His True Feelings.. (Episode 3)

Ranveer was about to pick up the call wherre there was a heavy knock on the door…Ranveer with a heavy heart kept the phone beside and moved to open the door..Ranveer opened the door..where she saw parul taking heavy breathes..
Ranveer:Wht happened Parul..??
Parul: Bhaiya..bhaiya..

She ran and came inside Ranveers room..Ranveer turned and saw Parul where she was now sitting on the sofa..
Ishani was bit disappointed as she called 5 times and the phone was not picked …she was having a cute anger on ranveer now..

Ranveer: wht happened parul..
Parul: Actually bhaiya …Rahul was running behind me and beating me..
Ranveer: Rahul…??
Parul: our neighbours child..
Ranveer: oh..so wht…y did u came here…
Parul: bhaiya he was beating me …so whichever room i saw first i enterd the room..
Ranveer: wwhy he was beating and running behind u..??
Parul: Vo..actually.. vo..
Ranveer: y r u stammering Parul..say clearly..
Parul: vo i was teasing him…
Ranveer: oh shits..i have told u 1000 times dont include me between your fights..n who told u to tease him..u will never change..
Parul: but bhaiya..
Ranveer: wht but..now go out from my room..
Parul: bhaiya..
Ranveer: no bhaiya ..nothing..go..
Parul with a puppy face went out of the room..where Ranveer immediately went and closed the door..he came and sat on the bed..and took his phone and saw 5 miss calls of ishani…

Parekh house..
Disha was knocking the door of ishani.. ishani came and opened the door…
Disha: Vo ishani..baa is calling you…
Ishani: Ohk let me go..u close my rooms door and come..
Ishani leaving her phone on the bed started to walk towards baa’s room…

Disha was about to close Ishanis room door..where she heard ishani’s phone ringing..Disha enterd ishani s room and took the phone..where the screen displayed the name ranveer..where seeing this disha had a cute fun making smile..
Disha received the call and kept it on her ears..where before she could say anything she heard Ranveers voice..
Ranveer: I am sorry ishani..i am so sorry..i love u ..i love u alot..plss tlk to me..dont be angry with me..ishani plss say something..
Disha (having a cute smile): uhhu..uhhu…i am not ishani..i am your sali..

Where Ranveer realized that he didi a big mistake now..
Ranveer: nhi disha vo..vo ..i called ishani..to..to..
Disha: To romance..
Ranveer: No..no disha..
Disha: Dont hide anything from me..i know u both..how many times we will tell u..u both will not listen..wait let me tell to baa..(where she was enjoying the tlk)
Ranveer No disha plss dont do this…plss.plss..
Disha: Ohk …let me .
But fullfill my one demand..
Ranveer : Ohk let me fullfill your any demand..
Disha: so my demand is…

Episode ends on Ranveers eager face to know dishas demand..

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  1. Lovely episode…waiting for the next episode….

    1. O_gudiya

      Thnk u Honey..yeah will update asap

  2. Duva

    Loved it please please post ur next epi I can’t wait anymore to read the next part Dr how r u

    1. O_gudiya

      Thnk u dear..yes i will post it asap..glad to know that u cant wait now..i am fine cutie..howzz u..

  3. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

    Hii gudiya the epi was so funny and cute really loved it. Bechara ranveer ab phas gaya. eagerly waiting for the next. Update soon

    1. O_gudiya

      Hii dear..glad u found Epi funny nd cute..yes Ranveer phas gya..hehe..yes i will update asap

  4. Nandana

    Nic episode dera i really liked it waiting for the next ……………….

    1. O_gudiya

      Thnk u so much..glad u liked it..yes i will update asap

  5. Hi Gudiya the episode was so good eagerly waiting for the next episode ?

    1. O_gudiya

      Hii dear..thnk u so much..yeah ..will try to update asap..??

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