Heyy guys i am back with another shot. Thank you guys i didn’t expect these many comments and this much appreciation from
you people thank you soooo much.kkk now lets go to the story.

Swara was shocked to see the scenario. Total room was clumsy and the saree which ragini should wear for the marriage was lying down. Then she got a letter
in the letter
“i am sorry sanskar. Hum lovers hena hum kabhibhi shaadhi kar sakthe lekin muje opportunity mila hai
as a movie actress and i can’t lose the opportunity please support me.”

Swara was totally numb. She went to her family and told the same thing. They went up and discussing and sanskar came there and shocked to know that ragini has eloped.

Sanskar was totally numb one side his prestige issue and one side his love and one side family isuue he don’t what to do and he went to shekar and asked the hand of swara to him. Swara was shocked to listen to this she was totally in dilema then her grand pa came and

Dada:beta thumhare di ithni ghatiya harkath kar diya aur thumhe unki vajah se thumhara pyaar mili yeh moka math chodo swara aur
thumaha parivaar ka ijjath bachao beta.

Swara:lekin dada.

Dada:no nothing go to your love go and marry him.

swara nods and went from there

finally swasan got married.
(your are right arshaanya)

at night in their first night room.

Sanskar:i know you will feel bad about the morning incident and you can’t digest the fact also.

Swara:ha i know i use to wear the clothes of di and i use to read from di books and i am number 2 and she is number 1 now in your matter also you are my di’s love and here also i am number 2 and she is number 1.

she said all this with a chocking voice.

at the next day they both went to sanskar’s house.

In Sanskar house the editor came and gave the phototgraph of ragsan as a marriage gift to him.

editor:sir this girl???

Sanskar:she is my wife.

Editor:then this girl.

Sanskar:i don’t know about that girl.

editor:k sir.

editor left from there and Sanskar took all the photots of ragini and broke the photo frames of her and lit a fire to them.

Swara:its easy to break the memories but its not easy to remove the love for her from your heart.

Sanskar stood numb. While she went away

sorry guys i can’t give you complete episode today. I will update it tomorrow. Thankyou guys for commenting please comment for this also guys.

keep smiling.

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  1. Awesome..

    1. Sivasai

      thank you

    1. Sivasai

      thank you

  2. This story is somewhat like movie ‘AAINA’

    1. Yup it is. A telugu movie ayanaki iddaru
      Cast ->jagapati babu,ramya Krishna and sivarangini

      1. Sivasai

        yeah you are right bhavana i thoght to tell it in today’s episode but you revealed it no problem thank you

      2. A bollywood movie AAINA is also same starring jackie shroff, juhi chawla and amrita singh

  3. Arshaanya

    Yeyyy loved it sivasai…
    Post nxt part ASAP

    1. Sivasai

      thank you

  4. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Superrrr dear… Keep it up..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Sivasai

      thank you you too keep smiling

  5. Manasvi

    Wow.. It is superb…
    Plz post the next part soon…

    1. Sivasai

      thank you

  6. Alia

    Amazing…loved it a lot…continue soon

    1. Sivasai

      thank you

  7. Nice

  8. A.xx

    fab loved it and can’t believe she left him for a movie,,girls like that prove that they never loved them and don’t deserve the love they get,,,
    feel bad for Sansku as he truelly loved her but she didn’t…
    When she’s back she’ll regret leaving him as he’ll probably love Swara by then so hahah for her,,anyway loved it and update soon.xx

  9. Marvelous

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