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the scene starts with abhi,pragya,madhu, aliya, dadi hav a talk. pragya says to madhu tat tmrw they can go fr shopping. abhi says i will to cme and their nok- jhoks starts. aliya ask madhu did she hav any crush on anybody. abhi says aliya …. madhu gets teary eyes and says excuse me and leaves. pragya goes behind her and sees madhu crying. when pragya touches her shoulders madhu says i hav to go to india back ..pragya says but… madhu cries plse. pragya says k and leaves her alone.

after sometime pragya,aliya goes to madhu’s room sees her crying and aliya says sorry
madhu says its k and says its not ur fault, its my fault and says her story. aliya hugs her and pacifies her.

rk drinks thinking of madhu and says i love u a lot madhu. i want to see u… i want u and cries seeing her photo.

next mrng,
abhi, pragya drops madhu and hugs eachother and madhu leaves.

back to india ….
madhu comes to her home, ishu hugs her,adi,ruhi ran towards her and says she missed her a lot. madhu smiles and leaves to her room.

ruhi ask madhu to take her fr shopping and they leaves. they see radha maa there. madhu leaves ruhi in playing area and meets radha ma ,takes her blessings.

radha maa says rk is nt behaving gd,cmg late to home drunken. she pleads to madhu to care fr rk. madhu nods k and leaves.

next day
madhu goes to sidara studios and remembers how she confess her love to rk, how had she broken and gets tears. bt she didnt let her down. she went in.

rk’s p.a sees her and takes her. rk sees madhu and looks at her. the director says she is new make up women fr heroine and madhu smiles. rk gets angry and drags her a side and says y she left her and y is she is dng liks tis now and ask her to go to home.
madhu ask him to leave and goes

sry guys fr no ishra scenes bt next epi it will be there,fr sure

Credit to: ishani

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