long back guys
happy new yr to all.may god gve all u want

raman ask ishu to get ready, she ask where they r gng? .raman says tat ruhi nd adi went to their frnds bday party and lets go out and spend some time fr us. ishu nods and leaves to get ready.

madhu puts makeup fr heroine and rk sees her and gets angry. he holds her hand and pinned to the wall, both the eyes met bt madhu was frst to break. madhu looks somewhere
rk ask her to go to home bt madhu takes his hand away and says its my wish and leaves.

ishu and raman are in restau and raman takes ishu ‘s hand in his and started romance with her. by the tym a tall man comes behind ishu and closes her eyes. raman gets angry. he was abt to ask who is he? bt ishu guesses him and turns and hugs abhimayue….abhi how r u.?
he says fyn and gathered with them. ishu says i am waiting fr u. raman looks confused and ishu says he is like my big bro. we r frnds from the school
and i ask him to come here

raman asked but y?
ishu says i asked him to cme here to marry madhu, bt we want ur wish so i asked him to cme. he is a nice person and suits fr madhu.
raman says i will speak to hr and says they all fnshed dinner.

madhu comes home seeing ishra with abhi sitting. raman ask her to take a seat
raman says ‘ madhu he is abhimanyu and ishu’s frnd. he wants to marry u wats ur wish?
madhu shocked frst and nodded yes slightly after a while. all was happy except her
she says yes to br away frm rk. its means its the only solutn and decides to spk to abhi

next mrng, in the studio
madhu was busy in her work and rk comes and intrepts her. she says calmly to leav her bt he didnt and she says she is gng to get marry. rk shocked.

guys ur feedbacks. i know its small update next will be long and hav many twist

Credit to: ishani

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  1. Kya yaar rk madhu always fighting

  2. Hiii…ishra moments are cute..

  3. Yes its cute waiting for nxt episode

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