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Raman says i want to talk to her, bala asked ishita to take him to her room. Both goes and raman says cmg to point, i want u to be a mom for my kids and nt a wife fr me. If its k lets talk further. Ishita looks on and says i am happy, and blessed bcoz i am gng to bcme a mom and u know i was rejected by everybdy bcoz i could nt becme a mother
But i am happy with tis. Raman looks on and they comes out. Bala ask wat u hav decided?
Raman says we r ready to marriage and by tmrw bt in a register office and looks at madhu and says happy!
Madhu goes and hugs raman and says yaaa and hugs ishita and says welcme to our home. Ishita nods ,adi, ruhi rans to her and says thank u ishu aunty, she says maa,ishi maa

Next day
Raman and ishita gets married simply and comes to home. Madhu takes arti and welcmes them.bala and vandu leaves
Raman says i hav meeting and leaves. He forgot the imp file and came to collect it, he sees ruhi,adi,madhu,ishu chatting he gets angry and says adi,ruhi go and study and madhu go and do some work leave her alone for sometime. All leaves and ishu thoughts y he is getting angry fr small things and wents to kichen.she ask madhu abt tis.madhu feels sad.
She says my parents passed away when i was small and bhai used to take care of me. We were middle class and he married shagun and when she left with his boss his caring turns to arrogant. He thinks tat who all he liked will leave and so he is nt taking care of kids and askng me to tc and hugs ishu. And says u hav to change him bt ishu says i am just a mom and leaves
adi,ruhi listens and adi says i hav an idea
Raman comes home late and sees adi,ruhi standing and ask they didnt sleep. Adi,ruhi goes and hugs him, he gets teary eyed and adi says we will not leave u pappa and hugs, ruhi, adi says i love u so much pappa and raman says i love u too and cries.
Madhu says its happy time and asked raman to take fr shopping.
raman says k and all leaves

They got ready and left for shopping.
madhu says to ishu u carry on i will come now and leaves. She keeps on seeing nice gift for ishu and sees shagun, shagun ask how r u and taunts her abt her brother.
Madhu looks away and raman asked ishu where is madhu and sees her and goes to her, raman gets angry on seeing shagun and madhu introduces ishu to her as her bhabhi. Shagun gets annoyed. They left.

Raman gets a call and gets happy. Madhu ask wat hapnd? Raman says i was selected as a president and there is a function for tat and looks at ishu and says u hav to come with me. Madhu says super.
They came out of mall. Madhu says, oh god i left my bag ,i will come and runs
While abt to reach she slipped but pulled by rk and she says thanku and hugs him bcoz she is so happy fr raman. Rk looks on and says she is different.

Precap: raman calls ishu bt she didnt pick up the call.

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Credit to: ishani

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