Heyyy guys i am back with part 2. Thank you guys for commenting.soo… let’s go to the story

story starts with sanskar waiting in the park for ragini….

after one hour ragini came to sanskar

Ragini:I didn’t came for you. I came for my boy friend. byee

Sanskar is upset

she turned back and called his p.a aditya!!!

Ragini:take this letter and give it to my boy friend who is waiting for me.

he came back and told this to sanskar

Sanskar: what the hell yaar. I am waiting for her and she gave the letter to me to give it her boy friend.
wait I will modify it.

He opened the letter and shocked.
in letter
“hii.. i can’t wear that necklace on this modern dress but thankyou for that and i love you too.”

yahooooooooooooooooooo aditya jumped from the place.

sanskar shouted and he asked her to be ready for the marriage.

then they both love story started.

one day sanskar and ragini went to her house as ragini parents accepted their love and sanskar bought saree for swara and ragini
a nice purple saree for ragini and a nice baby pink saree for swara.

Swara gave coffee to him and took the saree

sumi:this will suit you very well.

swara:ha maa i loved it.I am soo happy.

ragini looked at swara and boiled in anger and jealousy

Ragini:heyyy give that saree to me.

Sanskar:but ragini you like this colour right.

Ragini: but now i like this colour only.


interrupted by swara

Swara:chodiye koyi baath nahi
and she went from there while wiping her tears.

Sanskar:what did you do ragini. Why did you behave like that look at her she is feeling bad now.

Ragini:why are you shouting on me. she is habituated to this.

swara recalls flashback

shekhar:swara ragini aawo beta dhekho i bhought dolls for you.

swara : haiii.. mera doll kithini sundar hey hena maa.

again Ragini looked at her in anger and asked her to give that doll in a harsh manner swara gave it helplessly to her
she went from there with a wild grin.

Ragini thinks i will take everything from you swara everything whatever you like i will take it from you

flashback ends

swara was crying in her room.

Sanskar came there and

Sanskar:are you feeling bad for your sister behaviour.

Swara:no not at all di will scold like that because she loves me a lot.

Sanskar:khaash thumhara di bhi thumhara jaisa kind hearted hothi tho he thinks and to swara

Sanskar:thumhara chashma nikhal swara.


Sanskar:arey nikhal na

Swara removed it immediately and sanskar stood like a statue for a minute

she bowed down her head with his gaze

Sanskar:dhekho thum kithna acchi lag rahi ho without spects.

saying this he went from there.

she blushed and turned into crimson but again her face became thinking about his marriage


one day swara went to post the letter to sanky and at that time sanskar came to post office to get his courier.
Then postman identified him and gave the letter which came for him and here ragini asked swara to write a letter and fill an
application form and when ragini is going to post the letter she bhumped into sanky and sanskar saw the letter which was written by swara and mistook that it is ragini. Soo from then he started follow ragini.

Flashback ends.

(soo guys this is what has happened in the flashback don’t praise me i know i narrated it well hahaha)

finally marriage date is fixed and ragsan got ready for the marriage.

pandit called for the groom and swara went to call ragini and she was shocked to see the scenario.

thankyou for who has commented on my ff and this ts too sorry guys i can’t write more than this and i will post another also
today itself.

keep smiling

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