feeling better now … so I m back with 2nd epi.. of my ff…. just want ur love and support guys…. I will try my best ………. I m not so good but I Will try to enhance my writing skills.
so here I m starting. …
epi starts with bihaan sleeping and ananya was sitting beside him. she gets teary eyed And looks at her mum pic and says:”mumma papa always said I m just like u , Dadi bdi dadu chachi dada g always miss u …. yesterday papa hurts himself and he cried a lot. why u left everyone here?.. mumma papa miss u even I need u Plz come back na..otherwise papa always be like this…. he will never be fine. . dadu said :” u and papa loves each other a lot. Destiny and nature decide ur meeting, God makes u one… than why u left him ? and even me …. no mumma all r wrong u didn’t loves papa … u never cares for everyone… u r cheater mumma!!! cheater!!!!.”
she shouts and cries heavily and throw thapki pic…
bihaan wakes up by the sound and sees thapki pic on the ground he picks it and said:”sorry mrs.thapki bihaan Pandey our daughter is liitle but moti budhi like me.. aggressive u know but … she is ur reflection I know she loves me that’s why she can’t see my state .. but tell me how I Will be fine ….. ur love ur memories never let me to move on… ma bauji everyone always suggest me to marry some other girl…. but I can’t thapki as for me there is only one girl who can become mrs. bihaan Pandey and its u… only u.. …. and I promise till my last breath I will be only urs…….. this B 4 bihaan Pandey… son of balwinder Pandey Do P 4 pakka P 4 promise to u that I will not marry any one else and one more thing I will take care of myself and our ananya….”
He kissed her pic and puts it on the table and went outside….


bihaan was coming down and he saw Aditi there…
ananya goes and hugs her.:”masi u come.. I m missing u..”.
Aditi kiss her on cheek and said:”even I m missing u my CHANU…..”
ananya makes a angry face and said:”not again masi I m A 4 ANANYA Pandey not C 4 Chanu ok…”
Aditi:” ok ‘ok sorry ananya right.”
she pulls her Cheeks and Said:”my A 4 angry A 4 ananya …”
everyone saw this and smiles…
Aditi takes elder blessings and than she saw bihaan.
Aditi:”hi champ!!! turning handsome day by day… Gajabbb.”
bihaan smiles:” Aditi u never change…. I can’t identify who is small u or ananya …”
ananya:” papa Masi is smaller than me.. .”
SHE REPLIED in a cute way…
everyone smiles…
Aditi:”right Chanu….”.
ananya comes and say:” Again chanu….she makes a complaining face and turns to her father:”papa tells her not to call Chanu again…. my name is ananya.”
bihaan takes her in arm and said:”ok ok Aditi it’s my order calls her ananya only ok.”
he winks to Aditi…
Aditi:”ok sorry cutoo…”
she holds her hears and takes ananya with her…….
bihaan:” bauji I m going on my work soon I will be back… tell ananya that papa has went to His work he will be back soon.”
bauji nods….

vasu:”after thapki death Aditi is the girl who take cares of bihaan and ananya… such a sweet girl.. she is… dhruv also left us before and after kosi truth comes out bihaan kicks her out. everything was fine thapki and bihaan was excited for ananya birth .. we all r waiting for the new member of Pandey family…. but one incident changes everything. …..”
she recalls something and cries.
.. bauji consoles her….
dadi ma:” yes vasu bahu… it took all our happiness…”
they become sad….
suddenly they saw ananya running and Aditi following her..
they smiles…

vasu:” Ma g I had decided something which can bring our happiness again….”
she whispers something in Dadi ma ears .
Dadi ma smiles and blessed vasu..

@ A house ..

alarm clocks bells….

WAKE U RIYA!!!!!!!!!
a lady shout ..
“it’s already 11 am .. wake up princess….”
she puts her blanket and a girl is shown sleeping and she said while sleeping:”no mumma plz 5 min more… I had work whole night. Dad already permits me to sleep than why u r doing this…”
she snatch the blanket and sleeps….
that lady:”this girl…..”
she went away….
@ PN

bauji calls bihaan and Said:” bihaan I and ur ma had decide to get u marry…..”
bihaan:” Again bauji .. I already said that I don’t want to get married I loves only thapki and I can’t give her place to any one else… why can’t u understand?””
vasu:first listen to him…”
bauji:” we all elders had decided that u marry Aditi…”
bihaan was shocked….

screen freezes with bihaan Aditi and riya… faces
epi ends….

hope u like it..
do comments…
love u ..
who is Riya???
keep thinking

precap:bihaan Aditi engagement

riya shout on a employee…..

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  1. Happy to hear you feeling better…iam not able to console you.we are always with you.This part is really nice…take care.

  2. So nice ff keep writing…


    Hi any? I think riya is thapki…

  4. Vinlora

    Good one Anu….?keep writing ? I think Riya is Bihaan’s Thapki …but she had memory loss?

  5. Nice episode

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow Anu i loved it
    Poor ananya
    Aww love her so much
    And Bihaan also ?
    Finally that kosi Devi out!?
    But Thapki ?
    And Ria?
    Hmm interesting ?

  7. So happy to hear tht u r feeling better….and the episode is very nice..i think Ria is Thapki…waiting eagerly for nxt episode.Take care my frnd.love u.:)

  8. very intresting…..

  9. Manish ki deewani

    Nice episode keep writing

  10. No one can take thapki’s place.thapki and bihaan are the best pair always.

  11. No one can take thapki place.thapki must be always happy with bihaan and ananya .thapki must be back in thahaan

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