True friendship love and trust (Epi-1)

Hello Guys I m maha. This is my first ff hope u guys will like it☺ I did my best to make it better? it’s a short ff with 5-6 episodes approximately so have some popcorn ??and start reading don’t forget to imagine each scene ?
Story will revolve around viplav and dhani obviously?. Viplav belongs to a rich family nd his parents r positive and dhani belongs to a middle class family and her bhai n bhabi r negative.

So let’s begin??
It was a day of 14 feb. Dhani was dressed in a formal jeans top waiting for her dream guy viplav in the Pearl restaurant. She left her home and was tensed thinking that viplav will come or not but then she said to herself that “sure viplav will come… what am I thinking! I have full faith on him”
Here in viplav residence a handsome guys is getting ready and he is none other than viplav. Viplav to himself “dhani must be waiting for me. I should get ready quickly. She would be alone. Today is a big day for us….. I m coming to be dhani tripathi?
1 month back (flashback)
Dhani’s parents died one year back in an accident. She live with her elder brother and bhabi. They both treat her nicely until they take her property and money but then her bhabi showed her true colors she had problem with everything related to dhani. She behaved with her like a step mom,and filled her bhai’s ears against dhani and he too gone far from her in this way she was alone. She gave exam of bsc and today was her result she was getting ready for college and was too scared because her whole life depends on this result. It was an opportunity for her to become independent. Finally she reached college result was announced and hurrah!! She got 1st position and here comes the 2nd position which was grabbed by viplav. They both were very happy actually they were not friends firstly even they both didn’t see each other exactly but they both feel something special, something which cannot define for each other. He was coming to dhani. She was watching him from far her heart was like pumping, she started talking to her friend. Suddenly he called her?
Viplav: umm!! Hi!! Dhani.
Dhani: (surprised look) hello!!
Viplav: congrats for ur result.
Dhani: thanks and congratulations to u too?
Viplav: so what’s ur further plan ?
Dhani: masters may be from cbm
Viplav: hmmm me too !! Umm!! Can we become friends ? (In his mind “I always thought u as a friend even more than that but didn’t have courage to talk to u.. I think I lo.. no! no!”)
Dhani: hey! Where have u lost ? Umm!! Why u want to make me friend ? I mean u didn’t talk me ever and now suddenly friend ?
Viplav: soo straight forward.. but I like it. Actually yeah !! I thought u r very rude and mean ?
Dhani: what ???
Viplav: (naughty smile) I mean reserved and I thought u don’t like boyfriends ?
Dhani gave a weird look?
Viplav: sorry not that kind of boy friend only boy and friend ? I hope u got my point
Dhani: yeah!! I got ur point. You want to say I don’t like boys to be my friend.. right ?
Viplav: it’s my perception.
Dhani: but ur perception is wrong. I have no problem to make boy or girl my friend, they must be good by and nature and by heart?
Viplav: hmm!! Same thinking.. so what’s ur opinion about me. Do u lov… I mean like I mean
.. I wanna ask am I good by nature and heart (curious expression)

Screen freezes enough for today naa? I think it’s quite long tell me ur opinions guys .. drop ur valuable comments too and haan I want atleast 20 comments please. No precap coz I don’t know how to write it??
Keep smiling and watch ikrs daily✌?

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  1. Wow aaha nice start.. Loved it and I don’t know you can you please tell me something about you as I don’t know you very well…??

    1. I m maha from Karachi,pakistan I m 17 years old and in
      And thank u so much for appreciation keep supporting??

  2. Maha u r mahan i mean great ?☺?☺u have written an amazing story . Good that viplav has a nice family but we would get to see spicy n venomous incidents from dhani’s bhabi currently i can imagine all n i can see ishita in bhabis role?whats yr name n how old r u.

    1. My name is maha and I m 17 years old in thanks for loving it u called me mahaan now I m on cloud 9 ? hehehe thanks and yeah u can imagine her bhabi as isliya?

      1. Ishita sorry typing mistake

      2. Only 5 comments guys? can I continue this or not?

      3. Only 5 comments guys? shall I continue this or no?

  3. Good start Maha.

  4. Wow very interesting Maha 🙂

  5. HAHA! Epic! ?? I like it when he stopped saying you love ne? ?? First meeting was so cute!! ? Keep going!’?

    Btw, Maha where you from? I mean which city?

    1. Thank-you keep reading and commenting
      I m from Karachi
      And from which city u belong

      1. I’m from MPS, Sindh.

  6. Nice maha…keep it up….

  7. maha….. wonderful….loved it …go on dear… 🙂

  8. maha really a nice start…….eagerly waiting for dhaani’s reply……….
    as all i also want to know about u…..

    1. Thanks vimi ? I m from Karachi, Pakistan. M 17 years old and studying in

  9. Awesome start maha.. Enjoyed it?
    All the best..keep going?

  10. Hiii ..maha ..good start …and give precap also .. keep it up 🙂

  11. Hi Maha! Really nice episode. ViDha’s first conversation tho. You kept the naughty but cute Viplav which is even mre interesting! Quite excited for the next 🙂

  12. wow Maha starting episode???

  13. Its really a nice awesome drama I love it the characters and everyone are really amazing every time there are new twists in every episode it looks interesting hope it may have new twists like in every episode

  14. Thank u soo much varoley sujie arshdeep avijit shuruthy Bisma and mami for appreciation? keep reading and supporting

  15. Thank u soo much varoley sujie arshdeep avijit shuruthy Bisma and mami for appreciation? keep reading and supporting ?

  16. Good start maha

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