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rk ask her to see,when madhu sees he says i loved u soo much.bt u hav to understood my love so i didnt attend ur calls. sorry and makes his face like a baby. madhu laughs at him and rk kisses her. soon she responds, he take her to bed and turn off the light.

ishu callz madhu bt she didnt attend, raman says she may be busy with her frnds and dont disturb her,she will come lets go and sleep. ishu nods and raman picks her in his arms. ishu ask him to leave her bt raman says y i am taking my wife in my hands .anyone comes i will slap them and they laughs.

in the morning,
rk was the frst to get up in the mrmg,he sees madhu sleeping peaceful in his arms and remembers his last nyt and he kisses on her forehead. he sees his nail prints on her neck side,hands and thought it may hurted her and kept a kiss on them gently.
rk gets a call and made madhu to keep her head on pillow and leaves.

ishu gets worried since madhu didnt return and not picking the calls. raman comes and says dont worry, she is not a kid she will come and says bye,he kisses on her cheeks,ishu smiles.

madhu gets up to sit and sees her clothes scattered in the floor and thinks abt the initimate moves between them last nyt and thinks how can i? and she decides to speak to rk. she goes to washroom and changes her clothes and leaves.
she sees rk is busy in shots and calls him. rk comes and says i am sorry,i could not speak to u now. u better go to home.i will catch u latee and goes. madhu thinks its k we can speak later and leaves.

madhu goes into house,ishu hugs her and ask wat hapnd? y u didnt pick the calls and madhu says battery dead. madhu says i am tired and leaves to room.

she went in and says sorry bhabhi, i cant tell u the truth now. i want to speak to rk frst and then….. she sees the mark in her hands and smiles at them

rk calls madhu
madhu : hello
rk: hello princess, how r u now?
madhu: u dont hav anyother word instead of how r u?
rk smiles and says i thought u would be tired of yesterday and madhu: she smiles and says i want to take to u abt tat? when r u free?
rk says i will come to ur house.

raman comes from office and ask ishu to get his coffee. madhu gives him, he ask where is she? madhu says ” y u will not hav tis coffee” raman says nthg like tat and when did u came? madhu says mrng and ishu comes and sits with them.
raman ask her to get ready and says tday imp function so u hav to attend and ask madhu to tc of her as they will be late.madhu nods s.

raman, ishu left for function and after a while rk comes and hugs madhu from back. she screams bt rk says its me! rk ask where is bhai ,bhabhi she says they went to a function. rk says its good tat nobody is there and comes near madhu. madhu pushes him and says i know ur mind will think this and i am not in the mood. rk ask why baby? madhu says how long i can lie to them, rk says wait fr a month i hav to fnsh an imp movie after tat we can say to them. madhu hugs him and keeps her head on his chest and says u will not leave me naa? rk says hey u believe me or not and madhu nods s. rk : kk lets go out fr dinner.

after their dinner rk drops madhu and says gn and leaves. raman, ishu also came. raman ask did she ate? madhu says s and gn to them

next mrng,
madhu gets up to see her room is fully decorated by flowers and gets to sit and shocked when raman,ishu comes with cake
they says HAPPY BDAY MADHU, she gets tears and hugs them saying thank u. she cuts the cake and enjoyed
madhu thinks to suprise rk by gng to his studio and to tell him tat it is her bday.
she gets ready and leaves.

in the studio

madhu searches for rk nowhere he is and ask the spotboy where he is and he says he is in his private room.madhu thinks wat he was dng there ,may be he knows my bday and planing to suprise and she opens the room. she was shocked……..-

she was shocked to see rk and annie in the bed. rk was unconciousness and annie smiled at her saying. we had bcme husband – wife last nyt. madhu shatters and leaves from there running.

after 2 hrs,
rk gets up and searches where he is? and tried to leave. the spotboy asked where he is madhu madam searches u and left crying. rk says y she cried and calls her, it was switched off. he calls ishu to check if she is in home safe bt ishu says she left in mrng at she didnt come.

he seatches fr her for above 5 hrs and gets her in the beach. she was sitting and watching the waves. rk reaches her and says thank god u r here and y u didnt take the cals and made her to stand facing towards him. she was silent he shakes her, madhu slaps him hard and cries how can he hurt her. he knows she loves him and more tan her and she slept with him and he used her. how cheap. rk gets angry and was abt to slap her bt couldnt. he says wat madhu… i used u. r u mad. wats wrong with u . i think tat day with u is the biggest sin of my life and thinks abt he must not said tat.
madhu falls down saying tday is my bday, i thought to suprise u bt u and anniee.. she cries hard. rk says no it cant be true.
madhu says enough … enough. plse u carry on wat u want to do. bt dont disturb me again. if so i will kill myself and leaves.rk looks on her.

it was raining, she comes to home and suprised to see her frnd pragya with her husband abhi(from kumkum bhagya) and hugs her. pragya says how long after cing u. madhu could nt get happy bt smiles.
pragya thinks somethg is there and ask her to come with her
madhu frst tries to lie bt she cant and cries hugging her. madhu tells all the truth and pragya pacifies her saying come with me to us free up ur mind and come later. i will talk to bhai and bhabi.madhu thinks she is right and says k

precap : rk comes to madhu’s house…. ishu says she left to us with her frnd. rk cries

Credit to: ishani

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