Tring Tring-2 (KRPKAB)(Ishqbaaz)

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Episode 1 here
In Om’s Eyes,
(Mild light room)
A Big Art-Lord Shiva..
On the other Side,
Shivaay on the steps of front door of Industries..
On Back,Statue of LordShiva..
He got something in his mind..
N stands..
All the helpers try to come nearby..
Shivaay show his fingers as Stop Sign..
The Camera Shot..
His legs..
He remove the Shoes..
His hands..
Slowly try to touch right to left..
The people got Shock..
In Shivaay’s Eyes,
LordShiva’s Statue in Human form..
Both his hands join..
He worship..
(Mind):”I didnt worship Before..I didnt believe too..With my Full mind,I believe U now n plz Save n Send my Bhai”

Shepherd Juliet with White Veil…turns..
Sheep’s sound..
Dev see them..Very Much Magnetic ..
Sona see the Sheep..
Her fingers touch the Lips with a Shock..
Dev see tat..
N goes towards Them..
Dev:”What Happen?”
Sona see Him..
Sona (mind):”Who is He??”(with a Shock too)
See Dev in full..
Sona:”My Sheep’s Daughter is missing”(Stress)
Dev see the Sheep n understood..
Dev:”From where U come to here?”
Sona said..
Dev:”Dont worry..Wait here..I ll help Ur Sheep”..
Dev turns back n strt walk..
In Sona’s Eyes,Dev..
Dev crosses the Eye path n search the way..
N Finally find..
The Small Sheep sounds..
Dev smiles n catch after lil time
Breeze of Cold strts..In High..
Dev Feel tat..n close the Sheep too by Jerkin..
On the other side,
Sona feel too n see the Group of Sheep..
Sona (mind):”We need to wait..Bt I need to safeguard too..”..
Sona strts walking with them..
(Mind):”After making U all reach home,I ll return to tat place n safeguard Ur Small Luvable Soul”(Stress of feeling-How little Sheep is)..
Dev reach the place n with holding Sheep on hands..
N see the surroundings..
“Shiva…Shiva..”(HarHarMahadev Show’s bgtrack) on bg..
Dev see the surroundings by holding Lil Sheep..
On the other side,
Sona reach the house n make the Sheep Family Safe..
Dev see LordAmarnath Temple..
N strt walking..with whistle..
On the other side,
Om see the MeditatingShiva painting..
Om (mind):”I got Where he is?”
Dev’s legs enter The Temple..
Sona reach the bridge..
Sona (mind):”Was he coming?”..
See surroundings..
In her Eyes,Dev caught..
Om close the eyes..
His Painting brush touch the nose face straightly..
N strt drawing..
“Shiva Shiva..”..on bg..
Art comes fastly..
Dev back pose pic comes with holding sheep n wooden stick …

Before LordAmarnath..
Om see n surprised..
His Eyes Goes Stunned..
Om (mind):”Something is missing”..
Again try to draw..
His Fingers draw..
His Eyes search fastly in it..
The Eyes of a Juliet..
Om see n got Something new..
Hands holding wooden stick(with round/circle rope) n towards Dev’s Sheep..
Shivaay enters Om’s room..
His head turns slowly while seeing pic..
Shivaay (mind):”Is She the one Bhai Said?”
The Camera Shot..
A Hand (Dev’s) draw a face on air..
Dev (mind) to Sheep:”We have to get Ur Guardian’s face”..
Sona too see it from bridge..
The face of her magically appears on air..
Loc:LordAmarnath Temple
Dev holding Lil Sheep on hand n sit..
Lil sounds..
Dev see..
Dev:”U hungry?”
Again lil sounds..
Dev see himself..
Nothing found..
N see the surroundings..
Leaves of Vilva seen..
Dev wave his fingers lightly..
A Voice of him strikes on mind..
“I ll not use Magic after tiz Sec…”Past Voice..
The fingers stop the wave..
Dev see the Shiva..n the LilSheep..
His fingers again wave..
Sona in running mode see Dev’s wave..
The Magic Works..
Leaves come magically..
Dev give to LilSheep..
On the other side,
Om on travel ..
To Kashmir..
By a Car

Dev give the Lil Sheep to Sona..
Loc:IcyHills nearby LordAmarnath Temple
Sona (smile):”Tanqq”..
The lil sheep sounds..
Sona:”My home is in nearby..Plz come..”
Sona strt walking..
Both walk..
In Sona’s wooden house,
Dev finish his Dinner..
Hours pass..
Dev wake from woolen bed n see..
In his Eyes,
Full of cool air..n see the Door..
N check the door-is it lock properly
He strt walking..
His legs fastly..
Walk to run..
In hands,Torch..
His legs reach a cemetry..
His hands strt searching in sand..
Few minutes later,
In his eyes,
A Big Box of the Dead one..
Dev’s eyes tears..
In his ears,
Her voice,(flashbacktone)
“Dev..He is not ur biological Pa..Ur Pa was died”
He opened the box..
In his Eyes,
A lil box too present in tat box…
He open the box..
In it,
A Rudraksh in a wearable rope
N a Small diary n a lil flute..
“What r U doing?”(A Voice with fear)
Dev shocked..
In his Back,
Sona stands..

Bg music:”Shiv Shiv..with Jingles” of “Devon ke Dev Mahadev”..
Angry eyes of Shivaay (at the centre of room-Om’s mild light drawing room) break the glass byRight hand (Glass on Table where Om’s drawing about Dev’s present location is kept)..
Shivaay:”Where R U Dev?”..
Om comes out from Car n see the icy hills..
The night n the cold make the Place very magical..
On the other hand,
Dev with a shock turns with light..
Sona:”What r U doing?Dev..vv..Who R U??”(holding Fire Lantern)..
The camera goes up n shows the cemetry..where they stand..
Dev’s eyes goes sharp..
Sona’s eyes with fear..
Her legs step back..
Dev’s hand withdraw Rudraksha..
Dev realise tat n take ..
N see..
Sona’s hand withdraw the lantern by fear..
Sona(mind):”Is he Mad?”
N ran towards the door of cemetry..
Dev didnt move..
N didnt see her..
Dev (sounds slow bt steady n sharp):”Sona”..
Sona’s legs stuck at tat sec in running mode..
Her legs didnt move..
Her retinal move only..
Dev show his finger towards her..
She turns n moves towards him..
Sona’s eyes (with fear):”What ..t is happennning?”
Dev open the rope like going to wear..
The Rope of rudraksha-He wear….
Sona reach in front of him..
Sona (shock n didnt believe):”Am I on air?”..(realising her legs didnt touch the surface)
She didnt touch the earth..
Her retinas r only moving..
Bg music comes..
He touch her finger end..
In her Eyes,
In Dev’s shoulder,he carries Dead Souls of Some Old ones..
Dev (see the Eyes of Sona):”My Ma n Pa”..
Dev (smile):”I think U didnt recognize me n….
My place (His Hands show the cemetry)..”..
Sona realise Nothing move except him and Her Retinas..

-To be Continued..
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