a tribute to tashan e ishq


Helllooo everyone
How r u all
I know u all must be good ..its obvious
Ab hal chal toh puch liya maine..toh seedhe point pe aati hun…
Dekho many of u know me and some don’t…
So those who know me have to guess who am I ..
Let’s see who recognises me…
Okay okay deemag pe zyada pressure mat dalo
Ek hint de deti hun..
I m a silent reader not a silent person..
Din bhar charged rehti hun
Bolna meri kala hai..mera talent hai..
I do kanjusi in commenting but mostly I do it..
Innocent bhi hun..
Let’s see who guesses me correct…
Now I had not this written this article just to know who all know me well..but to express my gratitude and love towards my first and last favourite show tashan-e-ishq amd the cutest and most amazing couple our twinkle and Kunj whom we TU vasis have given a short name twinj…
Actually I came to know that tei is ending on September 16..
I don’t know whether its true or its just a rumour…but if my opinion is asked i would suggest them to show any track suitable and bring back our sid as Kunj..I know naman is a good actor and he has amazing acting skills but it is also true that for twinj fans the person who is suitable for playing the character of Kunj is one and only siddhant Gupta and no one can change dis..

Eventhough naman has replaced sid we ff writers and we ff readers just imagine sid as kunj..
I don’t know about others but for me sid is Kunj and jas is twinkle and twinj is sidmin..
Sorry if I hurt somebody’s sentiments..its just my personal opinion…
U know while I was reading written epi of tashan e ishq,in a comment posted by nrk it was written that tei’s is ending and a link was pasted there…
I quickly opened that and I couldn’t believe what all was written..
I didn’t know what was my status…I had mixed emotions…happiness as well as sorrow..
Happiness ki instead of dragging unnecessarily they have decided to end it..
But my sorrow was far more big then my happiness…
I can’t tell u what I was feeling at that point of time…
Vo ek aisa situation tha jab sabhi twinj moments were flashing in front of my eyes.,
Their first meeting,their first romantic date,their marriage ,their extraordinary suhaagraat..everything …
Actually I can’t express what tei means to me..To my family tei is just a serial but for me tei is something…its just an unforgettable part of my life…
My family thinks tei affects my studies but a day without tei affects my day..my mood..everything..tei was like my craze..my addiction…my junoon…and twinj were my obsession (I may talk like insane but its actually what I feel for tei and dis will never change)
If u allow I will tell my journey with tei and because of tei I found Tu and because of tu I got some people in my life jinse door hone ka khawab hi meri neend cheen leta hai..y friends sayeeda , laddoo, ria,mannat,crazy,saby,my affa,sidmin,kruti,monica,shamz,lover,meeta,bhavika,Shatakshi,tara,ritzi and many more…agar naam likhne gayi toh TU people mera article hi reject kr denge:-P
Tei ,a serial starting with twinkle ‘s chicknameter and then panga between yuvi and twinkle frankly speaking it didn’t seemed new to me..I thought it may be an ordinary show..then they revealed twinkle and yuvi’s secret love and the stunts they did to hide their love…till then I was thinking tei as an ok-ok serial then came our sid…as Kunj sarna..I didn’t really like him at that time and was supporting twiraj but then as the show progressed my day started and ended with twinkle and Kunj…shortly as twinj the name we crazy fans gave them with love..Pata hai tei ki dewaani mai khud toh thi hi but dheere dheere mere irdh-girdh rehne walon ko bhi uska deewana bana diya…har baar serial ke next episode ka precap dekh ke aage Ki story apne mann mein banati thi….and used to tell it to my frnds..itni pagal thi uske piche ki apne 6 saal k bhai tak ko nhi choda..even he used to see tei with me leaving his cartoons…sacchi tei kya tha,hai aur rahega mere liye vo mai kabhi nhi bata sakti…its just beyond evrything ..aisa kuch Jo aaj tak kabhi nhi hua mere saath..:-) 🙂
Tei ne mujhe apna itna dewaana bana diya hai ki ek baar I had my exam and dat too of maths…and the day before exam which was on 19,18 ko tei ka vo epi tha jisme twinkle drank poison and kunj took her to hospital..and I was not able to see it at 8:00 pm.then I thought to see it at 11:00 but mom was awake so I couldn’t..then mujhe yaad aaya ki tei ka repeat 2:00 am..ko bhi aata hai..but usse pehle tellyshopping aata hai..,fr tei Maine vo ek ghanta telly shopping ankhen phad phad k dekha….phir jaise hi tei start hua ..I started jumping…phir pura tei dekha phir jaake 2:30 am ko soi..deewnagi ki hadd dekho eventhough I had seen the epi at night pure exam k waqt I was thinking about it..and even ghar aake bhi 2:00 pm ko maine vo hi dekha…
U know TV k lie mera craze kabhi itna nhi hua…

Earlier I used to just see cartoons or news channels but after watching tei I couldn’t miss even 1 episode..
I m watching tei since first epi when leela and twinkle went to the golden temple.then twinkle ‘s miss amritsar competition ,then manohar’s entry ..his superstitious beliefs ..then chinki’s marriage preparations …and in between all this the epic moment was when chinki’s mother told leela about manohar sarna’s son..Kunj sarna …and then chinki’s engagement ceremony ..where manohar made a profit in his business and he thought it was because twinkle made him wear a garland..and as his param guruji said Ki lakshmi tumhare aas pass hi hai…then he wanted twinkle to make his bahu and here leelaji was anxious to make Kunj his damad as she challenged anita,her biggest enemy that she will fix her daughter’s marriage in 5 days…then twinkle and yuvi’s breakup due to some reason…and the most disastrous thing..the first meeting of our twinj…:-) 🙂
Ya Allah I was jumping like hell when I saw them together…
Uske baad ek bada confusion as twinkle loved yuvi and Kunj was in love with Alisha…
Then a big khulasa happened in which it was revealed that yuvi never loved twinkle and it was all his plan to take revenge from leela because of his father’s death and here alisha was faking love because she wanted kunj’s money and property ..
Here as twinkle loved leela alot..she decided to forget her past and marry Kunj..
And here Kunj,to fulfill his father’s wish unwillingly agreed to marry twinkle..
And after many twist and turns twinkle and Kunj married at last…
It was a wow moment fr me..and a full stop to my tension..
U all must be knowing the reason..the reason was Kunj was kidnapped by uvi and he swapped himself with Kunj…wore his sherwani and sat with her on the mandap..
They even started taking rounds around fire ….and after every round I was tensed like hell..(because generally in ekta kapoor’s serial if the dulha with the dulhan is not d one who should be…it happens dat they both marry and then they fall in love..
And I didn’t want this to happen…because fr me twinj were d best..)
After the sixth round I was damn sure that this serial is just about twiraj..
But suddenly Kunj came….and I shouted…then Kunj and twinkle were married…
Their suhagraat was an ultimate one..I think their sughraat was more adventurous then romantic…remember their first suhaagraat..and they were in jail …wow it was so awesome..then dheere dheere unke lives mein ek dusre k lie frndship,care,ki bhawna jagne lag gayi…and atlast love ne unke dil pe dastak de hi di…
They realised that they were in love and about to confess it when that blo*dy uvi ..leaked manohar’s pics and he went into coma…
Phir pyaar adhura reh gaya.
Phir aai rajjo..
Rajjo wala part was hell comedy…
Rajjo ka raja…ha ha ha
Phir un dono ne in dono pyaar krne walon ko milaya..
And at last confess bhi kr diya..

Wow seriously it was spectacular….amazing..
Maza aa gaya Tha…
Phir twinkle and Kunj k beech romance full too chal raha Tha…
Phir ek news aayi…siddhant is quitting tei ….ye to mere lie disaster tha …
Seriously us din pata ki kisine sach hi kaha hai sukh k baad dukh bhi aata hai…
Phir us din se har din I used be like devdas.I changed myself from ranchodas to devdas…
Jab aadhe twinj fans shok mein dube hue the..mai sochti thi ki aaisa kya krun ki sid tei na chode ..
But usne chod hi di..
Phir toh tei se mera mann dil aatma sab chala gaya …ab tei mein koi maza nhi tha…sab bekaar lagne laga Tha…
But u know wat bhale hi tei became boring I never hated it…because tei was d one who introduced siddhant Gupta and jasmine bhasin to us as Kunj and twinkle ..
I will miss them a lot….
Tei is d best serial according to me…
I loved it to d core…
And I will be always grateful for tei as tei is d one who introduced TU in my life..
And gave me my frnds…my life…
Tei I will miss u forever…
Wish to see tei season 2?

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  1. Sara28

    Hey I totally get you! TEI is not only a part of my life, it is my life. Lol u don’t know how crazy I go with it. Same with me, my 6 year old brother does not care what so ever about indian serials but I still tell him about TEI and annoy him to the part where he watches it with me…obviously I don’t let him watch any of the romantic scenes but he’s in love with Uv’s villain style and loves every time Uv does something psychotic (I mean who doesn’t like Uv, the world’s greatest villain?) I am srsly going to miss this show a lot ?

  2. Amrud pie
    I know ye tu hi hai
    Tere bolne ke dhang se hi pata chalta hai
    Aur I totally agree with u
    Aur agar galti se bhi galat naam le liya
    Toh maaf kariyo

  3. I think tei k place pe mehek serial is cumng ……u mst have seen d promo

  4. Yaar …it was similar to my tei story ….i guess u r tara di….

  5. SidMin

    Don’t know who you are but I share the same opinion as you do
    I was Mad for TEI mummy won’t allow me to watch it so I found a jugad that is reading the written updates TU par
    Missing Sid
    Loved SIDMIN and will always do
    gonna Miss TEI ver badly

  6. Yaa u r right when tei started i liked twiraj but when sid came in the show his entry was awesome twinkle in his arm… That moment i cant forget…. Frm there i started liking twinj as a couple…. They r my favourite…… But then i heard sid quitting the show i was jst shocked…. The thing which was coming was that wat the hell is happening, yy he is quitting the show… And many more….. .
    I cant forget that date , it was 27 th may when sid was shooting his last episode of tei…. …. Frm there i stopped seeing this serial …… I miss siddhant in tei…..
    His naughtiness , especially his famous one eyebrow wala luk…. I miss it to the core…….

  7. Yaa u r right when tei started i liked twiraj but when sid came in the show his entry was awesome twinkle in his arm… That moment i cant forget…. Frm there i started liking twinj as a couple…. They r my favourite…… But then i heard sid quitting the show i was jst shocked…. The thing which was coming was that wat the hell is happening, yy he is quitting the show… And many more….. .
    I cant forget that date , it was 27 th may when sid was shooting his last episode of tei…. …. Frm there i stopped seeing this serial …… I miss siddhant in tei…..
    His naughtiness , especially his famous one eyebrow wala luk…. I miss it to the core…….:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*

  8. Romaisha

    I agree with every damn word of yours!!

    My friends used to call me obsessed with tei but little did they no my love for TEI was actually damn true and pure!!
    Seriously Sidhant is my life … Sidmin is my life! Their bond, chemistry ! Damn ????????
    Zain imam is liteeallyyyy the best villain and Indian industry seriously and also the hottest … Seriously when sidhant left my friends used to trouble me i always stayed quiet. Every time they would say something bad about Tei i would get angry .. Like wth?
    And cherry the best comedian also apart from kunj (sidhant)
    Really going to miss everything from Tashan E Ishq!! Its been a part of my life frm since August 10th and i will never forget it!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  9. First of all I wanna say….
    Thank u …thanks a lot.. Millions of thanks for reminded us d whole story of tei from starting… U know what I’m also a lit bit same as u… as when my father won’t recharge dish for 3 months , I used to go to my granny house daily after my tuitions & used to help her in household work ( which I hate most but tei ke liye kuch bhi)… So that I would able to watch tei daily & in those three months my grany started watching tei leaving her favourite hero amitab pictures…
    I really loved this show & will always be… will gonna missed it so much…

  10. Yup u r absolutely correct.. I can’t say that Tei was my first favourite because before tei I used to love iss pyaar ko kya naam doon in star plus.. after it ended I was like I don’t think I will have any favourite serial after ipkknd.. but then tei changed my opinion.. tei became favourite serial after ipkknd.. I used to like sid from the day I saw him.. I hadn’t seen their first meeting but I saw him first during twinj’s roka.. I was changing channels and then I kept zee tv and after seeing sid in that white attire I was like “wow he is so cute”.. then I saw the full epi in which twinkle was trying to flirt with kunj so that kunj does something cheap with her and her roka gets cancelled .. I loved it so much that I started to watch tei from starting on my mobile.. and uv hadn’t attracted me like sid.. I like zain but I love sid more.. tei will always stay close to my heart and still I watch the previous episodes of tei with sidmin in it.. and I miss them soooo much.. when I got to know sid was exiting at first I was like it’s fake news.. and then it was in every social media.. I was very upset.. I was somehow hoping sid doesn’t leave tei but it always can’t happen as we want.. then I respected his decision and accepted that he left tei and won’t return back.. and I also stopped watching tei.. I know naman is a good actor but I still Couldnt accept him as kunj cuz for me kunj will always b our sid and I also imagine sid as Kunj in these wonderful ffs by wonderful writers..

  11. Paavu

    Hi now dont have words but only tears in my eyes bcos my journey with tei is more than this which I call love Pagalpan and what not there doesn’t goes a single day in which I dont cry I dont sleep at nts but watch our sidmon epis on ozee and u know what I was hospitalised and was on verge of death due to my obsession for tei and sidmin bcos I saw that my stupid bro has deleted all the revordd epis of sidmin theit award show performances etc then I cit my wrist badly with 3 cuts but got saved as my mother saw it after that incident my father asked me reason but I couldn’t then my stupid bro came and tokd hum that he saw me cry for tei and especially sid daily maybe that the reason he is lil but always say in front of parents that I love him although yes I love sod but u cab understand and how I control situations when he do this if anything from my mouth for sid come in front of him he tells them I m topper of my class got 1 position in 10icse biard but due to didmin my % was so low in 11 u alk can’t expect I thought to leave my Pagalpan but now it has become an addiction to me of daily I dont get ozee I will die my chy exam was there the following day when I get to know sid leave show and whole 35 hrs I didnt stufied locked up in room and cried to infinity that my book pages due to tears all got torn abd was not in condition to even look at in morning my eyes were blo*dy rd and swollen like hell and cant be opened I bathed didnt showed my face to mom and went for exam and not knowing paper I got ver y less marks when none is there to listen me speak abt my and only my sid I talk with my cousin of 1 yr although she understands or not and In my every talk there is nothing less than tei and only tei I do t know what will happen to me but this is my fate

  12. Baby

    hey yr u no wat i cant guess u bt i cn say oh my god hey w8 is it SMC yah its SHIRLEY haina haina zaroor batana m i crct
    puri tei ki stry bata di
    yr although yaad thi
    par pta hai mein sch mein ro rhi hn as always
    srsly itni obssessed thi mein tei se i dont no y yr sidmin mei jaan hai i totally agree wid u bas d diffrence was no1 new i use to watch it meri stry bhot alg hai kbhi sunaungi yr sch men i miss sidmin unke bina me saans nhi le pati jeeungi kasie twinj ke bina mera dil tutta jaa rha hai soch soch kar meri aadat ban gye hain yeh dono sidmin jhalak unhe sid nikal dia tei yeh bnd ho gya mein kaise jiyun bas tu ek sahraha hai same case wid me i jst dont no i m speechless kya kr skti hun mein i ll 1 day cmplete my stry n definately tell u all yeh pta hai mere liye meri luv stry ban gyi thi dey r my dream cpl bt i dout ki kisi relationship me itni musibate aati bhi hain kya pyaar hai muje in sb se mere frnds bhi pagal ho jate hai kunki me har tym sid sid krti rhti hun or uske sath yaa jasmin ke sath kuch bura hota hai toh me roti hun n den dey all r sitting n consoling me i listen to songs n cry bcz of sidmin pta nhi kaise rhungi inke bina lyk yr thnks a lot fr making me cry hehhe mein pagal hun sch mein

  13. Roshini125

    It’s crazy

  14. Isha_

    Honestly I agree with you tei was everything for me but when sid left I was heartbroken but I don’t hate tei first I thought they will make yuvle together and honestly I admire zain imam but sidhants place no one can take the he just has a magic charm and you just reminded me again of the beautiful precious moments that I can never forget

  15. i dont know who u rbut everything u said was absolutely right. last serial I am addicted was madhubala.after mb ended I stopped watching serial because every serial is repeating the same track revenge,contract mrg,separation, leap etc.
    after long time I was surfing through channels and then suddenly I saw a boy getting beats from crowd.they were not showing his face.I was wondering who is this guy.finally his face is shown literally I was like omg he is damn cute.that day sid stole my heart.I feel restless if I miss any episode. then I came to know about tu and will read written updates and all comments. i was addicted to mb but was not crazy. first time I was crazy for a show.tei made me realise parents decision r always right. twinj showed us arrange mrg is better than love mrg.Every girl dreams of a hubby like kunj me too.
    then suddenly I came to know sid is quiting the show.first I thought its just a rumour. finally sid himself confirmed it and it was so heart breaking.I was having xams I was not able to concentrate on studies. I shared my sorrows with my friends. I get relief when I read comments of everyone. I continued watching tei with a hope that sid will come back. I even joined twitter tei fc. their admin said he never gonna come back. I stopped watching tei.
    I was having mixed emotions when heard tei is ending. I was happy cvs are not dragging it unnecessarily as already it lost its charm. at the same time i was sad now there gonna be no more kunj sarna, twinkle sarna and twinj moments :'( :'(
    I miss sidmin so much.whenever I hear songs sab tera.agar tum saath Ho,wajah tum Ho and many more I remember all those twinj moments. whenever I hear these songz I will sad.I deleted these songs from my phone as I can’t bear the pain.
    I got many friends here.love u all.after 16th sept will this page active.please everyone should comment in the next sidmin projects.gonna miss u all

  16. Sayeeda

    I’m 100000% sure these it’s my Amrish Puri aka Shruti aka forever fan of Twinj…..
    Tujhe koi pehchan paye ya nai lekin Teri Simran tujhe humesha pehechan legi…. Coz u know na that I love u the most….

    I can guess u with the way u talk…. As I’m so habitual of ur talks… All thanks to WhatsApp who gave me as bestie like u….

    Waise na I know it’s u only but still if I’m wrong though iske chances kam hai but still if I’m wrong then I’m sorry… But my heart says that’s it’s my Amrish Puri only….

    Whatever u said about TEI was so true… Even I’m missing each nd every scene’s of our Twinj…..
    Missing my most fav serial nd couple….. Thanks yr for making me relieve all moment’s of tei…

    Love u ???

  17. Twinjfan.tamanna

    Yaaaar…yeh tho mera story hai….shayad tumne mera dimak padliya…seriously…pata hai maine bi first epi deki lekin mujhe wo ordinary laga …uske baad mai use dekhna band krdia…I used to see cartoons…my mom used to say me that put tei.. I was not listening to her…then one day my one cousin di had come to our house…she said me to put tei…I then started to watch it…it was on 26 sep when i saw.it …n became crazy fan of them…I used to it daily…school me bi uski bimari.. uske baad shadi then all set I thought…fir bi dar laga hi rahtha tha ki fir uv aur twinkle ek ho najaye…fir ek din mera birthday ko mujhe pata chala ki sid quit kar raha hai…it was my worst birthday…I thought I will hate it bt also I cant…

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