so sorry for being too late….. i m busy in my xams preparations…. ???? i will be regular after the xams……. if u hadnt read my previous parts so i m giving summary here…
epi starts with 3 yrs leap where bihaan is living with his daughter ananya and thapki had died here…. everyone is sad in the house and want bihaan to start his new life they want aditi to marry bihaan and take care of him and ananya. he is shocked…..
here at a random place a woman shown SHOUTING… WAKE UP RIYA!!!! she removed the blanket but that girl didnt wake up and sleep again making an excuse [her face not shown]..

so now i m starting….

bihaan is shocked after hearing vasu words that she want him to marry aditi whom he consider his best friend nothing else.
B; ” ma how can i marry aditi? i had only love thapki in my life and no one can take her place in my heart and ma about ananya so i m here u all r here to take care of her… what else she need?. ma i know u all want me to see happy but ma i m happy ALL THE MOMENTS I HAD SHARE WITH THAPKI IS ENOUGH FOR ME TO BE HAPPY AND TO LIVE MY LIFE ALL ALONE. Ananya is like her shadow she is with me what i want? And ma most important every girl in her life had many expectations from her marriage and so aditi have too which i cant give her so ma plz…. dont force me to get married? ”
He went… everyone get sad but vasu is determined to get him marry with aditi..

A lambhorgini was shown A girl wearing Black goggles, Mini skirt., a red top with CRAZY ME written on that…
she is speaking with someone on mobile and shouting:”WHAT THE HELL SHARMA G I want that project complete today any how. HOW IT WILL be that’s NOT MY BUSINESS.?????
she throw her mobile in anger and shout on the driver to drive fast..
Her face not shown.

next scene PN..
B shouts THAPKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
again he hurts his hands and it start bleeding he sit down and cries heavily ????.
COME BACK THAPKI I CANT LIVE WITHOUT YOU NOW ITS SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO LIVE WITHOUT YOU… I PROMISE I WILL NEVER SHOUT ON YOU… nor i will be angry on anyone just give me one more chance plz come back na… oh God damm it i love u… cant u see my love for you….. he shouts and PULL THE BED SHEET IN ANGER.. HE BEGAN TO THROW ALL THE stuff of the room… tears were rolling down from his cheeks continuosly… HE SITS DOWN AND HUGS THAPKI PIC AND CRIES…. (chayee hai tanhayee) plays…
ananya comes upstairs running and hugs her father. he too hugs her. She wipes his tears ams said; “calm down papa dont cry ananya dont like your tears… pappa plz pappa… mamma will come.. i know she will!!!… but plz stop cryinf u know na.. she dont like tears in ur eyes then why u r crying? if u will cry she will not come.. U want this so cry i will not stop you. ” she turn her face… bihaan looks on and said WHILE WIPING HIS TEARS And pretend to be smiling; “i m not crying my child… dont be sad and dont be angry he say sorry to her and say SORRY THAPKI WHILE LOOKING AT HER PIC…
ananya:”well done papa now mumma will be happy and she will come for sure. ”
she smiles and hugs him…
they smile looking at thapki pic…


epi ends with screen freezes of bihaan ananya and that girl face….

.. hope u like it…

do comments ?????..

i will post after xams.. it just to tell u that i m alive and hadnt forget u all…
love u my members…
tc thahaan forever…

precap: Adihaan engagement
riya shout on a employee

promo for upcoming episodes..
bihaaan save her and shout on her..
he hadnt saw her face.
she throw money out of the car..
she went.
bihaan get angry on her.

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  1. Hy anubuti i miss you so much best episode yar.

    how r u ?
    di i really miss u and ur ff very much because I like the track…
    so,plz continue…
    and don’t stop in mid…
    di episode was nice…
    eagrly waiting 4 next episode…
    so, plz try 2 post soon…
    plz plz plz please di….

  3. So hearttouching….when bihaan reminiscent thapki…when ananya console him…
    Riya must have thapki’s face, but her attitude is bad…
    Interesting…eager to read next epi.
    Btw, i’ve never seen your ff before, it must has been so long since your last update.
    Anyway, i like it. Please continue. Tc

  4. Interesting plot, curious of RIYA. Liking it.

  5. Manish ki deewani

    This part is so heart touching but ananya is with Bihaan
    Keep writing BTW whenever or exams end u post next part
    Best of luck anubhuti

  6. so nice update
    While reading ur FF i get FB of rangrasya serial .Paro and rudra love birds… lovely love story
    too good story
    keep it up
    waiting for ur next update
    keep writing

  7. Sulbi

    Welcome back… amazing dear…

  8. hey…welcome bck….come back soon….nice epi….riya will b thpki….but i like her angry avtar…

  9. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    bihaan want to marry adity,??? oh,no…..

  10. thank u so much guys… ??? i m very busy…… i m unable to update upcoming epi……
    happy u like my concept…
    love u

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