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scene1 :
raman says thank u rk and radha comes saying its k beta ,tc of her, she is little frightened and raman says k ma come a visit to my home rk with ma and says time to leave,

madhu says thank u so much for taking care of me and leaves

madhu and raman comes home. ishu comes and hugs her where did she went without telling her?
raman says leave her alone let her take rest, and then ask ur questions
madhu sleeps and raman sits behind her, ishu watches and thinks he is more concern for madhu and smiles

raman comes to his room and gets a call and shocked to hear the voice after 15 yrs. walks near his parents photo and says mom, dad ,i am sorry for my mistake. i will take care of madhu from now.
ishu comes and place her hand on his shoulder,raman turns with teary eyes. ishu asked wat hapnd? raman says nthg and was abt to leave. she holds his hands and says u can share tis with me,i will help u if i can.

raman looks at her and begins to speak. he says my parents died due to an accident bt tat accident is planned murdered. it was done by my father’s own sister’s uncle sardar (imagine tis charac) for all properties and money. bt unfortunately my father decided tat it will belongs to the man who madhu marries. so i thought to escape from there with her and makes an identity. bt after so many years he identified us and wants to marry madhu to his son who his a villager, illiterate and only for money,if they gets it they will even kill her. now wat am i gng to do? ishu worries and pacifies him saying nthg can do against madhu, so not to worry, and raman says not to tell her bcoz she is so wek and somethng will happen to her. ishita says i will not say and holds his hand and promises. they have an eyelock and raman was the frst to broke and leaves to c madhu.

ruhi, adi goes to madhu’s room and says i missed u soo much bua and hugs her. madhu says i too missed u both. ishu comes with soup and ask ruhi and adi to fresh up and sits near madhu. madhu says i am fine and i hav to make a call so i … ishu holds her and says u can do madan, frst fnsh tis soup, madhu says i dont like soup ishu and ishu makes her to eat. madhu cries saying tat i missed her soo much when i was small bt now i see her in the way of u. ishu says ooooh! drama queen, plse hav tis soup and speak. madhu takes raman watches from outside and leaves.

rk was worried abt madhu and thinks to meet her and goes to her home.

ishu opens the door and ask who is he?
he says rk and ishu says come in! real star and ask him to wait,till madhu comes. ruhi,adi sees him and ran towards him and says rk!!!! adi takes selfie with him and ruhi gets autographs and madhu comes there and ask them to go to their room.

Madhu ask wat a suprise? rk says i came here bcoz to see u if u r fne?madhu says i am k .
ruhi comes to rk and says i want to see ur shoot and rk says yes princess u can come anytime.
madhu says she just talking funny dont take it serious. Rk says ruhi can come and madhu u must come to my studio and says bye see u too ladies tmrw.

precap: madhu, ruhi comes to studio a man comes and says somethg to madhu she gets shocked.

Credit to: ishani

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