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ishu takes madhu inside and makes her to lay on bed
she sees a scratch on her hand and asked how it hapnd and calls raman. raman, rk comes in and ishu puts bandage . raman went out in anger,rk follows him and ishu makes madhu to sleep.

raman ,rk waits till ishu comes.raman: wat hapnd? rk : raman i was gng back to home sees madhu asking fr help and when i get out,i saw sultan and beats him
raman : i know abt them. y they want madhu to get marry to tat idiot. all fr tis properties.
rk says hold on. wat … properties? bt madhu said tat its her father’s last wish.
raman: wat rubbish? how can my father say bcoz of them they died and gets tears. ohhh its their new drama. i will not leave. rk says its late i will come tmrw
raman nods

raman and ishu in their room
raman sits in the bed. ishu sits beside him and says dont worry,its not madhu’s fault, we can make her understand,now sleep and was abt to turn, raman holds her hand. he says thanks fr being with me,thanks fr taking care of my family. ishu says not ur family…. its our family. madhu is like my sister .raman says will u be with me forever. ishu promises and raman hugs her.

in the mrng, ishu calls madhu to hav breakfast
madhu thinks, wat to say if they ask anythg.and comes and sits near raman.raman holds madhu’s hand and ask y u want to marry sultan? madhu: bcoz i love him
raman laughs. madhu ask y he is laughing.
raman says i know tat u r dng fr our parents wish
bt how can they say when they were killed by them. they passed away bcoz babaji wants all the properties on his name. so he killed without a trace. bt by gods wish, pappa transfers all props to ur name. to get tat sultan wants to marry u he says. madhu gets shocked and says i will not leave them and says sorry to raman and hugs him. he says when u r with me i can defeat them.ishu smiles.

madhu goes to her room and thinks how to unite raman and ishu and tat time rk calls her.
rk: hey bubbly? how r u?
madhu: dont call me like tat.
rk: ohh u r getting more angry. hop u r fyn
madhu smiles. y did u called me?
rk : i want to speak to u. madhu;: k cme to my home i need ur help to unite bhai,bhabhi
rk: then wats the plan. madhu shares a plan and rk says if i help u,u hav to do a favor to me.
madhu says s and ends the call

in evening rk comes to madhu’s home ,madhu signals rk to take raman and goes with ishu

raman and rk
rk: bhai, can i ask u smthg? raman nods. rk: do u love bhabhi? i mean u like her.
raman smiles and says i hate love after shagun left me bt when i saw ishu carrying fr me,madhu,kids i hav a trust on her and i think i love her.
rk says wow bhai and hugs him

madhu to ishu.
madhu: bhabhi do u like bhai.
ishu: y u r asking? madhu says just to know. ishu: i dont know bt i like his attitude of taking care of all. i know he lost faith on love bt i will try to change his thoughts
madhu : tis means u love him
ishu nods yez and blushes
madhu hugs her.

all the four gathered in hall.
rk looks at madhu and nods s. madhu too nods. madhu ask ishu to say wat she feels fr raman.rk says to raman to say to her. both of them get shy and raman was frst to broke silence. he kneels down with one leg and ask ishu ” will u be my life patner” ishu gets suprised and nods ss and gives her hand. raman kisses her hand. rk and madhu hugs eachother as tjeir plan worked.
rk says i and madhu will go out and u pple can enjoi and leaves with her. madhu says all the best and leaves.

raman and ishu in their room
raman says i cant believe till now tat i proposed u. i dont want to fall in love again bt u changed me and makes her to sit in his lap. she bigs him by keeping her face on his chest and didnt speak. after sometime he feels tat she is crying. he lift her chin in his palms and ask y r u crying and wipes her tears. she says i didnt even think i will get such a good husband like u and hugs him tightly. they slept into others hand.

madhu was muh enjoyed and thiks like flying. rk catches her by waist, she suddenly jerks and takes his hand
rk says sorry and says now its ur time to come with me to a restaurent tmrw before she could speak he says we can goo

next mrng
madhu sees ishu making breakfast and tinks to tease her. she ask how is her yestday night while ishu blushes ,raman comes and scolds madhu fr teasing her
she says kk bhai,then u say abt ur last night . raman says speak like a 20 yrs old girl not like grandma’s and holds her ears. she says sorry and hugs him.she says i want u to be happy and one thng tday i am gmg to hang with my frnds ,dont wait fr me .and leaves.raman smiles at her and holds ishu’s hand
she ask him to leave and says madhu is cmg, he leaves her,ishu rans away.

in the restaurent
madhu waits fr rk. after a long time rk comes and says sorry.madhu says its k and ask him to order food. after ordering, madhu waz abt to speak bt one of his fan entered and ask fr selfie and autographs
he teases madhu by spending tym with his fan and madhu leaves with anger. he excuses from her and ran behind her and hold her hand and drag aside near a wall. she ask him to hav dinner with tat fan and was annoyed. rk says ,y r u getting jealous do u love me? madhu looks into his eyes and says no. rk ask no and comes closer to her to kiss bt she pushes him
she says” i dont like this. dont come towards or close to me” . rk says k fyn and ask her to get in the car. both didnt talk and rk didnt even see her once and madhu feels alone.

after a month.
madhu thinks no calls,no messages from him and thinks to call him. she calls and rk picks up.wat madhu? he asked. she thinks he is anger at me so tat he didnt call me bubbly. she says i want to meet u, rk says k come to studio. madhu thinks y i think abt his hugs,kissez i really love him. i was just mad in this month and heads to leave to see him.

in the studio,rk ask her to come to private room where nobody comes and madhu cries seeing him. she hugs him saying i missed u soo much rk. i love u. i know i hurted u bt i am sorry. she cries. rk says shhhh no no. i left u fr 1 mon so u can realize our love and kisses her.

precap: madhu gets up to see tat she was in tat priv room from last night and rk was found nowhere

Credit to: ishani

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