a tri lovestory three shots part-2

hi guys .v r back
tanx 4 ur lovly cmts
hope u enjoy this
lets start
laksh was talking to kavya in mob
lak:hey babe
kav:hey wat doing
lak:just chatting
they talked some time n they hangs up
lak got another.it was pari
pari:bro i want to go xyz place
lak:k were r u
pari:in front of ur room

lak gets ready n with pari he lift vusa mansion
on the way lak n pari meet an accident
they died
they two gone to hell
in hell
hades:call laksh vusa n take his goodbad book
they called lak n he came in
hades checked his goodbad book
hades:mr vusa u made many mistake in life.so u can’t go to heaven
lak:first,call me laksh n i don’t care about u n ur punishment
hades gat angery listing this
at that time ragini was there she was spellpound to see laksh
she thought to make him as her hubby.but after seeing hades anger she was numb
she thought to make lak as her friend n she went
hades:the punishment for u is daily going to hell n heaven in long n difficult route
lak:i’ll do it
hades in anger:call parineetha vusa n take her goodbad book
after loking it he told her that she can leave hell 2morow
pari thanked him n went off
next day

pari went to heaven
lak started his punishment
he went heavan n saw swara
he thought that if he married her he will live in heaven[note lak asked sm1 who is she]
he went back to hell

at hell
sans n rags r talking
sans:y r u more smiling today
rags:i have seen a guy name laksh he was such a cute guy i love him
sans:i am happy that my sis his loving sm1 n were is he heaven r hell
they talked 4 smtime n slept
nxt day
rags walked up soon n gone near lak place
lak got up n saw rags [he thought that she is thief]
he got up frm the bed n closed her mouth n taked her out
lak;who r u

rags;iam ragini d/o of hades
lak;sry i thougt that u r a thief
rag;its ok friends
lak thought he will use her 4 making swara as him
they shook their hands
lak continued his punishment
he reached heaven n saw sans n swara hugging
lak was angry n gone near sans n swara n intoduced himself
swa;nice to meet u lak iam swara d/o of zeusn this is
lak;let me guess ur bf
sans; no iam sanskar s/o hades her bff
lak; ohh let me join in ur gang
they talked 4 smtime when a gaurd came n called swara n sans 4 lunch
as soon as they went off lak kicked a vase n went back 2 hell
in garden
pari was looking flower
adar was cming there n dash on pari
pari felled down n adar was on her top

theyy composed themself n left
at zm
all r having when swasan r playing with eachother leg
this time swara tried to hit his leg but she hits zeus
zeus:what happend
swa:nthing dad
she showed a angry face to sans
sans lol
screen freeze

precap;lak plan n swasan felling their love

sry for wasting ur time

Credit to: teddy n smily


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