treat u better epi 5

Hello everyone ….. I have a request I will only be able to update only the days when I free here after because I have got school from today so please let me know how do u all want it to be ???……. Guys Ishani is shifted to normal ward

Now will come to the story -:

It’s night ” 10pm” ?

Ishani who is in bed and Ranveer goes out to call his family to say tht Ishani will be discharged tomorrow. …. After some time Ranveer comes to the room ….to see her sees Ishani who is sleeping where as he comes and makes her sleep properly and he starts to admire her beauty he says these words to her

Ishani please don’t leave me and go here after …….I love u so much no one can we try to harm us if they attempt then they will be dead soon …..

After some time Ranveer lies near Ishani and goes to sleep. ..

Early morning ?

Ishani and Ranveer who r awake r waiting for the doctor so tht they can be discharged soon
As Ishani is being waiting for this day as she can be able to express her feelings for Ranveer

After few minutes

The doctor comes to Ishani’s room and checks her and says she is completely fine now no need to worry but she should take rest and try to make sure tht she doesn’t do any work
Ranveer -: sure doctor can I discharge her now
Doctor -: yes sure

After paying the hospital bills Ranveer comes to the room and takes Ishani slowly to his car Ishani gets tears as she is being so much of love and care on her by Ranveer

After few hours they come home Amba takes arati to Ishani

Amba-:thank u so much Ishani because of u only my Ranveer fine
Ishani -:maa no need thanks if he is ur son means I m his wife so I will be always their for him
Ranveer -: ok maama she needs rest as the doctor had said she should not do any work

Ranveer slowly takes Ishani to the room and says wht ever u need ask me
Where as Ishani says I need to talk to u
When Ranveer agrees
Mala comes to the room and didi juice for u Ranveer says keep it and go
After she goes Ishani says the 3 magical words to Ranveer “I love u Ranveer ”
Ranveer who is shock sees Ishani and they had a lovely eye lock for “half hour”

Amba comes their saying Ishani beta where as their eye lock got disturbed and Ranveer goes out of the room …..
Amba -:Ishani r u ok now ????
Ishani -:yes maa
Amba -:take rest beta and she goes out of the room

Where as Ishani goes to washroom and haves a face wash and comes and sits in her room she felt so bored sitting in the room she walked down to the hall to see Ranveer was talking in the phone ….Ranveer but he kept the call after seeing Ishani coming down the stairs Ranveer says
Ranveer -:Ishani y did u come down if u have called me I may have come up for u
Ishani -:no its okay Ranveer I feel so bored siting in the room thts y I came down

Noon after lunch

Ishani who comes and goes to their bedroom to see Ranveer who is sleeping as Ishani says sorry Ranveer because of me u lost ur sleep and everything because of me

After few hours
Ranveer awakes and to find out Ishani is not in bed he gets scared and goes in search of her

Precap -:Ishani will be in garden. ……Ranveer gets relief and after few weeks

Guys please do comment if u all don’t comment I may stop my ff because I only get little comments

Ba-bye love u all tc ????

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    At last Ishaani said those 3 magical words to Ranveer…..Ranveer must be @ cloud nine for sure…..hearing 3 magical frm his lady love…what else he needs☺☺☺??….fantastic episode sissy…..glad to c Ishaani is now back to home & fully functional….. B safe & stay healthy???

    1. Duva

      Thank u bhai i will make more interesting the next epi

  2. Superb epi dear atlast ishani said those three magical words, happy to see them together, can u give us an emotional conversation btween them where in they will confess their unconditional love for eachother? And pls dont end ur ff dear there will be many silent readers also there r very few ishveer ff’s here so pls dont end it dear. Take care, bye…

    1. Duva

      Sure I want end it thank u so much

  3. pls consider my request, i want an emotional epi where in they will confess all the feelings nd luv they have for eachother nd also the troubles they faced

    1. Duva

      Sure I will do

  4. Superb dear just keep it up waiting for your next episode ?

    1. Duva

      Thank u didi

  5. Pls coninue

  6. Sweet ??

    1. Duva

      Thank uh dr

  7. nic epi dear…….where r u……pls update ur next epi… soon as possible…..

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