Hey guys this Muskan{News Reporter} bit guys I am not here with any gossip but here to write about Jasmin Bhasin. I am here only Jasmin mams fan…nothing else so lets pop out forward.???

Jasmin Bhasin a beautiful diamond born in the city of mughal “Delhi”.
She is born on 28 June 1990 and is a sweet,cute and a adorable girl who loves and is attached deeply with her family?.She worked in many movies like:-
Vaanam (2011)
Karodpathi (2014)
Beware of Dogs (2014)
Dillunnodu (2014)
Veta (2014)
Ladies & Gentlemen (2015)
After her wonderful movie carrier she entered the magestic world of ZEE family and is presently debuting the role of a gorgeous, bubbly,punjabi phataka the “Twinkle Taneja”.With her splendid acting she made a lot many people her fan.Her real life character is also as good as her character of twinkle.No one can play her role because she is the one who can bring innocence,that cute childish behaviour and the most important that care for her family.We all must agree that the way she talks with her mom leela shows her concern towards her mother. Her wah of talking to her family member shows her affection toward them.Her caring and possessiveness shows her love for her hubby kunj.And the best part is that of her is that she brings emotions look like real and thats the reason we all love her…Her every act glances her perfection around and across India too.She is one of the best actors we are having in our t.v industry. Don’t we all agree guys that all her cute childish attitude and fighting with kunj just makes us feel happy and her specical will power through which she fights against the character yuvi too is really amazing.So i would conclude by saying that this proverb exactly suits to jasmin bhasin”Beauty doesn’t comes from the face but from the beautiful heart and the most important the beautiful soul” and my lovely friends jasmin bhasin is one of the kind…before finishing up i have some poems for our stars both sid and jasmin…

The way you talk
The way you see
Makes me forget everything
You semm too be so special to me
Your name is twinkle
And you tinkle and tinkle
You are loke inspiration
Who leads to all my innovation
My day began from your thoughts
Because you are the one whom i laud
I love you from my core of the heart
As you are my life’s biggest part.☺☺

You are the only man whom i admire
As you do lot things to inspire
Your acting is very nice
As it adds spice to my life
You look very cute
Just like a soft tune of flute
You are the man
Whose I am biggest fan
You will be always the best
To whole of my life rest.??

Hope so guys you all liked my tribute to Jasmin bhasin and my poem to character twinkle and kunj..-hmmm i know i am not dat good writer dan u all but dis is just an attempt which i made and i m sorry for my gossips dat i will not be posting dem anymore bt anyways guys please comment how did i write plz plz plz plz plz..-your all comments mean a lot to me so please every1 do comment.?? and ya sorry foer grammatical errors if any.bt guys do comment.

Credit to: Muskan{News Reporter}

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  1. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Nice Muskan.
    Your creative and talented.

    1. Muskan{News reporter}

      Awww! Di thanks for such a wonderful comment.

  2. Very nice
    Are waah! !! U cd become an composer
    U r truly talented ..god bless ♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Muskan{News reporter}

      Thank q so much dear..and ur ffs are really to good.

  3. wooooowwwww muskan ….. ossum yaar ….. and poem was jst superb yaar….

    1. Muskan{News reporter}

      Thanks a lottttttt for ur comments..

  4. i feel the same fr jasmin…her cute childishness cannot b potrayed by any1 else..her voice is too cute..n emotions r like real..her nautanki is awesome..actually tei has got all the best actors in it every1 is vry perfect in their role be it positive or negative….btw muskan y r u nt gonna post ur gossips ?? we liked it a lot ..did u face any problem dear ?

    1. Muskan{News reporter}

      First of all thanks for ur lovely comments nd comming to gossips part actually i cant write dem coz i fell down from my scooty and my lef hand got fractured so its hard write it…i got quite well so o thought to write a tribute as well informed all i won’t be writing anymore….i can hardly write comments for evey1 dats the reason i cant write gossips anymore…so sorry!!!

      1. get well soon musu n yeah aftr getting well u continue ur gossips

  5. Nice one..great

    1. Muskan{News reporter}

      Thanks harn!!!

      1. Muskan{News reporter}


  6. Awsum Muskaan… And i must say u r very talanted…

    1. Muskan{News Reporter}

      Thanks dear…☺☺

  7. wow…wow…wow…wow….muskan..it was mindblowing yaar…
    i really really loved♥ the poem…
    u are extremely talented…

    1. Thanls so much and u r too not any less talanted dan me??

  8. compltly agreee wid u they both are adorable and irresistable…

    1. Exactly thats d reason we all love dem a lot.

  9. Wow yaar muskaan

    1. Thanks so much and i even love ur ffs.

  10. Wow amazing your poem is so pretty yar… Just like twinkle and kunj…

    1. Thank q and ur comments are too pretty just like dem…

  11. You are right muskan no one could have been better as twinkle than Jasmin I really love her so much thnx for the tribute it means a lot to all of us

    1. O! No need for thanks its just dat jasmin mam deserves it and dis comments mean a lot to me!!

  12. Omg omg omg woooooowwww….muskaan u are really very good yaar at writing poems…. I’m mesmerized yaar….Uffff I don’t hav words to explain how much I loved it….Luv u dear

    1. Thanks di dat u have given d comment… nd love u lots more and ya please accept my request on Instagram by id m.satyamini…. luv u too di and i m bog fan of ur ff di.muaah??????

  13. Truly written.. Amazing ppl like did & jas make tei d best…u r too good & get well soon

    1. Thanks so so so so much and thanks for ur wishes too dear!!!?

  14. Hey muskan.. how are you? Firstly, this is awesome..you have the talent..it was such a splendid poem..might loved the way you represented everything..??? this should be a published poem ?..it was so overwhelming ❤. Secondly, thank you for supporting me in my ff…and thank goodness that the twins are not here (you know whom?) sanam named them the jealous twins???God, love you so much. You have skills, wonderful job????? my dicti is our of words for you.. this poem is declaration that how much pureyou are ??…
    Love you to the moon and back.
    Take care.
    Bye ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Thanks for ur such a wonderful and splendid comments!!and thank god twins aren’t here.

  15. Dictionary*?? spelled it wrong

  16. Oh well thanks every1 for ur nice and humble support given by ur all comments thanks a lot!!love u all guys ????

  17. muskan u are a diamond as a diamond can really see another diamond charm

    mindblowing poem

    jealous twin lol !

    1. Thanks dear for appreciating me and those twins are not here dats the best thing!!!ROFL!!

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