Sooo sorry guys for giving late update. I will post my ff episode also soon well let’s get into the story….

scene shifts to a five star hotel…

Ragini:why did you do this with me. You liar cheater because of you i lost my love you stupid. I am hating myself for trusting a

person like you cheeee….

Sahil:heyyy baby chill who knows that you won’t get a chance in the film i thought to ennjoy with you soo i brought you here but i

didn’t get a chance to even touch you. Now i got another girl you can get lost. You were just a tissue paper use and throw.hahahaha

by saying this he left her on the road with her luggage. She came to home in a devasted state.

Shekar:stop there ragini. Dare if you step into my house. Get lost. I said leave.

Sumi:shekar atleast listen to her once she is our daughter we can’t leave her like that.

Dada:ha beta look at her. Don’t do that.

Shekar: i won’t listen to anyone words. heyy girl get lost.

Ragini went from there. She thought to go to Sanskar house.

Sanskar’s mansion

Swara came with coffee and gave it to Sanskar. she kept it on the table. She saw a letter which was framed and hanged on the wall.

She stopped right there and became shocked.

Sanskar:what are you looking. First i fell in love with that letter only next i fell in love with your sister that letter is my first

love i can’t take it from there with my hands. If you didn’t like it you can take it from there.

Swara:listen ji

Sanskar: I am leaving to office. bye

He didn’t gave a chance to speak further and he went from there.

Swara room

She thought for sometime and called him to get jasmine flowers while coming and she went to get ready she took a babypink colour

saree and while doing makeup she threw her spects to a side by reminsing his words. She came down and saw their wedding pic on the

side table and thought to hang it on the wall. While fixing it she came to the edge of the stool and she fell of from stool but

someone hold her from falling yes that’s our hero Sanskar

They have a cute eyelock. He pick her up in a bridal style and taking her to upstairs while taking her they both heard a clap sound

Ragini:wah suuper you both have cheated me. Swara you shame on you. You snatched my love. I won’t leave you.

Sanskar:shut up. You eloped from the wedding. She saved me from the society taunts. You left me alone and went away being selfish.
get lost from here.

Swara:suniye where will she go ji let her be here.

Sanskar:stop it swara no need to help her.go to your room

Ragini went from there and met with an accident she thought to use swara’s innocence. By using her she entered into Sanskar’s house

and gained his sympathy. At night she saw both swasan are not sleeping in one room. She thought an evil plan and thought to kick

swara out from the house.

one day Sanskar went for bath. Ragini came inside the room and cutted off all shirt buttons and waited near his room. He came out and

saw his shirt and called Swara

Sanskar:swara….please come with a sewing kit.


Ragini came in the mean time.

Ragini:what happened sanskar? ohh (she saw shirt in Sanskar’s hand) this is the problem. ithni choti si problem ke liye Swara Kyun

main hoon na. Come i will do that.

in the mean time Swara came in and saw the scenario and it hurted swara. Ragini saw this and gave an evil smile.

in these days Sanskar started to write a story and it is published. Soon Swara got to know that it is their triangle love story. It

hurted her a lot. In the mean time Ragini came there.

Ragini: heyy Swara soon you will leave from here because i will get my Sanskar back to me.

Swara: di wo mera pathi hai. Thum eisa kuch nahi karogi. vo hmuai nahi chod dhungi.

Ragini:in your dreams i will make him to do that. give that mangalsuthra to me. Wo mera hai dho mujhe.

Swara:nahi di yeh mera Sanskra ne pehanliya aur iska pavithratha thumko nahi patha tha di.

Ragini tried to snatch it from Swara. She ran from there and went to Shekar house

Swara:maaaa thumne kaha di jo bhi mangegi vusko dhedho lekin ab vo mera mangalsuthra maang rahi hai maa.

Sumi:beta whoever the lady. Noone will lose their mangalsuthra or their husband. Go and fight for your rights and kick her out from

your house vo thumhara gar hai go beta go.

Swara went to her house


Ragini:heyy how dare you to shout on me. she went to slap her but in return she got the slap from swara and kicked her from the house

Sanskar came and asked what is happening in the house what is this nuisance.Swara went to him and sked him to choose between her and

ragini either wife or lover only one you have to choose. Sanskar went from there taking Ragini along with him.
Swara stood numb. Sanskar is writing the climax for his article. soo in mean time editor came there to ask about sanskar. Helikes

swara a lot because he don’t have any children.

Editor:swara beta did sanskar sir tell you anything about the climax??

Swara:nahi ji what is your opinion on climax. With whom he have to adjust with lover or wife???

Editor:in my point of view he should settle with his lover because that wife is not giving any happiness to him or holding wife

responsibilities. So he better to leave him.

Swara:then wife situation??

Editor:hmm kill her character.


Editor:attempting sucide for not satisfying her husband. k beta i am leaving god bless you

In swara room

she called editor

Swara:uncle i thought about the climax. The wife should die. He become glad because she is using his idea.

Editor:k how will she die??

Swara:she kept a letter by saying this simultaneously she is doing that things.


Swara:she took the sleeping pills and swara is going to die.

Editor:swara what are you talking beta. I don’t know that its your story beta don’t close your eyes i am coming hello hello

but swara became unconsious soon editor came there and he admitted her in hospital.He informed to her parents also.
Scene shifts to another hill area…

Sanskar: Ragini according to you what should be the climax???

Ragini: Hero should settle with his lover by giving divorce to his wife.

Sanskar:come i will show you one place. By saying this he took her to a hill point.

Ragini:wow this is awesome.

Sanskar:ragini we can’t live peacefully. This society won’t allow us to do that. Come we both will die.

Ragini:no Sanskar we cant die like that no

Sanskar:why you loved me na come then we both will die. By saying this he dragged but she pushed him a side and went from there.

He started laughing.


Ragini:i know you played a prank on me right.

Sanskar face became angry and he slapped her.

Sanskar:your feelings are not love its just an ego just get lost you want your life but if it is swara she will definetly die with me

Soon he got to know that swara has admitted in the hospital. They both went from there to hospital.

Shekar:why did you come here. To know that swara is alive or not ha

Sumi:are you happy now you played with my both daughters feelings.

Sanskar:stop it enough is enough. Its your mistake not mine. From childhood you taught swara to give to others and ragini to take

from others. You thought that society will think bad about step mother soo you taught both of them about these things gradually swara

became kind hearted and ragini became egoistic because of your upbringing and dada you know that swara loved me but still you let her

sacrifice her love for her sister. This is your fault.

Doctor:mrs.Sanskar got consious you can see her.

Sanskar went to her and confessed his love

Sanskar:you didn’t think about me na i thought to teach a lesson to you pepople that’s why i did this i will die without you. By

saying this he pulled her into a bone crushing hug.

Ragini came and apologized to swara. Swara forgave her and sanskar too forgave her and ragini went from there by joining swasan hands

to each other and the screen freezes on their faces.


Thank you guys for commenting and this is an telugu movie ayanaki iddaru. Please comment guys thank you for youe appreciation.

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