Guys i know there r more fans for ishra and rishbala and hence i decided to write a ff on these two pairs. Hpe u enjoi it

Raman bhalla: a great business man, best ceo of the year bt hates his life bcoz of his ex wife.
Madhubala : sister of raman, takes of his children
Ishita; dentist, nice homely girl but she is rejected by everybdy bcoz she could not bcme a mother.

Rk: an actor and doesnt believe in love
Ruhi,adi are raman’s kids
Bala and vandu r ishita’s sister and jiju

Scene 1
raman finishes his breakfast and was abt to leave, ruhi and adi came there and says, dad tday we hav parents meeting and raman says madhu will come and leaves.
Adi and ruhi gets sad and madhu sees them
Ruhi: bhai,y dad is always angry with us?
Adi: ruhi,mom left him bcoz she could not take care of us and dad ,he hates his life after she leaves him
Madhu comes and ask wat happened?
Ruhi says tday we hav parents meeting, but dad asked u to attend
madhu says k i will and smiles at them

Telling about madhu she loves her bhai and can do anythng for him. When he didnt take of adi,ruhi she takes care of them. So the kids r more attached to her.

Scene 2 after fnshing the parents meeting, they three went to hotel and enjoyed a lot. In night, ruhi cries of her tooth pain.
Madhu doesnt know what to do
She calls raman but he didnt pick the call
Madhu calls a dentist and she is non other than ishita and says my kid is suffering from tooth pain, shall u plse come to clinic.
ishita says k and ends the call

In the clinic,
Ishita ask ruhi if she wil eat more chocolates?
Ruhi nods s and ishita ask who will gve u more chocolates and put the injection.
Ruhi says madhu and ishita says k i had put an injection it will not ache. Ruhi says i didnt feel pain and thanks her. Ishita ask, its ur mother? Ruhi says no, she is my dad’s sister and my mom left us when i am small and gets sad.

Madhu ask ruhi to go and sit inside the car and thanks ishita and leaves.
Madhu comes home and sees raman sitting in the sofa and she goes to ruhi’s room and make her sleep and comes out.

Raman asked wat happened to ruhi? Is she is fne now? In a tension.
Madhu shouted that stop it bhai. I am tired of saying tat ur dad takes care of us. Bt u r not like that. Plse kill three of us and u can live a life u want. Ramam says shut up and asked her to stop.madhu says i want my old bhai who takes care of his
family and cries hardly by hugging him. Raman says what i have to do? Madhu says u have u marry again not for u bt for kids. Raman says k bt only for them and leaves annoyed.

Next mrng, the matchmaker comes to home and madhu,ruhi,adi sats to see photos.raman comes and madhu ask him to join bt he leaves saying he has meeting.
Ruhi sees ishita’s photo and says, she is tat dentist and how caring, madhu lets see ishita aunty
Madhu says to matchmaker aunty to talk to her fanily tat they will visit them tmrw.

Next day,
raman,madhu,adi,ruhi goes to see ishita ‘s family. Ishita came with coffee plates and serves them.
Bala asked if they like her and raman without seeing her asked ruhi and adi if they likes, both shooked their head fastly and raman says i want to talk to her.

Precap : raman says i want u to be their mother not a wife for me,if u agree we can proceed and ishita says i am blessed to becme a mom for 2 kids

Hope u guys love this? Comment ur feedback

Credit to: ishani

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