yes of course i know how it gets angry for updating late bcoz i am also a fan of ff and sorry guys i had exams so plse dont mistake me.

its a good morning in raman’s home and madhu comes to hall where raman and ishu sitting and having their nok jhok. ohh wat hapnd? madhu ask. raman says nthg and looks at ishu. madhu says tday i and ruhi gng to c rk in his studio ,he invited us. raman says bt .. ishu holds his hands and nods s. raman says ok bt be safe call me when u reached there and i want to talk to rk. madhu nods s and leaves. ishu says dont worry we can speak to rk to care madhu.

madhu gets a call and says hello?
rk; madhu its rk.did u gt ready?
madhu: s and says we will be there in an hour.
rk; its k i will leave my assistant there he will pick u in
madhu : kk and cuts the phone.

madhu,ruhi reached the studio ,his assist came and says mam, welcome and gives a rose to her and ruhi. madhu says wats it? and assist rk sir says to give and takes in.rk stares at madhu cmg with ruhi,says hi and hugs him. rk could feel nice and hugs back and ask a girl to took ruhi with her. madhu goes with him and after an hour, she gets a call and panicked. rk says wh0?
madhu says its bhai, i forgt to call him and picks and says hello? raman asked how long he is waiting for her call. madhu says sorry bhai ,raman says ok and ask her to giv to rk. rk; hello
raman : hey rk,plse take care of madhu plse dont leave alone.
rk: ohh k dont worry and cuts call.

rk was abt to sit with madhu bt director calls him and says shot ready. madhu says go i will wait here. rk says dont leave and stay here.he keeps an eye on her bt after his shot he searches her bt she was not seen.

A man holds madhu’s hand, she ask who is he? and ask him to leave her hand. he says i am sultan and i am ur uncle’s son.
madhu looks at him, he sees to be like a villager( remember sultan in madhubala) and thinks how can be and bro didnt say anythg abt them.
madhu says sorry i think u r wrong i am nt the right girl bcoz i dont hav any uncle. sultan says yes i know ur name is madhu right.madhu gets blank.he round his hands around her waist and holds near to him. madhu could’ nt know wat to do and looks confused and pushes him back. sultan again holds her hand and says, i want to say u r soo beautiful. u look like an angel and was abt to hug her bt madhu pushea him. she says enough! wat u want? sultan says uuu.
madhu gets shocked and ask wat rubbish? sultan says ok answer to my question y ur bro didnt say abt us to u? madhu says dont no. sultan says he didnt want us to near u bcoz we r nt educated as him and u know wats ur father’s last wish!! madhu nods no and sultan says ” u to marry me!! ” madhu r u gng to fulfil ur dad’s last wish. madhu looks at him.
rk comes and ask madhu wat hapnd? r u alright? ts my mistake to leave u alone. madhu says i am fine, its getting late we hav to go back. and leaves.rk thinks something hapnd to her and worried.

scene3 : madhu thinks of sultan words.
raman ask y u look so tired. anythg hapnd and waits fr her answer in a tensed state. ruhi says after leaving studio madhu is like tis dad. madhu comes to raman and says i want to marry. ishu, raman gets shocked. raman asked wat? wat r u saying madhu. madhu speaks softly yes bhai. his family will meet u tmrw in our house.

madhu goes to her room and locks and cries. how could i marry sultan. he looks like don with pistles bt i dont like tat . bt fr pappa i hav to do this.

sultan speaks to his dad babaji
sultan : babaji dont worry, i lied to madhu and she will marry me.
babaj: great beta, now will c wat raman wil do.

next mrng,
raman’s door bell rings
ishu opens. sultan, babaji said namasthe! ishu smiles and ask who are them?
babaji said i am raman’s uncle.
ishu invites them in and calls raman in fear.
raman comes and asked who let u in? get out of my house! raman shouted in anger.
sultan said if she says i will leave. raman asked who? tat time madhu comes and said welcome! bhai i want to marry sultan. raman gets shocked.

precap: raman asked wat u r saying madhu. how could u marry him and says enough, go inside and drags her.

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