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swara and ishani in class. swara talks abt the person josheph in their case studies. bt ishani says how hot tat joseph yaar?
swara asked wat? ishani says see him how perfect he is in his work.swara was confused and asked abt whom u r speaking? i am spking abt our classmate
swara says i am talking abt the person in our case study. ishani says sorry, swara says leave it

in Rv’s office,
ragini, madhu,rv was discussing abt some work which is pending tat tym laksh and sanskar comes and greets them
rv says its cafe tym and lets go to cafe.
madhu,rv,laksh,ragini,sankskar goes to cafe

laksh could nt take his eyes from ragini and madhu, rv sees him and says hmmmm…….
really ragini is a nice girl who really feels fr someone who really likes her.maybe tis character in her, makes laksh to love her. bt he was nt sure abt ragini.

Rv says there is a party in my house ,so i invite u all. and he leaves laksh says its his bro’s bday so he was annoyed and ask them to cme tday eve

ragini and swara were getting ready fr party while madhu, ishani arrives. ishani and swara starts their nok- jhoks and they all leave fr party.

in the party
rk was wearing an adorable black suit
rv was wearing a white suit
madhu was wearing a black gown
ishani was weating a pink top and jeans
ragini was wearing red saree
swara was wearing a green gown

rk ask if anybdy wants to dance with him as he is gvg an offer bcoz its his bday.
rv says madhu is a good dancer and ask her to dnce. madhu nods no bt rk gves his hands and ask her to come.
ishani,ragini pushes her and they dance. all said they r made fr each other and rk says to madhu while dancing tat she is a good dancer and he offers a chance

while ranver pairs with ishu and ragini with laksh and swara with sanskar

madhu faints,rv gets her to hospital, ishani comes there and ranveer consoles her

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Credit to: zara

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  11. I really likes precape. Ishveer portion r there. Nice ff. I enjoyed it.

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