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raman asked r u mad, wat r u spking? hav u lost ur sense?
madhu says no and gets babaji blessing. sultan smiles. raman takes madhu aside and says madhu,he is a villager how could u marry him? madhu says love doesnt know literate or not. so plse bhai dont interfere in my life. raman gets shocked. madhu serves snacks,tea to them. ramab holds his anger and turns madhu towards him saying tis marriage will not happn. madhu says bhai and ta time raman holds her hand and drags to her room and locks her. madhu cries and shouts. later 5 mins no sound. raman remembers tat she has breathing prob and opens the door. she lay on the floor unconciousness. he tooks her and makes her to lay on bed and calls doctor. he ask them to go and he will think abt sultan : madhu marriage. babaji smirks and leaves

doctor comes and checks, puts her an injection and says she will be k.
madhu gains conciousness and gets to sit. ishu comes and gives her juice without looking at her. madhu asks her to speak. ishu leaves juice on the table and leaves.

madhu cries of her hope-lessness and prays to god.

rk sees madhu ‘s pic in his mobile and says how beautiful u r. anyone can die for ur smile. i am gng to propose u tday so plse accept mw. otherwise i will die in front of u. radha comes there rk ask her to wish best of luck she too wishes.

rk goes to madhu’s home. raman comes and greets, hugs him.rk ask where is madhu,raman gets angry and says in her room and shows the way
rk leaves. while entering her room ,he sees her sitting on the bed and turns to face him. rk sees her eyes and felt to hug her tightly bt controlled his emotions. madhu says come in and rk goes near her.
madhu says wats the matter. rk clears his throat and says u look beautiful. madhu says thanks and rk thinks ” y am i teling like this? ”
rk says madhu and hold her hands. madhu looks at him,rk comes near to madhu and says madhu i love u and looks into her eyes. madhu gets tears and moves from there. rk leaves behind her she says no rk. i didnt love u. i thought u as my frnd.not other than tat. rk brokes out and sees a knife in her side table. he takes it and cuts his hand. the blood was flowing. madhu didnt see him she was turned away from him. after some mins she turned to say within tat she sees his state and runs towards him. madhu” rk wat is this? y u r dng like tis. and tooks the first aid box and bandages his hand. rk sees her caring and the tears for him.. he lift her chin with other hand and says tis is love? madhu says i dont know wat it means. i cannot accept ur proposal bcoz i am gng to get marry.

rk shocks and ask wat? u can not do tis? how can u
madhu broke into tears and says i hav to and says the truth of her fathers wish
rk could nt say anythg. he left
raman calls him to hav dinner bt he leaves. madhu cries and says sorry rk.

raman in his room thinks abt madhu’s words and says how can she speaks to him ,he is his brother. ishu comes towards him and keeps her hand. raman sees her and ask her to sit .ishu sits and wipes his tears. he holds her hand towards his chest and cries. she ask him not to bcoz she also get tears and cries. raman looks at her and says y madhu shd do like this and now wat am i gng to do?
ishu ask him not to worry and ask him to sleep and she goes to her side of bed.

madhu gets a call and the man in the phone ask her to come to a place and says address. she leaves and goes there. sultan comes behind her and holds her waist. madhu gets shocked and pushes him. he says u r gng to bcme my wife and wats wrong with it. madhu says gng not ur wife and starts to walk. he holds her hand and tries to kiss her but she runs. sultan follows her. madhu hits a car cmg from opp side and says to help. rk gets down and ask wat hapnd? madhu hugs him and says to help her. rk beats sultan,sultan falls unconciousness. rk gives his jacket to madhu amd makes madhu to sit in the car

rk takes madhu inside inside her house. raman ask how did she went out. madhu says sultan calls her and raman slaps her. raman says wat u r gng? madhu cries.ishu holds her and touches her and shocked. she says she is shivering,she has fever and gets her.

precap: rk tells raman tat madhu is marrying sultan bcoz of ur father’s wish. raman says wat rubbish…

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