True friendship love and trust (episode 10)


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True friendship love and trust (episode 9)

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Let’s begin?
It’s morning
Viplav and dhani were surrounded by 2 men suddenly viplav wake up
Viplav: (shocked) what are u doing here. Wait don’t u dare touch her.. u don’t know who I am. I am viplav tripathi
Men-1: Relax bro we are here to help u we are protectors. Come we will show u the way
Viplav: oh .. ok. Thanks
Viplav: dhani wake-up see, we are save now we are going back to our camp
Dhani: (while sleeping) let me sleep naa! Bhabi please I will wash all dishes after 10 minutes atleast let me sleep 10 minutes more
After listening this viplav feels hurt whereas other were laughing but viplav gave them an angry look so they stopped
Viplav: stop it wake up please dhani
But dhani didn’t give any response. There was no option left so he lift her in bridal style?
Viplav: ok now guys let’s go
After sometime
Men-1: I think u are tired so…
Viplav: so, what do u want to say ?
Men-1: no actually I was just offering u help
Viplav: listen don’t u dare see her show me the way only. I will go by myself
Men-1: (angrily) go left then turn right and then go straight
Viplav: hmmm ok fine
Viplav see dhani sleeping peacefully and smiles. Finally they reached to their camps. All get shocked to see dhani and viplav in such condition
Akshay: viplav u here .. what are u doing with her ?
Viplav ignored him and went to dhani’s camp and gently placed her on couch. Just then dhani wake-up (Thank God??)
Dhani: viplav how ? I mean when we reached here .. I didn’t remember anything
Viplav: yeah obviously dhani u were sleeping (gives her an angry look)
Dhani: ok but how I reached here ? How do u find the way ?
Viplav told her whole scenario
Dhani: (dreaming) oh u were holding me soo sweet
Viplav: (smiles) what ?
Dhani: I mean umm!! Woh nothing.. anyways thanks for the lift
Viplav: see because of u my hands are paining
Dhani: oh hello.. I am not that much heavy
Viplav: yeah right u were as light as feather (laughs)
Dhani: (weird look) so u should handover me to that guy he was offering u (winks)
Viplav: (angrily) dhaaaani, this was not funny at all
Dhani: sorry I was only kidding wait I am coming
Viplav: where are u going ?
Dhani brings some ointment
Dhani: ur hands are paining naa so I brought this
Viplav: no need dhani, thanks
Dhani: shutup? ..
Dhani slowly slowly apply ointment on his hands and viplav was staring at her lovingly (jeene laga hun pehle se ziada pehle se ziada tum pe marne laga hun song plays)
Dhani: now viplav come out as I am sure all must be cooking wrong stories about us
Viplav: let them say whatever they want to say. Just tell me do u trust me ?
Dhani: what a stupid question, of course I trust u infact in the whole world I only trust u because u are not only my friend, u are my helper and well-wisher too
Viplav: oye stop it, it’s making me crazy
Dhani: what ?
Viplav: nothing
Dhani: sometimes u are weird too
Viplav laughs loudly
Then they come outside. All were sitting together.
Viplav: (announces) guys we are here to enjoy naa so let’s play something. Why shouldn’t we play truth and dare
Pankaj: wah !! Guru mast idea
All were happy but as usually akshay was fuming
Akshay: no, it’s not a good idea we should play something else
Dhani: but why, it’s the best game
Akshay: ok fine, only for u..
Dhani: (interrupts) no, no, don’t play for me play for yourself?
Viplav laughs while dhani signed viplav to be quite.
Akshay: (holds dhani’s hand) come with me I wanna tell you something
Dhani: ok tell over here only
Akshay: no come with me
Viplav was fuming in anger but he didn’t utter a single word as dhani has signed him that she will handle it
Dhani: see if u want to tell me something important just tell me here but I will not go with u anywhere
Akshay tightens his grip
Dhani: Ahh!! Akshay leave my hand
Viplav: (can’t see her in pain and angrily) akshay leave her hand it’s hurting her
Akshay: (ignored viplav) dhani u can spend a night with viplav u can hug him that is not bothering u but I am asking u to come for only 2 minutes that’s wrong ? Actually u don’t know about viplav and his intentions because u are very innocent
After listening this dhani was boiling
Akshay: dhani u are very innocent but he is a character less man.
This was enough for dhani and she give him a tight slap. Viplav was shocked after seeing this avatar of dhani.
Dhani: don’t u dare .. I am warning u, I know u are jealous from our friendship but didn’t think that u will stoop so low. For ur kind information he is not character less but u are a character less .. what do u think of ur self.. don’t show me ur face again, get lost !!
Dhani: (announces) sorry my friends but if he is playing than I am out of it
Raj: no u are right bhabi woh I mean dhani di, how dare he, how can he say something bad about my guru leave from here akshay. Don’t spoil our mood
All students: yeah dude how can u point ur finger on anyone.. just go from here
After listening this akshay left from there.
Akshay: (to himself “dhani u will pay for this slap. U slapped me because of ur so called friend u will regert for this”)
Dhani went to viplav angrily
Dhani: viplav ? I am sorry for whatever akshay said
Viplav: (smiles) aray why are u apologizing.. any ways I didn’t feel bad at all
Dhani: (angrily) why u didn’t say anything to him u were only listening his rubbish and why were u smiling at that time ? Tell me ?
Viplav: aray bab re bab!! Take a deep breath first and now listen to me carefully, if someone will say anything bad about me that I don’t care and will not feel bad but if someone will badmouth about u than I will not leave that person
Dhani: (angry) viplav!
Viplav: (cups her face) I know u can’t understand all this but with time u will understand my all talkings till than stay away from me
Dhani: (shocked) what ?
Viplav: yeah just now I have seen ur angry mood so I can’t take any risk u know u are really khurat like ur best friends?
Dhani: best friends ?
Viplav: yeah wild animals??
Dhani: (pushes him) very funny batameez?
Viplav laughs loudly
Dhani: acha haan good now don’t ever misbehave with me in future and u will do whatever I will ask u otherwise u know my anger??
Viplav: yes madam g .. tell me what do u want ?
Dhani: (thinks for awhile) ummm!! Big wale chocolate??
Viplav: oh my drama queen!! U are asking a chocolate only wait I am giving u just now
Dhani: aray first we will play game than give it to me
Viplav: (smiles) ok done?
Screen freezes on their happy face☺

Precap: raj lakshmi spins the bottle and it stopped at dhani later dhani sings a song for viplav?

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Credit to: maha

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  1. Maha behintha lajawab. ? u have written very good n really wish to see this story onscreen? dhani n viplav have developed something ????

    1. Thanks Renu di.. keep loving yeah I will give this story to some producer or director then u may see this on-screen?.. hayee kiya zabardast hoga? .. but anyways thanks alot?

  2. Sujie

    Akshay kitna kamin hai…. Don’t let him win ever 🙂

    1. Thanks sujie.. yeah akshay is as kameena as tripurari? .. yeah I will never let him win?

  3. Arshdeep

    Wonderful episode maha??❤

    A few scenes which touched my heart
    ? When viplav gave an angry look to that man who offered help?
    ?Dhani applying ointement
    ?Dhani scolding badly that akshay??

    Actually all scenes touched my heart❤ I loved it dear.. Their conversation is as usual superb??

    1. Thanks arshi? .. I also loved when dhani slapped akshay he deserved that how can he say bad about our viplav.. mai na dhani k dimagh mai dala yeh idea and she did it?.. hehehe viplav gave an angry look yeh tw banta tha and dhani applying ointment was her care towards viplav? .. anyways thanks arshi keep loving dear

      1. Arshdeep

        And yaa your cover pic???????? so beautiful?

      2. Oh thanks Arshi? ..

  4. Mariyam123

    Maha it was so good. When Dhaani got angry I imagined myself there. Because when someone talks bad about anyone I also get very angry. Once my friend had hurt me and I didn’t talk to her for 2 weeks. Now she is so frightened of my anger. Thid episode reminded me of my anger. Good going. Truth or dare… I also love this game. Khaash main wahaa hoti.

    1. Thanks Louella.. yeah u are our younger dhani so u can imagine ur self there? .. and maza tw chakhana chahye jo ap k sath bura kare so u did good with ur friend but don’t get too much angry ever as it’s bad for health?.. yeah truth and dare is an interesting game u can imagine ur self there?

  5. Shruthy

    LOL that tapad of Dhaani tho! ???? A correct one. Jerks like Akshay deserve it so much –‘ And ViDha tho… Kya boloon main! They are so adorable man? Cant wait for that truth and dare game. ??? post it soon!

    1. Thanks shruthy.. keep loving dear and yeah akshay deserved that slap infact she should give him some punches also but mai na thora reham kar diya hehehe? .. and will try to post it soon

      1. Shruthy

        Of course I will ??? Haha you felt puty for him! You are such a nice girl na ?? haan baba try try! I will be waiting ?

      2. Yeah I am very lovely and nice girl u said right???

  6. Angel20

    Wow Maha amazing???
    Dhaani slapped Akshay????
    Dhaani applying ointment was awwww?? so cute
    Just loved it and truth and dare game is like wow… Pls post the next one soon??

    1. Maria thank u soo much yeah dhani have to apply ointment as viplav gave her lift?.. and I also love truth and dare game it’s very interesting sarii pole khul jate hai?
      And I will try to post the next one soon inshaAllah? .. keep supporting

  7. Super dear and i love dhani slapping akshay

    1. Thanks vavachi dear? keep reading and loving?

  8. Lakshmi

    maha well done….its a bit long….but really enjoyed it dear….

    1. Thanks laxshmi? .. yeah it’s quite long actually I always get confused where to finish iss chakar mai long hojate hai but I will try to post the next one short.. keep enjoying and keep supporting?

      1. Arshdeep

        No short girl.. Long only

        Lakshmi tum bhi na 😛 Koi to mushkil se long long post karta h

      2. Oh Arshi I will post it long as usual don’t worry be happy?? .. love u✌

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