True friendship love and trust (episode 11)

Hello lovely people??
I know u guys must be angry as I took so long but I am busy and little bit lazy?look even I am apologizing holding my ears?.. Now smile friends?no, not this one a broad one? .. yeah !! Yeh hoe naa baat☺

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Let’s begin?
Raj and pankaj ask them to come as they are starting the game..
All girls were sitting together and boys were sitting in front of them. Raj lakshmi spins the bottle and it stopped facing at pankaj. All laughed while pankaj makes faces.
Dhani: Truth or dare pankaj
Pankaj: obviously dare
Dhani: Ok then… (thinks for awhile) sit like a monkey for 10 minutes?
Viplav and other laughed
Pankaj: not fair yar
Dhani: Ok so u lost ur dare
Viplav: no pankaj, u are a men act like a man, for only 10 minutes u have to be monkey
Pankaj: yeah guru but I am a man how can I be a monkey
Viplav: arey stop acting, be brave and start.. it’s the matter of our respect (winks at dhani?)
Pankaj: Ok viplav as u say?
And with much difficulty he sit like monkey?.. all laughed while viplav was hooting
Pankaj: viplav, not fair yaar u are laughing at me.. I am saving ur respect
Viplav: what ? My respect ?
Pankaj: u only said that it’s the matter of ur respect?
Viplav: (laughs) sorry! sorry! Continue?

Raj lakshmi spined the bottle again and now it stopped at dhani
Raj: so bhabi jee I mean dhani jee .. truth or dare ?
Dhani: umm !! Dare
Raj lakshmi: ok .. then umm !!
Raj: sing a song for…
Dhani: for ??
Viplav understood what raj is going to say and coughed. He gave an angry look to raj but raj ignored him?
Raj: for ur bestie
Dhani: oh for raj lakshmi
Raj: no, no, no, for my bestie
Dhani: for pankaj ?

Raj: dhani jee noo, for viplav tripathi
Dhani: (widens her eyes) what ? Are u mad ? Why would I sing for him ?
Pankaj: see God is punishing u dhani.. u did bad with me naa (laughed)
Dhani: oh shut up pankaj?
Raj: dhani don’t be stubborn yar .. it’s just a song. All u have to do is sing
Dhani: very funny dumbo.. I know that but I don’t know how to sing
Tanya: oh I will tell u just open ur mouth and start singing.. so easy?
Viplav and all laughed

Dhani: u guys are impossible?..
Raj: ok fine u are losing ur dare
Dhani: u are doing wrong with me?
Raj: so u choose truth instead of dare
Dhani: yeah like I don’t know u guys .. if I would select truth then u guys must have asked me a silly question?
Viplav: wait !! U guys are making her nervous, dhani just close ur eyes, think about someone special and start singing
Dhani: but …
Viplav: arey .. I will also join u .. promise!!
Dhani: Ok
Dhani gulped, closed her eyes and remember each and every moment spent with viplav, a smile appeared on her face?and after 5 minutes..

-halki halki mulaqatain thi
-dur dur se baatain thi
-halki halki mulaqatain thi
-dur dur se baatain thi
-dheere dheere kia hogaya hai mai kia kahun
-kyun larkharai dharkan kyun thar tharai tan mann
-kyun hosh mera yun kho gaya hai mai kia kahun
-kyun larkharai dharkan kyun thar tharai tan mann
-Kyun hosh mera yun kho gaya hai mai kia kahun

-kuch na kaho
-kuch na kaho
-kuch na kaho
-kuch na kaho
-sab mere din sab raatain tumhare khayalon mein rehtain hain goom
-kehni hai tum se jo baatain baetho zara ab sun bhe lo tum
-kia mere khuwab hai kia hai mere arzoo
-tum se yeh dastaan kyun na kahun rubaru

-kuch na kaho
-kuch na kaho
-kuch na kaho
-kuch na kaho
-jazbaat jitne hai dil mein mere he jese hai woh bezubaan
-jo tum se mai keh naa pai kehte hai woh mere khamoshiyan
-sun sako tou suno woh jo mai na kaha nahe
-such tou hai kehne ko ab kuch raha nahe

-kuch na kaho
-kuch na kaho
-kuch na kaho
-kuch na kaho

-halki halki mulaqatein thi

-dur dur se baatain thi

-dheere dheere kia hogaya hai mai kia kahun

-kyun larkharai

-kyun thar tharai

-tan mann

-kyun hosh mera yun kho gaya hai

-mai kia kahun

-kuch na kaho
-kuch na kaho

-kuch na kaho
-kuch na kaho
(If u haven’t listened the song then here is the link??

All clapped while viplav was smiling and dhani was staring at him
Dhani: huh! Finally I did it ..
Raj lakshmi: madam u are not less than me
Dhani: (pouts) u only told me to sing..
Raj lakshmi: acha acha don’t pout like this someone is staring u madly
Dhani blushed while viplav realized and bites his tongue
Viplav: by the way dhani u sing very well
Dhani: u too

Then they share a small but cute eye lock?
Pankaj: guru I think u should go to some private place
Viplav: hmmm (then come back to his senses) shutup !!
Sonia spined the bottle again and it was now our viplav’s turn
Raj lakshmi: okay Mr. Tripathi truth or dare
Viplav: both ..
Raj: think again guru
Viplav: yeah .. confirm
Raj whispers something in raj Iakshmi’s ear
Raj lakshmi: ok so first dare, viplav jee take this rose and…. give it to any girl?
Viplav: not fair raj see ur laxshmi
Raj: so why u said both now face it man
Viplav: I will kill u wait for awhile
Raj: yeah yeah .. that we will see later first complete ur dare
Viplav: (takes flower bend on his knees) a beautiful rose for a beautiful girl.. dhani please accept it (sab tera song plays)
Dhani: (blushes) thanks
Viplav: it’s ok (stretches his hair and winks)
Sonia: wah !! Viplav we only ask u to give rose but u gave it in filmy style
Viplav: yeah .. see !! This is viplav tripathi’s style. Kesa laga Miss. Dhani (How was that Miss. Dhani)
Dhani smiles
Tanya: not fair viplav u can give it to me also
Viplav: that was my wish Tanya .. don’t worry I will give u leaf of that flower?
Tanya: very funny.. keep it with u?
Raj lakshmi: Good u completed ur dare now it’s turn of truth.. tell me in whole campus which girl do u like most.. I mean u can share anything with her or can spend whole day with her ?
Viplav remembered all memories and conversation with dhani
Viplav: (in mind: “laxshmi u are asking me whole day i want to spend whole life with dhani only” smiles) I think all knows whose name I will take so no need to tell naa
Sonia: no no cheating tell her name
Viplav: no yar I think it’s getting over. Leave it I lost now happy
Raj lakshmi: what ? Viplav tripathi lost .. viplav don’t take it serious yaar just take her name I am sure she will not feel bad as it’s just a game
Viplav: raj come with me I want to talk with u

Viplav took raj in his camp
Viplav: raj have u gone mad .. what if dhani know about all this.. she will feel bad yar
Raj: viplav don’t think too much yar she also knows that it’s a game and by the way we are helping u to express ur feelings
Viplav: don’t help me as it will create problems for me
Raj: ufffhoooo viplav .. what if dhani also love u.. u have to express ur feelings one day
Viplav: yeah I know that but not now .. I am waiting for the right time
Raj: huh !! Wesy u should thank God actually I was going to give u a difficult dare but raj lakshmi forbid me

Viplav: which dare ? Tell me
Raj: I want u to propose dhani in front of all actually I was making ur work easy
Viplav: are u nuts .. thank God u didn’t said something like this.. from now on don’t even think to make things easy for me.. idiot kahin ka? now come
Raj: bhalai ka tou zamana he nahe raha??
Viplav and raj come
Raj lakshmi: are u sure viplav ? u will not answer
Dhani: no viplav.. it’s just a game.. no one will feel bad ..tell her name (gave her assure smile)
Viplav give her are u sure look .. dhani nods
Viplav: moti raj ke lakshmi.. I was just joking I am telling her name.. (closed his eyes) dhani.. I like to spend time with dhani I like to share things with dhani because dhani is very cute lovely and innocent? (tere bin song from wazir plays)
Dhani smiles?
Raj lakshmi: viplav in all tasks u had taken dhani’s name .. I think something is fishy
Dhani pinched her
Raj lakshmi: ouch !! Are u mad why u had pinched me
Dhani: (innocently) I didn’t do anything
Raj lakshmi holds her ears
Dhani: Ahh !! Sorry yaar leave me it’s hurting
All laughed
Viplav: raj say to ur laxshmi that leave her it’s hurting her
Raj: no guru it’s their personal matter (laughed)
Viplav: fine
He get up from his place and went towards Raj lakshmi and pulled her hair..
Raj lakshmi: stop it yar fine I am leaving her
Dhani: don’t underestimate the power of two besties
And vidhani gives hi-fi
Raj: not fair guru don’t do this with my lakshmi
Viplav: don’t interfere in our matters (laughed)
Raj lakshmi: sorry viplav jee and dhani madam .. I have done a biggest sin in my life by troubling u guys. Sorry??

Viplav: so next time be careful
Raj: next time kia from now on we will not trouble dhani jee otherwise u I mean her majnu will not spare us
Viplav: u had started again.. ruk mai btata hun (stop, I will tell u)
Dhani blushed
Sonia: aray see how dhani is blushing she is looking like red rose?
Viplav looked at her face and was mesmerized
Dhani: what viplav I have turned red because of weather as it’s too hot right lakshmi (eyes her angrily)

Raj lakshmi nods and smiles
Dhani: (wants to change the topic) come on let’s finish the game
All again sit and finished the game. Afterwards sir ask them to pack their stuffs as it’s time to leave. All nods and went to their camps.. dhani and viplav were thinking about each other.. dhani was blushing whereas viplav gave a killer smile (jeena marna song from do lafzon ke kahan plays)
Screen freezes☺

Precap: viplav proposes dhani, both are fully drenched in rain?

Friends I am reminding u guys again that it’s a flashback it all happened 1 month back and if u don’t remember then kindly read episode 1 again, link is given in previous episodes
Do drop ur valuable comments..

Keep smiling☺and keep watching ikrs daily✌

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  1. Angel20

    Wow what an episode yaar❤❤ loved it! Loved it! Loved it! ??????
    Their cute eye locks??
    The truth and dare game?
    Dhaani and Viplav singing song was awwww??❤?
    Viplav proposing Dhaani?? actually not proposing 😉
    Viplav and Raj’s knok-jhok??
    Their friendship is awesome??

    The best line,
    Don’t underestimate the power of two besties?❤?

    Last but not the least!
    Pls pls pls pls plspls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls post it soon!??

    1. Thanks Maria?
      Glad u liked truth and dare game and thank God u loved the song as I was quite confused? hahaha I love friend’s bonding. Awww u liked that line? thanks?
      I will start typing from today only will try to post it by Tuesday☺

  2. Arshdeep

    Loved it.. Loved it.. Loved it yaar??
    Awww the song they sung together❤ and then their cute eyelocks..killer smiles ??
    Me fainted??

    Okay woke up now?? Superb really..loved it to the core??
    You wrote it very well??? Loved the game..loved the convos between raj and viplav..dhani and RL..viplav and dhani??

    Precap seems soo lovely..yeah viplav proposing dhani???
    I know you will make it very special for us❤?

    I had forgot that it was going as a flashback so i am gonna read the 1st episode once again. Thanks you for reminding me.??
    Thanks a lot for this beautiful episode❤ Love you lots??Loved it.. Loved it.. Loved it yaar??
    Awww the song they sung together❤ and then their cute eyelocks..killer smiles ??
    Me fainted??

    Okay woke up now?? Superb really..loved it to the core??
    You wrote it very well??? Loved the game..loved the convos between raj and viplav..dhani and RL..viplav and dhani??

    Precap seems soo lovely..yeah viplav proposing dhani???
    I know you will make it very special for us❤?

    I had forgot that it was going as a flashback so i am gonna read the 1st episode once again. Thanks you for reminding me.??
    Thanks a lot for this beautiful episode❤ Love you lots??

    I smiled in the beginning but my smile kept on broadening and broadening as i proceeded further?????

    1. Arshdeep

      Sorry dont know how it appeared twice???

      1. Oh no need to to be sorry I enjoyed reading ur comment twice??

    2. Oh how sweet Arshi .. thanks alot dear?
      Happy to know that u loved the song eye lock and killer smile? hahahha drama queen? thank God u are waked up I thought mujhe ana pare ga uthane? lol?
      Awww that means u loved the entire episode thanks alot.. yeah viplav will propose dhani and I will try to make it special but ziada umeed mat rakho darr lagta hai? love you too? oh u smiled that means my mission is successful?

    3. I thought to give a special or maha episode in which viplav will propose dhani but then jerked my idea as my all episodes are special because they are very long?

      1. Arshdeep

        I agree with the fact that they are long and i love them a lot?❤
        You may give the title maha epsiode and make it mooree loonger than normal? you may take your time no problem but that will gain attraction han??

    4. Nice idea Arshi .. u are quite intelligent like me 😛 .. I will try to post a mahaaaa episode 😀

  3. Arshdeep

    Read the first episode
    And you said there its a short ff of 5 to 6 episodes???
    I am happy you carried it till here??? Keep going?

    1. Oh thank God I remind u about the flashback yeah it was a short story but afterwards I add some more tracks in it .. Thanks for the support?

      1. Arshdeep

        Thank you sooo much for really extending it?

    2. Oh no need to thank .. infact I should thank u guys as u guys are loving and supporting my ff very much 🙂 love u all

  4. Sujie

    Lovely one Maha…. And the song… They sang together 🙂 🙂
    Loved it 🙂 go on

    1. Thank u so much sujie.. Glad u liked the song.. keep supporting?

  5. AAAAAAAAAAH! ???? I just LOOOOOVED the episode man. ? I knew this truth or dare game would be a marvelous and mast one. ?? OMG ViDha were so perfect man. Dhaani blushing, Viplav staring at her, both singing together… And then Raj & his Lakshmi teasing ViDha! ??? OMG it was just fantastico my darling. ❤️ Dhaani assuring that it’s a game when what he meant was so true. ? And when he was telling to his mind “You said spend for a whole day but I want to spend my whole life with Dhaani” ?? Everything was perfect today ☺️?? And precap UFFO! ? My heart skipped a beat… Viplav proposes Dhaani; both get drenched. What to get from this ? ? Is my rainy romantic scene coming soon ? ???? ViDha to romance drenched WOOHOO! ? I think I am gonna fast till I get it, so that you would post it soon. ? Just kidding. Take your time Maha kutty, Inknow that it’s difficult to mange both stories and life. You just take your time and we will be waiting (im)patiently here. ? And no I didnt forget that it was a flashback. In fact I was always thinking how this is going to reach that present moment after all this. Itna kuch toh ho raha hai ek maina mein… ? but of course neither I miss reading your story once again ? I just enjoy it so much! ❤️??
    Cant wait for next part darling. Post it as soon as possible ok?

    1. Shruthy

      Oh gosh i was logged off when commenting. ?

    2. Oh shruthy u are soo sweet.. thanks for such a superb appreciation it means alot?
      I am very happy as u guys loved truth and dare and so as song mehnat wasool hogae?yeah viplav wants dhani for his entire life? hahaha finally proposing track will start I will try my best to make it special and romantic as I love cute romance not cheap romance? (bache hn naa itna acha romance karwana nahe ata?) but still will try.?
      Oh no need to fast I will post it by Tuesday inshaAllah thanks for waiting (im) patiently? thank God u remembered the flashback thing actually dhani is waiting for viplav in a restaurant and thinking about all this.. she is telling me and I am writing?
      Keep supporting and keep waiting for the rain romance??

      1. Shruthy

        Awww! :* <3 Haan it was great. I just loved reading it. 🙂 Haan he loves her so much *___* YES! Finally propose moment *claps*
        Oh! Bachi ho? But I thought you were not reading all those kind of naughty dialogues Viplav used to say to Dhaani. xD Just kidding! I know you won't bring us a cheap romance. Will be waiting for a nice one, but don't strain a lot. Jo tumhe aata hai, bas woh karlo. xD
        Now have to wait for tomorrow… Anyways! I am just eagerly waiting for t. <3
        Of course I do. :p YES I AM WAITING FOR THAT *__*

  6. Latha

    Awesome episode Maha loved it very much???? keep it up Maha……

    1. Thanks Latha .. keep loving and supporting as it matters alot 🙂


    1. Thank you so much Renu di.. Glad u liked everything thing .. keep supporting??

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