thanks fr ur comments.
all r having dinner
madhu says ,wow bhabhi the food is super.and asked raman to say.
he also says good and ruhi, adi says u r the best ishi maa, ishita smiles.
in the room, ishita sets alarm fr tmrw, raman comes.
ishita ask, do u want to say anythg?
raman just looks on and says thank u
ishita :: really, u r saying thanks, god i could not… its dream or real
raman says thanks fr keeping my kids happy, tats it.
ishu says they need ur love so plse be polite to them
raman says i know and says gn
ishu says he is behaving like raavan.

next mrng.
rk says to radha ,his mom abt madhu whom he feels different. radha ask abt her name bt rk says if she is only fr me i will meet her next tine.

shagun says to ashok tat raman married a woman, and madhu talked to her rudely ashok asked her not to worry, he will repay it back

at evening
madhu makes ishu to get ready, ishu says she is comfortable in saree bt madhu says bt now she is raman’ s wife. so she has to try something new, she brings an outfit which is a long gown wirh sleevess,. ishu says no bt madhu makes her to wear .

raman says how much time u will take and come down plse otherwise we could nt reach on time.madhu says mrs.raman is cmg and ishu comes down. raman stares at her and says in his mind ,she is good. madhu says how she is? raman says gd and ask madhu to keep on touch wirh him through calls

in the function everyone stares at ishu and raman feels jealous. ashok and shagun comes there, even ashok stares at her. ishu feels awkward. they welcomed raman and ishu and raman introduces tat she is my wife,who is such a caring mom.

madhu thinks to go to market and ruhi, adi had gone to their classes and she could pick them when returning.

madhu goes to market and thinks someone is following her and was abt to turn, someone sprayed a liquid on her face, she gets unconciousness.it was after an hour, adi calls ishu tat madhu didnt come to pick up and ishu says i will come and sees raman talking to someone and thinks not to disturb and leaves. ashok comes to raman says ur wife looks beautiful,raman says i know and ashok says tday one of ur family member will be getting away from u and leaves
raman thinks to c ishu bt she is not there and he calls her bt she didnt pick up

ishu picks adi and ruhi and returns to home and thinks where did madhu went without saying to her.
raman rushes to home and calls ishita and she comes ,raman asked y did she leave without saying and not picking the calls, she says adi calls and ask me to pick up and dont know where madhu went.
raman ask where is madhu and calls her. the phone rings bt it was in the hall. he thinks abt ashok words and ask ishu to be carefull and leaves.

madhu opens her eyes slowly and sees where is she? she is in a dark place where no one is there
madhu escapes from there and comes to road where she sees a car coming towards her. she stops it and rk gets down and asked madhu, wat happened? is she is fyn. madhu faints and rk holds her and decides to take to his home.
raman searches for madhu and calls his frnd mihir, he too joins with him and searches.

rk gets madhu to home and asked his pa to call doctor and takes her to room.radha asked who is she? rk says she is the girl whom he met in mall.

he makes her to lay on bed and covers her by a blanket and doc comes. the doc says nthg to worry, she is wek so tat she faints, i will put an injection for her. and doc leaves. rk sits beside her and falls asleep.
the commissioner says we hav to wait for a call from kidnappers. raman cries and says bcoz of him and mihir consoles him

in the mrng,
madhu opens her eyes and she is in unknown person’s house and sees rk cmg with food.
madhu: where am i?
rk;: u came towards my car and i asked u wat hapnd, u faint and i brought u to my house.
madhu says thanks and radha comes and says u r nt strong enough to go so plse eat breakfast.
madhu sees and begans to eat
rk asked how did u went there?
madhu says everythg and asked to call his brother, she gives his number and rk calls and raman picks up.
raman : hlo, who is tis?
rk: hey tis is rk and ur sister is safe and she is my house and come here, he gives the address
raman says to mihir and they comes to rk ‘ s house
rk says welcome to our house and comes and hugs him

madhu comes down and hugs him and cries. raman says tat tis is bcoz of ashok and ask her not to worry and thanks rk.

precap: raman comes with madhu, ishu hugs and ask her where did she went.

Credit to: ishani

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