Hii guys i will update my ff on monday and i thought to update an two shot on swaragsan. Let start with
the character introduction.

Sanskar: A famous story writer. He is very handsome. He is waiting for his soulmate.

Swara:she is very kind hearted girl loves her sister ragini a lot. She is step sister of ragini. She is fond of novels. She reads

every novel of sanskar.
A big fan of sanskar.

Ragini:she is step sister of swara. She is very egoistic and arrogant. She is proud of her beauty. She thought to become a film


Shekar:father of swaragini.

Sumi:mother of swara.

janki:mother of ragini.

dada:grand father of swaragini.

sooo… let’s start our story

story starts with a father and his child is playing and his father called him and told him do another marriage for his child he

thought for sometime and
agreed for the marriage.

Here we can see two servants are talking.

Servant1:see choti malik is going to marry and that coming wife will see the child or not.

Servant2:i think she don’t. I heard that step mother don’t care about step child.

Servant1: Hope for the best.

Servant2: ha let’s see

these all talks are listened by ragini(yes guys the child is ragini)
she thought the coming woman won’t love her and her mind and heart is poisoned.

12 years later……….

We see a girl wearing a swim suit and boys are looking at her with lust and the girl’s p.o.v

I am ragini who is the most beautiful girl. No one can compete with me she smirks herself and jumped into swimming pool and after

a fresh bath she went from there

scene shifts to a mansion….
here we see a girl who is arguing with her dada. Lets see what they are talking….

girl:heyy old man don’t eat sweets. I will tell to mother.

old man: arey meri pyaari old woman please na ek sweet bas..

girl:nahi matlab nahi

in the mean time postman came and gave letter. She stopped arguing and took the letter with anxiety.

old man: arey swara haumey patha thumhe thumhare ee sanskar ki letter mil gayee par sambalke beta
(yes guys the girl is swara and the old man is her dada)

swara: kya karu dada i love him a lot. He is very nice person. Khaash mera shaadhi vuske
saath hotha.(blushed)
dada:ahha somebody is blushing..

she ran from there being shy

swara use to write letters to sanskar and sanskar fell in love with those letters itself

sanskar p.o.v.

this girl is making me crazy. Ohh my god she writes a poetry for me. I will definitely marry this girl.

his thoughts was disturbed by his p.a aditya. Sir you have to write a story for the newspaper and they are going to pay you a high

k i will speak with them. You may leave.

editor:sir please write an article for our paper sir.

sanskar:k i wll write it but i don’t need money give that money to orphanaze.

editor:sure sir. Thank you. You may get a good wife and life too.

Sanskar:ha yeah i hope so… (from child hood i didn’t get any sort of love i hope my wife could give me motherly love to me)he


his trance of thughts broke by editor

editor:k sir i will leave now.

sanskar:k see you soon.

scene shifts… where there is a auction is going on some ancient necklace

first person:10,000


third: 20,000

a voice came 50,000

some person murmered ragini

yes guys she is ragini and sanskar is there also he thought to buy the necklace he bought it for 55,000

when ragini went near to her car she saw the same necklace with letter
in letter
” Hii,
I brought it for you only i love you if you also love me please come to xyz park by wearing this

thank you”.
ragini is on cloud nine but didin’t showed any expression on her face and she went from there calmly.

y sankar proposed ragini when he is waiting for his soulmate??

what is swara position now??

guys this is my firts ts. Please do comment guys and thakyou guys who has commented on my ff and i will post it soon.

Thank you guys.
keep smiling.

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  1. mou(swasan lover)


    1. Sivasai

      thank you

  2. nice.. is this based on any telugu movie? bcz some what same concept like movie..
    sorry. for asking..
    i think sanskar mistook ragini as swara and propose her as there tastes may same

    1. Sivasai

      its k dont need to be sorry and you will get to know in the story itself

  3. I think he think rags as swara Nd mid understood and this story is of rags & sanky luv each other and later sanky get to know that it was swara so he will start living swara nd as swara is mahan so she will sacrifise her luv for her sister and rags as a egoistic will try to snach sanskar ❤ its according to mine thinking ……. Must reply

    1. Sivasai

      thank you for commenting you will get to know in the story itself

  4. Arshaanya

    Wow loved it…?
    Its based on movie ayina ..
    Bt i didn’t get one thing he said he will marry d gurl who writes him letters dan how come hez saying i love you to ragini ?

    1. Sivasai

      hahaha dont get angry dear and u will know in the story itself

  5. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    V.nice dear..keep it up..?

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      thank you

  6. Alia

    Pls make it swasan…loved it..update soon

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      thankyou it is swasan only dear

  7. Mahjabeen

    Awesome dear…keep going on..continue soon

    1. Sivasai

      thank you

  8. A.xx

    nice loved it and is the story he’s going to write based on ragini and that’s why he called her to the park to write a story about her for the editor.xx
    updates soon

    1. Sivasai

      you will get to know in the story itself

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