Triangle of Love -Episode 2 …Ishqbaaz

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Episode 2-
Recap -Shivika moments. Rudy trying to tease Shivika a person confronts him by calling Anika his Gf.

@Oberoi Mansion Drawing room
Yes friends u all were right the person was none other than our Om.
Om was about to say something when
Shivaay- Leave it Om. Rudra was just doing mastii.
Omkara- No Shivaay how can I leave it . Rudra is not a kid now. He should know how to speak and when to speak.
Rudra makes puppy face.
Anika (feeling sorry for him)- Om (In teasing tone) don’t u dare say anything to my choote bhai.
Rudra- Dii u are only one in these house who supports me.
Shivaay- ( Pating him on back) Oy did u forgot ur bhayya.
Rudra-No bhayya . How can I forget u. U r tho mine kanji aankho wale Billuji.
Dadi, Rudra & Om start laughing except Shivika.


Shivaay- Anika … Anika… where are u ?
Anika- I am here ,Billuji .
Shivaay- Don’t call me that.
Anika- So what should I call u . Aa Kanji aankho Wale Billuji.
Shivaay- No Paanika.(Smirks)
Anika- (Surprised) No Billuji u cannot call me that.
Shivaay- Why if u can call me Billu then why can’t I.
Shivika ‘s fight continues just then while moving forward Shivaay slips & Anika holds him. They share a eyelock.

FB ends…

Shivaay- (In mind) Where are those days gone Paanika. I miss those days when u were only mine how can I behave like that with u that time… I still regret for that incident.

Just then enters Soumya
Somo- Are duffer Oberoi why are u laughing?
RUDY- What u want to do somo ?
Somo- I have asked a wrong person !!! Dadi u only tell na why u all are laughing?

Dadi tells her everything.
Soumya starts laughing at once & Rudy just stares at her with mesmerized look.
Soumya understands these and asks.
Soumya- Rudra why are u looking at me.
Rudra- ( Comes in senses) These my eye..eyes I will look where I want to look…
Rumya start their cute fight and everyone enjoy it . Just then enters Priev ( Prinku + Dev)
Priev also enjoy their fight.
Shivaay & Anika remember their fights and a faint smile appear on their faces. But they come to their senses and try to enjoy their fight.
Rumya come to know that these people all enjoying their fight so they decide to stop without speaking to each other but at once…
Just then Soumya looses her balance and Rudra supports her. They get mesmerized in each other eyes Everyone is shocked. Om says
Om- Aai la takkar !!
Rumya get out of these awkward situation.
Rudra tries to explain them but everyone except
Soumya burst out laughing ?

Precap- No precap.(Under progress??)

Hope u all liked it . Once again plz do comment.
if feel it short. I will try to make it a bit longer next time. Sry for grammatical errors.

Plz note: I would not be able to post my ff tommorow as I have exams . But ya as soon as I get time I will post my ff.

Thank u for reading.

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  1. Superb om and anika shares awesome chemistry more than shivaay with anika it’s my personal view

  2. Sat

    Nice dear, but don’t ! make it omika please don’t ever do so. Please update the next epi ASAP???

  3. Superb
    Plz dont separate shivika and that to annika with om ?

  4. Priyanka_22

    Anika ? Omi ‘s gf ?????
    R yu serious ?? Or am I mistaken ?

  5. Ramya.riya

    Wow it is so nice …
    that person is om… wow..
    very nice dhruvi..

  6. Tulasi

    Hey dear….om n anika??? Omg….plz dnt separate shivika……om is anika s bf….????

  7. Nice….. but little short…. Please make it long……… Update ASAP…..

  8. hahaha… i knew it was om…
    awsm update dear…
    nd all d bst fr ur exams…

  9. Nice. Om and Anika have a natural chemistry. The way he looks at her… respect and affection and they look good together. Maybe in real life…?

  10. wow awesome om with anika it wil be interesting to read ur ff plz post next part asap plz

  11. Such a cute one ??

  12. its interesting but add shivaay . update your episode as fast as you can

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