Guys y less comments ,if u don’t lyk I will end up with next epi. And is there less fans fr swaragini,madhubala,matsh…

Madhu says to rv tat she will come to office tmrw, ishu says but….rv stops her and says k madhu nd ishu drags rv after some tym and asked y he said lyk tat. Rv says she hav to feel tat she is good ,if I say not to come she wil began to think.
laksh stares at ragini,ragini notices it. Madhu says to sanskar ,”see wat ur bhai is dng ” nd all laughs. Ragini blushes.
All leaves as it’s late ,laksh nd sanskar leaves with rv.

The rest four ( madhi,ishu,ragini,swar)went to sleep
In the morning,
rv comes there to c is evrythg k nd ishu welcomes in .
he ask abt madhu ,at the tym madhu comes nd greets rv ,suddenly she rushed to washroom,rv and ishu panicks and folows her. Madhu vomits with blood ,she got doubt and decides not to say to ishu bcoz she may get feared.

She comes out ,ishu ask is everythg k ,She says s and leaves. Rk too comes there, rv was suprised bcoz rk is such a starborn man how could he come ? Rk says can I talk to madhu and holds her hand and takes her inside.

He ask her to sign fr his movie bt she didn’t ,he says I will give u 1day tym and leaves. Madhu was clueless.
she says to rv nd rv follows rk and shouts ,how can he behav lyk tis to her. Rk ask y u r worried and ask him to go. Rv says madhu wil not sign. Rk ask y? Rv says she is counting her last says ,rk was shocked and rv says s she hav blood cancer.
meanwhile madhu hears this and broke to tears

Rk says to madhu tat she can be cured once they want to us ,madhu looks on

Credit to: zara

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  15. guys thank u frst of all , and i hav created a grp called kumkum bhagya abhigya fan fic, if u r abhigya lovers u can post pics,st etc, u r welcome alway

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