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abhi ask madhu to come with them to us, madhu thinks it will be right to forget rk bt says wat to say when bhai ask to me. abhi says he will speak to him and leaves. pragya asked madhu not to worry

abhi says raman to sit with him,ishu brings coffee for them and sits with raman.abhi says tmrw we r gng back to us. raman ask y so soon? abhi says we came to meet pragya’s family and also madhu,after tat we hav to go na??? raman nods yes
abhi ask if u dont mind shall we take madhu with us. fr some time and she will come back soon.nthg tat pragya want to intro her to my family, soo and he looks raman.raman says no problem, if she comes u can take her
abhi says tats my bro and hugs him.abhi comes to madhu’s room and says madhu to get her packs ready as they r leaving to us tmrw. pragya gets happy and says tats my sweet husband. abhi says if mens r married they hav to listen to wify words and laughs. he sees pragya getting angry and says bad joke.

isita ask raman if madhu is hiding smthg from us? raman says y she would do and plse stop thinking abt her and think abt ur husband. ishu smiles.

next mrng,
pragya,abhi,madhu are ready to leave ,she hugs raman as her tears flow down, she managed to not to cry and hugs ishu saying take care of house. and leavez.

rk thinks tat he had hurted madhu and want to ask sorry from her so he leaves to her house. ishu opens the door and rk asked where is madhu. she says she went to u.s with her frnd. rk shocked and left un spoken.

in u.s
abhi,pragya gets madhu to their house.aliya comes running bhai,bhabi u pple arrived at last and hugs them, dadi comes they take blessings from her. aliya ask who is tis? pragya says she is my bestie madhu, she came to see our family. aliya hugs her and madhu goes and gets blessings from dadi. all went in.

pragya takes madhu to guest room, madhu thanks her pragya says noo and hugs her. madhu is worried thinking abt rk saying THE DAY IS THE SIN OF MY LIFE” echoes in her ears. she wished not to meet him anymore. aliya comes and ask her to come for breakfast as all r waiting.

raman and ishu had a sweet talk.
raman : saree is beautiful
ishu: then i am not beautiful
raman : ofcourse sweetheart its beautiful bcoz of u
ishu smiles and adi,ruhi comes from their camp.
ruhi ask fr madhu, she says madhu went to u.s and ask them to fresh up and come as their breakfast r waiting.

rk goes to studio sees annie and drags her to aside and ask wat she thinks in her mind and y did she say to her like tat. annie says i am thinking abt him all time and comes close to him and says nthg happened tat nyt bet u and me and laughs.
rk looked on

aliya ask madhu did she had crush on anybdy and madhu gets tears in her eyes and leaves.abhi says wat aliya! and pragya follows madhu

Credit to: ishani

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