tred To Love A Bful Journey episode 31

Mehndi and Sangeet went well.All were happily dancing on London Thumkda…..
Its marriage day,
All are happy. There is a smile in everybody’s face except our Payal. She is thinking abt Akash.Garima enters the room where Payal is getting ready.
Garima (crying):Beta…..
Payal runs to her and hug her
Payal:I will miss u amma….(crying)
Garima:No beta dont cry… please
Payal smiles.
Kushi:Ji ji…amma u ppl forgot me na….
Payal:How can I forget my drama queen (hugs her)
Garima-Payal-Kushi share a grp hug.
Scene 2 -In Anjali’s and Ishita’s room.Ishita is sitting next to Raman. He is holding her hand.She is resting her head on his shoulder and is wearing a red lehenga with heavy stoned work accessories which her grandma had gven for her marriage. Anjali is sitting nervously. Arnav is helping Akash in getting ready.
Ishu:I am little nervous.
Raman:I am there na dont worry…. (looks at Anjali) Anjali ji.U should go and sit near Mihir dont forget.
Anjali:Tht and all I know.But aren’t we hurting their parents?

All starts thinking.Mihir enters and sees this.
Mihir:What happened guys? (smiles)
Anjali:Dont show ur idiotic smile.
Mihir:What happened dear.?
Anjali:Aren’t we hurting ur parents by marrying like this?
Mihir:I know….but they also aren’t understanding us right.
A voice:Bachcho….When u do something by hurting others its bad.But when u do something for ur own happiness which causes no harm for anybody. Thn its alright.
Anjali:Nani.Anjali hugs Nani,
Anjali:Nani….u know what…I will miss you.
Nani:I wont leave my choti so easily. U should come and meet me daily…..
Mihir:Sure Nani….May be mujhe ghar jamai banna padega (Wil hav to stay at Anjali’s house)aftr this marriage.
All laugh
Shagun and Manoj enter.
Shagun:Everything is set…..My dear boys plz go out.And me and Kushi will bring all the brides so tht nobody understands who is who. Ok?
Scene 3-In mandap,
Akash, Mihir, Raman are seated from right to left.Kushi and Shagun brings Payal with her ghunghat covering her face completely.Made her sit near Akash. Tears were rolling down her eyes.Thinking abt losing Akash. Then Anjali came and sat near Mihir. Ishu near Raman.
The rituals starts.Pandit is reciting mantras. He asks to tie bandan.They tie bandhan and brothers does kanya dhaan.They stand for taking the 7 rounds.On each round they do promise to eachother. Akayal, Anjir, Ishra take the rounds.Pandit asks them to tie mangalsutra and fill sindoor in their forehead. Akayal does first. Then Anjir. The Pandit says the marriage is done.Raman takes his zehra and Ishu lifts her ghunghat.All look at them shocked. Payal and Anjali lifts their ghunghat. Akash and Mihir also lifts their Zehra.
Mihir’s dad:Mihir! What the hell have u done?
Mihir:Anjali tum (u?)
Anjali:Mihir U?
Akash:Payal ji app (U?-Winks)
Payal (shocked but happy inside):Akash ji….
Mihir:I dont know dad….
Pandit:Now the marriage is completed.U hav taken 7 rounds also.
Ishita :I am happy I just find out tht it is Raman.
Raman:Me too..But now what shall we do with them….
Preeti:Anjali beta take blessings from us
Mihir’s dad:Dont take a step forward both of u.
Anjir stand there shocked.
Garima:Payal beti…Akash! I dont know what to do.
Nk:Payal and Akash……..Take blessings from Amma and Papa (Shashi)…Sorry I Dont know what to say…
Garima:Nk beta……(cries)
Kushi:Amma…..thts the only way (consoles her).
Mihir’s dad:Y didn’t Ishita and Raman get married.How did u ppl understand eachother when others didn’t.
Ishita:Woh….His touch
Raman:We are bestfriends so.We know eachother for a long time.
Arnav (mind):Bachgaya. (Escaped).
Mihir’s dad:I am not gonna accept this marriage.
Mihir:Dad she is my wife now.

Nani:I am accepting this marriage. If u are not ready to accept this I will take them to my house. Raizada’s mansion.
All are shocked. Nani takes Akayal and Anjir with her.Ishra, Arshi follow her.Shagun leave with her mom.Manoj leave with Nani.All the guest go one by one.

Precap:Akayal and Anjir does their grahpravesh.Arnav takes Kushi to his room.Ishita and Raman drive back home together……

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