The Triple ‘SSS’ – college version 2.0


Hey everyone….. The response for my previous fiction encouraged me to continue the fiction….
So…. Here is Episode:2
It’s 5 o’ clock early morning and as sanskar continues his daily routine usually he saw a a Nike sports dress.. With a tennis racquet sitting on the bench with the head set on n humming Justin Bieber’s songs… checking her phone up… Sanskar continues to jog n as he just passed the girl..his eyes crossed the girl’s phone n the next moment he paused, turned back n resumed his walk backwards…. With a curious face… Sat next to the girl.. There was complete silence for the next 3 minutes.. n there is no greater shock to sanskar…. After an hour Sanskar returned home n started to clg…

It’s been 3 weeks since the clg started everyone is enjoying each other’s company n their new life… But clg is not always a heaven of friends… It’s even a he’ll of seniors.. Remember n their torture is ragging… There is no ragging in the first 3 weeks as there were strict anti-ragging squads arranged so that freshers adjust to the clg… But then the squad became inactive n now the actual clg starts…
Swara entered the campus n is walking to her
cls slowly when she heard a boy calling her.. There were a gang of drug addicted seniors who comment girls n rag them.. Many ppl complained against them but the clg authority couldn’t do anything as the gang includes the child of the university chairman.. N no one can take action against him..

“ey u come over ” called revianth…(chairman’s
son… Leader of the gang).. Swara is so afraid
of ragging n she being quiet girl couldn’t raise
her voice against them… Swaraapproached approached them slowly N the boys used vulgar words to describe her dressing N the next moment “howdare u tease a girl… Don’t u feel shame on ur
part.. ” a voice was heard N the girl is sreeja she
came N opposed the boys…. But the boy started commenting on her…. So she took Swara N was about to leave when Revianth
caught her hand sreeja was at her peaks of patience till that moment but then she
completely lost it N slapped Revianth…. Revianth now raged on with anger but his friends controlled him as there was a huge crowd gathered around that moment…
Swara thanked sreeja but she is afraid that the gang might cause her any trouble… Even sreeja repented for her act as she knew slapping a senior n that too the drug addicts is a college sin n she is aware of the consequences…

When sanskar heard about all these he was
greatly shocked n from then on had a next level
respect for sreeja….
As the clg continued…. Everyone started to talk about the earlier incident n Revianth felt
The next day.. Rumours passed that Swara n sanskar have been hanging out together at the dance clubs n meetin after clg hours.. At the
club so now they became the hottest couple in
the clg…. But sreeja hardly knows about it n is worried if they r avoiding her…

It’s almost 12:19 midnight….. N sreeja was thinking about the incident that happened the other day n keeps repenting to slap Revianth……
Suddenly she heard a knock at her door… There is a sudden power cut.. N sreeja is all sweating.. The door was knocked several times N she can hear many voices outside the door…. “it must b the seniors” she said.. She immediately messaged sanskar N opened the door to talk N apologise about her act…. N the next moment she opened the door she is completely off her senses…..

Scene 5:
As sreeja comes to her senses the next thing she realised is that she is on the tallest tower of the city all alone….. She dropped herself down N took a moment to remember what actually happened… There was a sudden light on her there were red n white balloons released from the tower n Swara n sanskar came shouting “Happy B’day Sreeja” sreeja hardly remembered that it was her B’day thinking about the incidents…. Then entered everyone in her class n 3 girls surprised sreeja with a cake, her portrait n a fish bowl with golden fish in it… N wished her for her day… The girls are Chidvi Nisha not Shalini… Sreeja’s all time beasties… She almost cried as they were her friends when she studied at Loans Angeles US… She felt so excited…. There were many surprised planned for her… Swara took her N got her dress N hair done…. She was sustainable looking like a fairy princess in the dress N…

The party was all set N Swara N sanskar dedicated a romantic dance duo to sreeja N sanskar proposed Swara…. This is the reason y sanskar has been missing dance classes as he had to plan for sreeja’s b’day

The rumours were true as Swara N sanskar have been practising for this day…. The girl sanskar met early morning was Shalini who came to visit her cousins… Sreeja said about Shalini earlier to sanskar N that’s how sanskar could recognise Shalini the other day at the park… They both talked N planned for sreeja’s party….. Sreeja was overwhelmed meeting Nisha N Chidvi as they r the best girls in the entire world….. At the end the couple “swasan” are happy together sreeja celebrated her best ever B’day this year…… N everyone.. Lived happily ever after…..

Story ends……………

That’s it its done… Hope u guys liked it… It’s a 2 episode fiction by me…. N just wrote it as a gift from sreeja… Hope she likes it took…
Thank u for reading……………

???? fin………

Credit to: Shalumia

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  1. My god this automated dictionary of phone… has ruined my fiction…..
    ????? and at last…. It’s a gift for sreeja not from….. God this stinks….

  2. Tq u once again….it’s the best gift ever….Nd u included my three besties….tqs a lot….loads of love to u my darling…..
    But sorry I didn’t like it

    I loved it……..

    1. Hehe… Thank u

  3. It’s short and sweet story … I liked it …

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