Himanshu… thnx for commenting.. but i want to tell u one thing that.. we all here not spending our whole day in writing and reading stories…. this is just a part time hobby… and we all know our responsibility towards our society… if u don’t like to spend ur precious time in this nonsese stupid and idiot ff… don’t spend ur precious time… there are many frnds who wishes to spend their valuable time… and.. what do u mean by “do some work”.. for ur kind info… here most of them are working girls… or a college girl… sorry to say this.. if u find anything wrong u can tell but the way used the words was not appropriate…… i didn’t want to hurt u in the same way as u hurt us all… sorry once again if i said anything wrong…

Coming to my ff… thank u guyz for ur awesome comments… i couldn’t reply to each and everyone… thnx all…
Here is special promo for sunday

Kushi gets ready in red long frock wearing the pendant which asr gifts her in payal engagement..
Asr waits for her in coffee shop
Raizada mansion
Dadi: gudiya where u gng
Ishu: having some work dadi
Dadi: don’t u know… i wont allow u go alone… raman will go with her
Ishra leaves in car
Kushi came running to asr and grabs him..
Kushi: that might have hit u… cant u pay attention..
Asr: relax.. nothing happened nah…
Kushi looks tensed…asr cups her fave : relax kushi… thnx for coming…
Ishu sees arnav .. but she couldn’t see kushi
Ishu” oh no.. arnav with some girl.. i cant believe
Raman: i too cant believe.. who is that fool… let it be.. lets leave…
Ishu: u go i will follow them…
Raman: i wont leave u alone.. dadi will eat me…

Asr with kushi… raman with ishu follow them

Mihir’s cute surprise for payal….
This is treat to ishra and arshi fans valentines day special promo…. are u guyz are interested?
Also a hidden sweet thing is here.. which i don’t want to break in promo… u have to wait for that ….

Promo for upcoming week is not as detailed…

Wedding preparations of miryal is going on… where arshi develop their feelings… and ishra tries to sort out the difference….

Once again thnk u guyz … and sorry himanshu if anything hurts u

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  1. I like the promo and arshi love

    1. Thank you mp

  2. Arshi super promo..!! Will be waiting for that dear..!! I know it will be fabulous as always.. Keep going

    1. Thank u so much kavya

  3. Yaar its just awesome
    And eho is this himanshu said like that
    I am studying and a student of CA each day in morning 5 a.m. i just wake up and get ready till 6 for my coaching classes as it starts at 6.30 to 5 p.m. in the evening .
    If u guys know about CA then u can understand its true that coaching class for this last for long
    For atleast 12 hr i stay out when i return home i need some entertainment and have left tv
    Even dont watch original yhm bcoz of the schedule
    And its the best entertainment package

    1. Omg CA

      Superb kajal..
      nd thank u fr commenting.. Nd ya himanshu commented in my previous episodes..

  4. Its a really nice promo arshi. Please reunite ishra. And dnt make ur heart hurt for such people like himanshu. And waiting for ur next epi. Love ur ffs.

  5. Niharika Ahmed

    Nice 😀

  6. Waiting for tomorrow……superb promo as usual…and yeah I totally agree with u arshi..we know what to do for society too..there is no need to specify us and if he doesn’t want to waste his time y did he comment?? Anyway jst look forward for spl 50th episode yaar……

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb Promo yaar……….

  8. Wowww awesome promo yaar when u r going to update….

  9. thank u guyz…. i will be posting the spl epi on sunday… and i hope u all like that

  10. promo was fab…. curious… and intresting…. go ahead…we all enjoy this…. nd follow this too…. u r the best buddy…

  11. Awesome… arshi r u a tamilian

    1. yeah sangz

  12. Really for sure we have to like it bcz every time u entertain us so well n then also some people r not bother about it..ok let’s leave it and ya I’m a engineering student how can he say this if his time is so precious then how come he came to comment in this Ff.
    N arshi tel u one thing ur Ff is too awesome
    Stay blesses

  13. thank u guyzzzz

  14. hey.., arshi i cant comment every day since i m busy in studies
    i ll b silent reder fao some dayss
    I take sceenshots of ff and whenever i get time i read it…
    really promo is superb…. good going..

    1. That’s soo sweet vsk.. Thank you sooooo much

  15. hey.., arshi i cant comment every day since i m busy in studies
    i ll b silent reder fao some dayss
    I take sceenshots of ff and whenever i get time i read it…
    really promo is superb…. good going..
    and don’t bother about people like himanshu..

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