Triangle of Love -Episode 1 …Ishqbaaz

Hello frnds its Dhruvi here. First of all a big thank u to u all for commenting. Believe me I was on Cloud 9 when I read ur comments. Once again thank u for supporting me.
Okay enough of my bakbak let’s start.

Episode 1
@Oberoi Mansion in Shivaay’s room.

Shivaay is talking on phone with someone.
SSO- What? U people cannot handle a small metting. Do u know how much loss we will have to suffer…I don’t want to listen anything u are FIRED. (He is about to throw his mobile just then…)
Someone comes from behind
SSO-(Without turning) Anika speak fast.
Anika- (Surprised) How come u came to know I am here Billuji.
SSO-I know. Now c’mon speak up why are u here.
Anika- Dadi is calling u. & ya these is list of meetings u have to attend today. I am cancelling first meeting as u r not in good mood. (While giving book Anika slips and Shivaay holds her they share a pleasant eyelock after 2-3 minutes they come to their senses)
SSO- No ,not needed.
Anika- Why no . And by the I think u have not heard it clearly I am not asking ur opinion but I am telling u my decision.
SSO – How dare u ?
Anika- As I am u r secretary. If u don’t like my decision I think I should resign.
SSO- (In mind After seeing u my mood changes to good … O how can she resign I can’t stay without her just a single min…I am Sorry Anika for using such words against u I know due to these only u always fight with me just due to small reasons & give warnings of leaving job).
Anika- Billuji what happened?
SSO- Nothing. And ya I agree with u r suggestion. My mood is not good so cancel meeting.

Rudy enters
Rudy- Bhayya , di Dadi is calling.
Shivika (together) Ya we r coming.

@Drawing room

Dadi- Are Anika u were gone to call Shivaay.
How much time did u took call him.
Rudy – Ya bhaya what u both were doing?
Person- Shut up Rudra . Anika is my Gf how can u say such thing like her.

Precap- Revelation of the person….Fb .Rumya moments.

I don’t know how these ff was. Did u guys found it interesting. I know I am going too fast for revelation of Triangle. But after revelation only true story will start. I will try to bring more Shivika, Rumya &Ishkara movements.

Sorry for grammatical errors.


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