Trilogy (Omkara Shivay Rudra) – CH-01: THE AJA

Aja in Sanskrit means the one who is not born. Ajanma more precisely. Lord Shankar is always referred among the tridevs – three most powerful Gods. He is called the Aja. I can say the one whose origin is unknown. You can say an immigrant. What if Gods were like us human beings and had been great leaders. The myths might be the reality morphed to an extent beyond recognition.
On a different time line on earth:

Shankar (Mohit Raina) looked at his tribe. They were busy with their usual chores of the day. It was sunset and he had a dilemma in his heart. His tribe was striving for food. The land was terrain and was difficult to toil and do cultivation on it. Though the Manasasarovar had served them so far with the increasing population it was drying faster than the natural rate. The need to share the water with the neighboring tribes had given birth to pointless battles between them. He was a barbarian. It wasn’t new to him to find the mutilated bodies after the attacks whose frequency had raised with time. But he could be differentiated among them for his humanity. More precisely he could be called a lesser barbarian by heart and a bit human by nature.

“Karma is what decides our destiny” he shuffled his memory to remember where did he heard this phrase. His Karma(the deeds) made him the most loved leader among the Guna’s till date. He had been giving them number of victories due to his path breaking battle tactics. He was one of a kind leader they ever had. He wanted to avoid this pointless battles. We all have choices the one makes a choice can be viewed in two ways. One is for whom he made a choice becomes a hero. For against whom or to avoid whom he had made a choice for them he is coward. He wasn’t worried about the ones who will assume him a coward. He was only worried for the people who trusted him and depended on him. His destiny was awaiting him beyond the Himalayan range.

He gazed at the mountain for some more time before letting a sigh. The sun was at horizon for the second time for the day. It was going to disappear in some more time. He has to make a choice. He had heard of the civilization which existed beyond the Himalaya mountain range – Indus Valley Civilization. A city called Harappa which was situated beside the river Sindhu looked like a mystery to him. He has to crack it for his people. He looked at the setting sun and closed his eyes. The cool breeze breathed a new life in him. A determination. Determination to get out of this violence and live in a civilized kingdom called Harappa.

The foreigner whose life he had saved last time; Nandi had given him an invite to enter his country as a revert to the favor he had bestowed upon him by saving his life from the other tribes men. Again his Karma played a role in deciding his destiny. An unknown path and an unknown kingdom. How will be the people there. Will they like the Gunas or they will oppose them. Will the Gunas be able to adjust to a completely new life style. Is it right to bet the innocent lives if the people who trusted him for a mere illusion. He took a deep breath again. “Dark is dark until you find a light. Your destiny might be unknown but it is beyond this Himalayan range. It is not going to be a bed of rose petals it will have obstacles also. But it is your intellectual powers which will prepare you to face the obstacles” again the same voice and same calm tone. He could never find a face for the voice though he struggled a lot.


Oberoi Mansion Time 8.30 A.M:
Shivay Singh Oberoi the business tycoon. He lived with his parent Pinky Shakti Singh Oberoi and Shakti Singh Oberoi and his Grandmother Kalyani Prithviraj Singh Oberoi. Life really looks easy for the people who are born with a silver spoon. But they have their own battles to fight. Unless you step into someone’s shoes you don’t realize what are they going through. To the outer world Shivay looked like most happiest person. But was he really?

He fixed the buttons of his sleeves and fixed his half coat and wore the blazer straightening his tie Shivay looked at his mirror and brushed his hair with his three fingers the SSO style famously known among the people. Stiff face and beard covering his half face made him look sinfully handsome with his cat eyes. He raised one eye brow before turning. Picking up his shades and mobile he walked out of his room with the attitude non imitable. As he strode down the stairs he found his family giggling and having breakfast. “Arrey mera beta aagaya” Pinky smiled when her eyes fell on her son. Her ever green smile was what made his day always. He was a hard nut to crack for the people outside but for his family he was the life.

“Oh My Matha” exclaimed Pinky. “Kya Hua Pinky(What happened Pinky)” Dadi looked at Pinky who had placed her hand on her head. “Shivay. Mrs. Makhija had called asking for the dates of the engagement. Wait I will get it” she stood. “Mom mom relax. We will talk about it after the food can we” Shivay stopped her. She pouted and sat back. Shakti controlled his laugh looking at her and she returned him a glare.

As he finished his breakfast he placed his fork and knife on the either side of his plate and wiped his mouth with the wiping cloth on the table. He liked his food time to be quite and simple. “Shivay ruk tho” Pinky stopped him and wiped her mouth getting up from the table. “Mom behave. Pehle apna nashta pura karlo. I’m here near the swimming pool” he walked away. She walked back to the dining table pouting. “I don’t know mummy ji when my son will behave like a human being rather than a currency generating machine” she continued her breakfast uninterested. Pinky being from a normal family background was one among the Oberois who wasn’t adjusting to the pretending lifestyle they had. She always wanted to be the chirpy Pinky which she was before marriage but alas it wasn’t that easy being an Oberoi to have a normal life.

Shakti Singh Oberoi Shivay’s father was less interested in business rather he wanted to be an artist. But due to his father’s pressure he has to pursue the Business management studies from Oxford and handle the business after him. So when Shivay was so passionate of the business it came as a boon for him to handover his responsibilities to young Shivay who took the Oberoi Empire to a level where it is now. The highest ranked business firm of India. And Shivay Singh Oberoi was the Number one businessman of India. It wasn’t easy for him to achieve it. Passion has to go through hardest time compared to other emotions as at one side you will not be willing to give upon it and on the other side time and destiny will be hardest to passionate people. This had made his the tough Shivay who had become a stone more precisely a beautifully carved stone.


Delhi, Kapoor Mansion Morning 9.00 A.M:

Omkara was sculpting a beautiful effigy of Lord Vishnu. His hands moved over the sculpture and carved it into a beautiful shape. He wiped the sweat drop over his forehead which was a result of his high concentration on the perfection of the sculpture. He was highly passionate of his art. They say whatever we do we should give more than 100 percent on the things of our interest.

“Om”Janvi his mom entered his room after knocking the door. “Hmm?” he just hummed and did not turn a bit. She nodded her head approaching him. “Beta you haven’t finished it yet? I’m seeing you from midnight busy with this. You will spoil your health like this” she gently caressed his long hair. He smiled and his eyes reflected his smile through his glasses he had worn. His mom was life. Her touch was enough to bring a smile on his face a bright smile. “Mumma’s boy” he used to be teased with this name and he loved that mention more than his own name.

“Mom artists are like this. The moment they get idea they have to bring it to life otherwise time will retort the ideas which is harmful to our profession” he continued sculpting. She nodded her head smiling. “I will get you a cup of coffee” she walked out. “Thanks mom” he screamed in his place and his face contorted again to concentrate on his art.

“Jaanvi where is Om. It’s 9 already” Tej bit the sandwich looking at Jaanvi who was pouring the coffee in the mug. “He is sculpting something from midnight” she gave him a weak smile. “That’s freaking insane. From midnight. Has he lost it?” he furrowed his eyebrows. “Tej that’s how he works.” she gave him a casual look. “I seriously don’t understand” he turned his face annoyed. She placed the cup on the table and stood beside him and cupped his chin.

“Tej relax. You do the same when you want to crack a deal don’t you? The way you are passionate about your business he is about his art. You should be proud of your son” she kissed his forehead side. His anger cooled down. He smiled and held her hand which was near his ear and kissed it. “I understand Jaan. But I’m worried about his health nothing else. And moreover this art is not gonna fetch him non finishing fortunes that he will just relax in his old age. He has to take care of his health now” he waved his hand in air. “Sometimes I doubt am I his mother or you are” Jaanvi nodded her head and walked up with the coffee mug.

Tej Kapoor and Jaanvi Kapoor the loving parent of Omkara Kapoor one of the famous artist of India. Kapoor Mansion situated in the posh locality of Delhi was filled with the love Mrs Janvi Kapoor spread with her incredible aura. She was woman of values. Modest and caring mother who imprinted her values in her son Omkara. He was not only passionate about his art but also compassionate towards the people around him. His smile was something which was soothing and contagious. He used to spread love and happiness wherever he used to step. The calmness in his personality was what attracted people to him.


Khurana Mansion Kolkota 9.30 A.M

Rudr was busy with his workout at his Gym. He lifted a dumb bell and brought it down slowly feeling the weight. Sweat droplets fell from his face as he continued his workout. He looked at the wall clock which showed the time. He placed the dumb bell back on the ground and stood up. As he walked out of the Gym he wiped the sweat with the towel. He walked to his room and took a shower to freshen up himself.

“Good morning mom” he hugged his mom who was arranging the break fast on the dining table. Simran Khurana (played by Shruthi Ulfat) smiled and held his cheek. She kissed his forehead side holding his chin. “Awww mela bacha” she made him sit on the chair. “Raj ji” she screamed. “Other than me all are late lateefs in our khandan” he nodded his head. “Oye Fitness Freak. We are normal human beings okay” Raj hit his head playfully and sat beside him. “Where is your Ladli?” Simran pointed her look towards Raj who was biting the apple. “She slept late Simi ji. Let her sleep na?” Raj looked at her nervous. “Again?” Simi glared him. He smiled gulping in.

“Prinku” screamed Simi and in next moment Piyanka came running to the dining table and sat on the table and brushed her hair aside and smiled at Simi nervously. Simi and Rudra both glared Priyanka with the same look on their face. “Sorry” she whispered and looked at them pleading. Rudy and Simran burst out laughing and gave high five. “Mom didn’t I say this role reversal is not gonna help” Rudy controlled his laugh. Simi sat beside him. “Ha beta. Let them both be Khadus Khuranas we are happy being dumb Khuranas” she patted his shoulder. Raj and Priyanka glared them. At last they couldn’t control their laughs and joined them.

Rudra Raj Khurana was a elder son of Raj Khurana and Simran Khurana. Priyanka was his younger sister. He took life lightly like his mom was. Always enjoying every moment of life. “Being Serious so boring” was the tagline of Simran Khurana and Rudra Khurana the mother son duo.

He was studying in Kolkota University in commerce field. He used to make anyone laugh with his funny bones. That’s kind of a power he had to lighten up any situation. Life wasn’t easy for him all the time but he had policy to tackle them with humor. Carefree lad of college for him life was a challenge where he has to bring a smile with every situation. Family was his life.

A Casanova of college his personality was something which cannot be ignored. Life a fun ride for the people who take lightly all the situations. Rudra was full of life. Live and let live that’s what he believed.

Here are the leads of the story.

I hope you liked them.

Pairs are Shivika
Ishkara because I’m writing on OM who was before Dil Bole Oberoi and Gauri might not fit the frame here. I’m sorry if OmRi fans have felt bad.

Love is one of the angle of the story but main content is mystery thriller

Stay tuned to know how these three come together and how the story of Shankara is related to them.

Thank you for reading Keep smiling. I take your leave and I have no idea when will I update next. Finger crossed. Will try to do it as soon as possible.

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