His True Feelings.. (Episode 1)

Hii guys..i am back with a new one..Sorry for the late..am held up with my exams..now i will not waste your time…eNjoy reading and do gI’ve your reviews..☺

As Ishani and all others started moving towards their room..Ishani reached in her room..She wnnt towards cupboard and took out his dresses for haldi which ranveer has gifted..its of light yello and red colour chudidar with colour combined dupatta…
He kept her dresses on the bed and took her favourite baby pink colour dupatta and started moving towards bathroom for freshing her up..

All the guest had started coming for the haldi ceremony…where baa and falguni were busy in welcoming everyone.. where that was the moment they saw parul.coming towards them..
Falguni: Parul here..
Parul: Actually maa has sent me here fir giving this haldi (showing th tiffin inwhich haldi was kept) it is bhaiyas haldi..maasi told that grooms haldi has to he applied on bride..so wht i came..
Falguni: Ohk parul thank you..
Parul: Welcome Now i should leave..
Baa: wait parul..now u have come than see the function..
Parul: I would have surely seen but there is hectic of work in house as there is wedding in the evening..As it was important so what i came..
Falguni: No worries..would meet you in evening..
The trio gave smile to each other and Parul started moving towards the door of the house..

Ishani came out of the washroom wearing her babypink colour towel and wet hair..she went towards the cupboard and was taking out one more towel for drying her hair where that was the moment she realized someone is carresinh her back..where with her sharp eyes she saw Ranveer who was Carresing her shoulders and back with his lips..She immediately turNed and started covering herself from the other towel which was in her hand..
Ranveer took the towel and throwed in on the bed and pull her towards him..
Ranveer: What is this Ishani..?? Waise bhu we are going to be one today night then why are you feeling si shy..
Ishani: Ranveer what arr you doing here..If somebody would see then what they will say.
Ranveer: They will say that two lovebirds are romancing..
Ishani: Ranveer now leave fast otherwise..
Ranveer: Otherwise..??
Ishani: I will shout..
Ranveer: Ohk shout but before that see your condition..
Ishani felt her state that she is in towel ..
Ishani: So what i shiuld do so that u will go..
Ranveer:Nothing big just say that three magical words..He had a lure in his eyes whike saying this which can be seen by Ishani..Ishani had a shy smile hearing this..
where befire she could complete there was a huge banging on the door..
Falguni: Ishani..
where from these ishani came out of her dream.She was standing near the cupboard..
Falguni: Ishani..Guest has arrived..
Ishani had a shy smile about wht she thought..
ishani: I am coming..
ishani started getting ready..
EPISODES ends..to Be continued..😊

Do say how was it..??


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