine how much girl! ? Romancing with Viplav is just a dream come true moment na. ? Ok let’s stop this before it’s get censored.
        Oh no no… I am older than you so basically you are much better than me for your age na? 🙂
        You know something? I am really bad in writing essays and all. So it is ecen worse because of language changes. ?
        Oh glad you like my ideas. Of course I will share it without you but what will happen with me ? ?

    3. Oh that’s great?.. yeah we should stop as I am afraid of censored thing?.. arey shruthy di??yeah even I can’t write a loong essay.. I can write max 2 page on a topic?.. no need to thanks re and don’t share with me all ideas but just help little bit being a elder sis?
      Oh enough of my blabbering? I know mai u ko paaka rahe hn??but what karun as I am quite talkative??

  9. oh maha….its very very special…..i think to all the vidhani fans…..loved it….more coming on the way, hmm? waiting dear…..the songs and the romance are memorable dear…..u made us special by ur special epi….keep it up dear….waiting for another dhamakedaar epi…..

    1. Thank u sOooo much lakshmi? ur appreciation is so encouraging for me .. Glad u liked special episode?oh u said it memorable.. it’s an honor for me?as u are also an awesome writer?.. yeah I will try to post it soon?and will try to make them dhamakedar?

  10. Maha always it is good but this one is the best? Episode start was bad as dhanis bhabi illtreating her on knowing she hasn’t got any prize ( after all she had sent dhani thinking of orize money ??) Good that scene shifted to viplav s house where sweet kanak readily agreed to Viplav’s love ? she was sweet enough to tell viplav to organise a party n invite dhani.?? Dhani was arrogant in saying to viplav that she was reading n didn’tmiss him but our hero was great enough to tell her to lie atleast?? he abruptly cut the photos left dhani wondering but infact be had cut for the face to face conversation ? Dhani too sjocked yo see him.on her terrace but the way viplav proposed her it was amazing n any girlwould say yes in such a situation. All the backgrou d sounds were real good n apt for the scene’s . Just loved to read vidhanis romance in the rains . Superb full of excitement ????? just liked viplavs words that i cant promise to end all problems but assure that would be with u in all problems superb aur kya chaiye kisi bhi ladki ko ek handsome insaan jo use har vaqt sirf khushi dena chat hai or har gam me uske saath rahega. Khud se jyada dhani ko chahne lagq hai viplav. ?

    1. Aww Renu di it was a super duper appreciation? Thanks alooot?yeah her bhabi is hitler?I made his mom a cute and lovely one as all mothers are?actually dhani is quite straight forward?and viplav was expecting something else.. Glad u liked proposal scene so as romance and songs?I took that line from internet .. yup he is handsome and lovely?none can deny this fact?yeah he loves her more than herself.. Thanks alot?
      Keep showering ur love..

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