Tring Tring-1 (KRPKAB)(Ishqbaaz)

Hi Frndzz..

Tis is He Frnd HarSHaN..presenting U a lil Story??..
Mixture of Ishqbaaz n DevShi??
In their Eyes,Fire..
(In Camera Shot)..
A strong muscle look hand take a Cig.. t(Just for Story) n show in fire..
Camera goes high..
It’s a cemetery..
The fire enters the Cigar..
The fire..
Of A Dead..
He strt Smoking..
Another one’s Eyes going Shock n Angry..
Another one’s too Shock..
The Angry One:”How U learn tiz..Smoke?What R U..?”..
His legs goes towards The Smoke Guy..
The Smoke one turn..
The Eyes..
Another one:”Where U learn tiz,Bhai?U smoke from the fire of Our Pa’s”..(Om’s voice)
The Angry one:”U lost ur mind?”(Shivaay)
“I m the Ash n Beginning” -Dev’ s lips by stopping smoke..
N turns n see Fire..
In Dev’s Eyes,
Fire n His Pa’s image..

Next Day..
His(Dev) hands on JeanTrousers..
The String of Rudraksha beads seem out..on his right hand..
His Sandal legs touch the Surface of Earth Step by Step..
Cars slowly follow in back of him..
His head see up of the building..
His Eyes..
He smiles..
His lips:”Nothing is Permanent..”
In his Eyes,
Rudra Industries..(NameBoard)
The Securities fastly come n open the Gate..
Helpers in running mode..come towards Dev..
The cars stopped n the Helpers in rush run mode..
Dev enters the Industry..
N remove his Sandals..
In his Eyes,
Big Statue of HumanForm..
Dev worship..
N again get Sandals..
N enters a room..
All stopped in front of Room..
One of new Helpers:”Y He looks like tiz Though he is the multi billionaire of India?”
Another one:”We too didnt know”..
Camera enters the room..
Dev Signed The Papers..
In it,
2 Shares of the whole Rudra Industry..
Shivaay n Om..
On the other side,
In home,
Shivaay(Angry mode):”Y No one didnt say about Bhai(Dev’)s going?”
Om:”Whatt?Where Bhai was going?”

Dev leaves the offc..
N take a bicycle n strt riding..
Shivaay n Om come to offc in rush..
Both their Eyes Shock..
The Camera goes half spin..
In Shivaay’s Eyes,
“The whole Share of The Rudra Industries goes to Shivay n Om,When They ll get the Ans n Me”..”I ll sign after tat”..
(In Dev’s Handwriting)
On the other side,
Dev ride the bicycle..
On a road..

“Where Dev is going?”..
Shivaay:”Search Bhai In All places”..
All run..
Om enter his room..
His legs slowly..
In his Eyes,
A Big Art of LordShiv in meditation..
Om see The Art like qstn..
In his ears,
Past Voices.

“How U drew tiz Bhai..?!!!”..
In Om’s Eyes,
Meditating Art Eyes of LordShiva..
Camera Zoom..
The Eyes go like a bridge..
In Icy Hills..
His legs on walking mode..
Rudraksha Beads..
In front,
Very near,
A Shepherd Juliet with Sheeps n with a Wooden Stick..
In Dev’s Eyes,
LordAmarnathTemple View..
He closed the eyes n see again..
The Bells of the Temple waves on Air n sounds..
The Shepherd Juliet see VerySurprise..
In her Eyes,(Sona’s)
Bells r going on air like Someone hold the rope..
“HarHarMahadev”Dev’s Steady Voice..
Shepherd Juliet with a Whiteveil Cloth turns..
The Camera goes very high..
In Bridge like Structure Both stands..
On the other hand,
Shivaay sit on Steps of the Industry..
On Back Statue of LordShiva..
…..-To be Continued..
Hope U like tiz Frndzz..Dont forget to Write ur Thoughts Frndzz??..
Take Care Frndzz..

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