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As the party over ,rk says madhu can pair with him in next film,she was in deep shock, all shouts madhu. ..madhu…
later she speaks ” thanks rk fr offer bt I am not interested to be ur heroine in next film and excuses herself. Rk thinks how stubborn tis girl who rejects rk and challenges himself tat she will agree the offer soon . Ranveer comes to madhubala and says uu dance good ,madhu ws silent and says I don’t lyk to act bcoz of my mom ,rv says I know ,madhu asked rv to explain rk and says it’s late to leave and ask swara,ragini, ishu to cme.

Sanskar,laksh also leaves and the party gets over
Madhi,ishu drops swara,ragini and goes to home,it was locked with a note. It’s from mom…ishu says . Madhu ask her to read. She read and says mom went to Madhya kailash nd she will return after 4 months

Next mrng,.
asusual madhu gets ready and picks swara,ragini and drops ishu nd swara in clge and leaves to office.

While she was discussing with rv and ragini her eyes were started closing ,she could not open ,tried her best but couldnt and fr her the whole world is rounding and she falls on floor,rv ,ragini sees it and rv picks her to hospital. Ragini informs swara to bring ishu there and they Also reaches the hospital. Ishu ask where is madhu? Rv says she is in icu,doc is checking her.
Ishu begins to cry, swara ,ragini consoles her, rv looks on .

Then finally it’s late nyt, rv ask ragini And swara to go home as it’s late and to come tmrw. They heads to leave and doc comes. The doc asked fr patient’s relation,ishu says she is my sister ,he asked them to come to his cabin.

Both were sitting cluelessly and fnally the doc comes. Ishu ask is she is fyn? The doc asked her to be strong so tat she can bear to hear wat he wants to say. Ranveer asked wat hapnd ?
The doc says she is having blood cancer and it’s her final stage, she can get treated bt not cured and i am not sure how long her life exists.
ishu cries hardly and comes out,rv says we can cure madhu ,if u r nt strong how can u take care of madhu. Ishu looks on. Ranveer says we hav to support madhu and ishu says “plse don’t tell to her ,we can handle” ,rv asked how? Ishu says I will take care and goes to c madhu

Madhu was lying on the bed ,she sees ishu cmg and says ,nthg hapnd to me ,did u cried aree come on look I am fyn
ishu smiles and hugs madhu ,rv says let’s leave and drops them in home

Next day was Sunday ,laksh,swara,ragini ,sanskar comes to madhu’s house to encourage her .
They all spend a good tym and ragini says “aunty is nt here so better u and ishu come to our house. Ishu agrees and pleads madhu to say k

Ragini and laksh goes to cafe and madhu rushes to washroom,she vomits with blood ,ishu gets tensed

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  1. Good epsd.so sad about madhu.I am waiting for ishveer love scenes.

  2. Oh no madhu ko cancer no way

  3. oh no…i really felling 4r madhu…nyc epi yaar..plzz post the ff daily yaar..

  4. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    i loved it sad for madhu………..

  5. Oh no madhu…

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