True friendship love and trust (episode 12)

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Let’s begin?
Dhani was taking rest inside her camp just then her mobile rings and she picked it up
Dhani: hello viplav ?
Viplav: hey dhani.. how are u ?
Dhani: are u Ok ? We are at same place naa and we met each other just now.. so what happened ? why are u asking this ?
Viplav: arey my drama queen !! U ask many questions .. relax, take a deep breath and come outside
Dhani: why ?
Viplav: u are not coming ? Ok fine !!
Dhani: dramybaz !! I am coming wait !!
Then they disconnect the call.. dhani comes out of the camp and saw viplav sitting beside the tree .. she walked towards him
Dhani: viplav !! Why u have called me u know naa I am too much tired and was taking rest
Viplav: (plucked off the cotton from his ears) what happen ? Did u say something ?
Dhani was shocked at it and pushed him
Viplav: (holds his stomach) ouch !!
Dhani: (shocked) oh I am sorry.. I didn’t do it intentionally..
Viplav: (laughs) nothing happen to me .. but this time I made u fool yahoo!!?
And he jumped in happiness whereas dhani was fuming in anger?

Dhani: I am going
Viplav: arey wait.. I was joking yaar
Dhani: I don’t like cheap jokes?
Viplav: acha naa sorry !!
Dhani: it’s ok !! Now tell me why were u sitting like this woh bhe with this stupid cotton ?
Viplav: actually i was waiting for u and I know u will shower questions on me that’s why used this cotton?
Dhani: (throws cotton on him) I am going?
Viplav: ok go !! I called u here because I was having chocolate woh be dairy milk silk.. but if u don’t want than it’s ok .. I will eat this !!
Dhani: (stopped and stared him innocently) vipu u know naa I can’t remain angry from u .. I was just joking I am not going anywhere
Viplav: (laughed seeing her acting) acha so u want chocolate ?
Dhani: how dumbo u are .. of course I am acting for this chocolate only
Viplav: what ??
Dhani: (innocently) woh I mean u are thinking that I am acting woh bhe for this chocolate, so now I don’t need this
Viplav: (laughed) no dhani u are not acting but u are really a drama queen?
Dhani: look Mr. Tripathi..
Just then viplav put a big piece of chocolate in her mouth
Dhani: (while eating) oh thanks viplav !! U remembered my demand of chocolate.. great !!
Viplav: obviously !! How can I forget ur demand yaar I can’t take any risk I love myself very much.. who knows u started to slap me like that
Dhani: very funny !! Aray I ate whole chocolate.. I didn’t give u sorry
Viplav: it’s completely ok dhani.. no worries as I ate bubbly before coming
Dhani: what ?? Even u didn’t share with me ..
Viplav: oye u ate one just now
Dhani: yup viplav but that was silk and u ate bubbly both have different tastes naa
Viplav: bhukaar moti hojai ge .. itna mat khao? (don’t eat too much otherwise u will become fat)
Dhani: (pouts) not fair yaar
Viplav: acha baba I will give u bubbly some other day now smile
Dhani smiles

Viplav: that’s like a sweet girl.. u know ur smile is a killer one
Dhani: thank u☺ acha I am going to pack my bag.. u also go and finish ur packing
Viplav: yeah .. so see u later
Dhani: yeah bye !!
After 1 hour all are going to sit in bus as they are going back.. dhani was going inside the bus just then akshay stopped her
Akshay: dhani.. please listen to me
Dhani: yeah speak..
Akshay: sorry for my behavior
Dhani: whatever
Akshay: can’t u forgive me ?
Dhani: no and u better stay away from me and my matters
Akshay: dhani please
Dhani ignored him and went inside
Akshay: (to himself “u have to pay for that slap and I will make u mine dhani”)
Dhani goes towards viplav and sits beside him. Viplav observed her angry mood

Viplav: dhani ?
Dhani: hmmm
Viplav: (louder) dhani ?
Dhani: han I am listening.. I am not deaf viplav
Viplav: oh thanks for telling? anyways don’t u wanna sit at window side
Dhani: umm !! No I am fine here
Viplav: (smiles) Ok (put both hands on his heart) Ahhh !!
Dhani: what happen ? Are u Ok ?
Viplav: no dhani see my heart beats are not normal.. it’s paining
Dhani: (understood his acting) acha so how to get rid of this pain ?
Viplav: (smiles) throw this gusse wale dhani and bring back my lovely dhani
Dhani: (smiles) viplav u know what u are…
Viplav: impossible.. I know that
Dhani: (smiles) acha now come
Viplav: where ?
Dhani: u ask me to sit at window side.. so now give me my place
Viplav nods and they exchanged their seats
Viplav: now tell drama queen.. why were u angry that time ?
Dhani told him whole conversation of akshay.
Viplav: oh I see
Dhani: thank God u can see?
Viplav: very funny !! This was my line.. copy cat
Dhani: hayee viplav..
Viplav: what happen ? It seems like u are drunk
Dhani: yup .. I am
Viplav: what ? no, no.. it’s not true .. from where u get drinks haan ?
Dhani: buddhu !! Yes I am drunk, see this environment, birds are chirping, cool breezes are making me drunk
Viplav looked at her romantically
Dhani: kia hoa ? (What happen ?)
Viplav: pyaar hoa.. (love happen)
Dhani: what ?
Viplav: (coughs) I mean I also fallen in love with this environment
Dhani smiles

Viplav: shall I ask u something ?
Dhani: yeah sure viplav..
Viplav: umm !! When raj Iakshmi ask me to tell the name with whom I want to spend time .. how do u know that I will take ur name ?
Dhani: (blushes slightly but composes herself) nothing like that
Viplav: tell me ?
Dhani: uff !! I just assured u to tell her name and no one will feel bad as we all are friends.. I didn’t know that u will take my name (she said all this in one go and now she was breathing heavily)
Viplav: stupid I was just teasing u .. drink this water
Dhani: thanks
Afterwards all were sitting on their seats peacefully just then they heard some noise.. Aaahh !!
Viplav: dhani what happen ?
Dhani pushed viplav and stands beside raj lakshmi
Viplav: Arey atleast tell me why are u sweating ?
Dhani: cc.. cockroach..
Raj lakshmi: (laughs) Aww .. u are scared of that small creature
Pankaj: yup that cockroach should scare from u
Viplav: shut up .. pankaj sorry monkey
Dhani laughs

Viplav: dhani I think that cockroach is gone ..
Dhani: no, no don’t think please first kill it than I will come
Viplav: see there is nothing
Dhani: Ahhh !! There it is .. go and kill it
Viplav: ok madam jee
He killed it and was going to throw it
Dhani: viplav wait
Viplav: now what ? Do u want it’s antim-sanskar
Raj laughed and dhani gave death glare to them. After this all settled on their seats again.. Dhani was thinking something and tears rolled down from her cheeks.. viplav noticed that
Viplav: are u Ok dhani ?
Dhani: (wipes off her tears) hmmm yup I am ok
Viplav: but …
Dhani keeps her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes
Viplav: (to himself “I know dhani why are u crying.. I promise dhani your crying days are going to be over very soon .. I will fill all colors and happiness in ur life”) dhani u are too heavy yaar
Dhani: what ?
She started to beat him
Viplav: arey why u always beat me
Then he holds her hand and share an eye lock
Raj and pankaj noticed that
Raj: do dil mil rahe hai magar chupke chupke
Pankaj: sab ko ho rahi hai khabar chupke chupke
But vidhani was lost in each other eyes that they didn’t listen
Raj: majnu ?
Viplav: hmmm.. haan raj ?
Raj: oh so ur name is majnu ?
Viplav: what ? I think u have gone mad
Raj and pankaj laughed while vidhani didn’t get their point.. Then after half an hour they reached college all came out from bus and were ready to leave for their homes

Viplav: so.. I loved this trip .. hope u also enjoyed it
Dhani: (tears came in her eyes) yes I enjoyed every moment.. those were the best days of my life .. I never thought that I will enjoy my life once again. I wish to stop this time but I can’t..
Viplav: arey dhani why are u getting sad .. we will meet each other again
Dhani: yeah .. I too hope so .. but u, raj lakshmi, raj and pankaj made these days so lovely for me that I forget all my sorrows and pains
Viplav: dhani forget about that only remember good things in ur life.. now please throw this sad dhani and bring funny dhani
Dhani smiles hiding her tears.. viplav was also in pain
Raj: viplav dhani jee if u are finished.. then let’s go.
Both nods and were ready to leave
Dhani to herself: viplav don’t know when we will meet again .. I’ll miss u viplav.. I wish to spend whole time with u because after my parents only u are so close to my heart.. but I think destiny can’t see me happy it wants something else .. I know this trip have to finish some day but I don’t know why I am getting too sad (tears rolled down from her cheeks)
Viplav to himself: dhani I will come to meet u soon and I will take u with me for sure .. I know u are very sad but ur sad days will finish soon .. I’ll miss u too dhani and I know u are hiding ur tears from me but I can see them dhani and I promise today u cried last time.. I will make ur life beautiful once again I promise..
Both leave to their homes without seeing each other but both were having pain and tears in their eyes (kabhi alvida na kehna song plays)
Screen freezes on their sad faces?

Precap: viplav proposes dhani later both are full drenched in rain
(Thought to give same precap suspense barhta hai?)

So I know this episode was kind of boring and was not as per ur expectations because I know u guys were expecting something else and it’s completely different but please bear it ..
Do drop ur valuable comments (even if u don’t like it??)
Keep smiling☺ and keep watching ikrs daily as it’s going wonderful nowadays✌

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  1. Sujie

    Maha…. This is so lovely….????

    Do dil mil rahen hai…..that’s awesome ??
    Post the next one soon dear ??

    1. Yes sujie I will try my best to post it by saturday or sunday 🙂 Thank u soo much .. Glad u liked it .. keep supporting 🙂

  2. Mariyam123

    Maha such a lovely episode dear. Waiting eagerly for Viplav’s confession.

    1. Thanks alot Louella.. keep loving?

  3. i am not sure about previous episodes…. but come to today episode it was too good, after read that i thought oh why i missed the previous episodes of this ff like that…. so try to give previous episodes links, when u update next part…. i will try to read okay…. keep going maha….

    1. Oh thanks Kavya.. Glad u liked it. Previous episodes were also awesome just read them? I am sure u will like it? .. and u can find the links on previous episodes but for ur convenience I will give links from 1st episode again?

  4. Maha its super duper✌????? loved each n every word of their conversation m could imagine them chatting n enjoying. Loved when raj n pankaj made gun of them n called viplav as manju?? background song was awesome. Cud imagine dhanis angry face on talking to tripurari aka akshay. N lastly their pain of seperation. Too good.

    1. Renu di thanks for this sweet application.. u liked their conversation and imagined them, great? .. Glad u enjoyed their fun and so as background song.. don’t worry this pain will vanish soon?..

      1. Sweet appreciation* typing mistake?

  5. Areeb

    Awlla!! ??? Beautifully written Maha! ? Tough last part was emotional to bits! But I loved that scene the most, tbh. ?

    Precap!!! ? EXCITED!

    1. Thanks areeb.. good to see ur comment after a long time.. keep commenting and supporting??

  6. Angel20

    Wow, it was not boring yaar, just waiting for the love confession, pls post it soon! I can’t wait till Sunday yaar??

    1. Thanks Maria?.. actually it was not according to ur expectations that’s why said that .. but I am very happy as u guys loved it? .. have patience yaar? .. will try to post it by Saturday otherwise sunday?

  7. Latha

    Hai Maha superb episode. Waiting for viplav’s confession and keep going yaar.

    1. Thanks Latha .. keep supporting dear 🙂

  8. Shruthy

    WHAT ? Wasnt that rain sequence ? ?? Very sad Maha, very sad. You cannot do this to us, unfair! ?
    Ok I think I am a bigger dramebaaz than ViDha ? In a serious note, your episode was really good darling. ? Don’t say it was boring, we’ll judge it if it is or not, not you. ? It was really really good because it was too senti man. ??? I love senti scenes sooo much! But that doesn’t mean you wont post the scene next time. Otherwise this dramebaaz will come in front of your house. ? Because dhamki is the only way ? Post the next part SOON!

    1. Yeah u did unfair?and I was really scared from u as u were very excited for it?don’t be sad pagli itna senti mat ho?u are really a sweet drama queen?thanks for liking it?ok.. ok I will leave this judgment on u guys, fine madam jee?I too like senti or emotional scenes like u used to write in ur ffs?hahaha.. now I am thinking to delay it because in this way u will come at my house?
      Just kidding i will try to post the next one ASAP.. just keep loving the same way??

      1. Sorry I did unfair?

  9. Lakshmi

    maha super….keep it up….and the precap its wow….waiting for the next

    1. Thanks lakshmi? keep reading dear
      And yeah where is ur ff after sanam re u had started ur 2nd ff I don’t remember it’s name but where it is .. please post it soon yaar

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