Hey i think many of u forgot me.. 😭😭😭😭 but see ur bak bak girl is back with an FFHOPE MY OLD FRIENDS AND NEW MEMBERS WILL LIKE IT…
U all r my family missed u so much… Now i m introducing myself I M ANU naam to suna hoga….. 😂😂😂
And if u didnt than i m sorry…
NOw stoping my Bak bak and i m here to say a hello to u all and giving u my OS… love u now i m starting…..
The story starts With a Man standing in the balcony and looking at the sky…
Is loving someone deeply a crime?
Is giving someone everything of urs a sin??
He cried:” tell me Na…. Why?????? “. He become impatient and hurt his hands. Its starts bleeding but he didnt cares.. And CRIED loudly. ” THAPKI!!!!!!!!! “!!! 😭😭😭😭. ”
He cries heavily and his face is shown..
He is bihaan who was suffering from pain from past 3 years……
He is like a dead body…
His wife his love gone away…..
Now no one is here to take care of her…..
If he is alive than all coz of their 3 yr old daughter ananya.. Who is the only reason to be on this earth…
He was crying heavily suddenly he felts soft hands caring his hands and looking at him angrily.. She wipes his tears and said; “no papa u will not cry otherwise ananya will be angry with u… 😊😊 her cute face. Innocent smile, Dimple cheeks enough to forgots all his pain..
She said; ” u never cares for urself papa.Plz for me apply bandage see its bleeding.”
She began to cry seeing the blood.
He takes her in arm and said; “dont cry sorry beta papa hurt u… Now i promise i will care of myself.. ” he kissed her on forehead and put bandage on his hands.. And takes her to the room…

Enough for now..
I know so many questions were arising but u all will get ur answer in upcoming epi…
Support me if u like it..
Otherwise no more epi..
Bye tc.

Next part..
When i will be free and if u all will support me
I know its short. … But next will be long..


  1. garima

    oh my dear friend you came back I miss your ff so much how are you and I support you in your any ff and best wishes for you 😉.

  2. Shruti

    Hi anu my frd…very nice episode.plzz continue writing dear…i’m waiting eagerly for nxt episode.

  3. pooja prabha

    Hey Anu…superb yaar.I am always support you dear because you are my SPECIAL friend.keep rocking.

  4. Anu

    GUYS… I lost my grandmother today 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 she leaves me forever..
    I dnt know whether i will able to post the parts or not… But whenever i will feel better i will write… 😭😭😭😭 crying.. Hardly..

  5. Jacqueline Nicole

    First of all welcome back dear… and sorry to hear that… :'( nice starting. Keep writng and dnt worry… we wll wait fr next. Take ur time

  6. garima

    Anu I don’t know what I say but don’t be panic your grand mother is always with you in your heart I know it sounds fishy but I don’t know what I say I am understand what you feel because I am also very sad when I lost my dadi

  7. pooja prabha

    Anu…really sadful to hear this news.Your dadimas blessings are always with you dear.you can take your own time.Take care.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.