Special epi ….

Long night update for all of you guyz…
Vishwanathan(oorur village man): my boy…. raman… you two seems a beautiful couple… this is special night.. maha yudh night… according to our village tradition… we choose any Jodi of this village and make the groom wear the kaala chain to the bride….chameli had said everything to us.. by this i came to conclusion that this year you are that Jodi…
Raman: no.. no… how can … this is your village’s traditions… you should do that with any of ur villager..
VN: no beta… i have decided…. you should do .. thats it… hold this kaala chain… make her wear.. simple.. right?
Ishu: raman.. do what they say… if they came to know about us.. we wont have any place to stay…
Raman nods and makes oshu wear that chain…ishu sees raman in mirror and raman also sees ishu… they remembers the same scene.. where raman made ishu wear one cute pearl set…
They stare at each other…
Nee illa raathriyum kaatrillatha irava… song played
Mere bina main rehne laga hoon
Teri hawa mein behne laga hoon played

His finger touched her neck… they break their eyes.. and turns…
VN leaves… raman closes the door…
Ishu:thank god.. now pls no more issues… i wish time runs faster…
Raman: for that i have one idea…
Raman looses his shirt.. and comes close to ishu…
Ishu: wwhhh.. wwwhhaa..aa..ttt idea…
Raman: awesome idea .. by which i will feel good… and trust me.. you also like it…
Ishu: no raaman.. i don’t need any stupid idea from u… u go from here…
Ishu tries to leave… raman blocks her way
Rman: first listen my idea…
Raman keeps his hand in wall… ishu got scared…
Ishu: raman… no.. stop this nonsense…
Kushi to herself: today that lord governor has crossed all the limits… by which activity he thinks like this… i mean how can he think like this.. kushi… what that mean to u.. leave it.. he does nt deserve your attention right?…. nooo… and he may think anything.. why it bothers me… i am going to eat…
Payal to herself: i just felt… mihir sir.. was upset hearing that news… does he likes me?… i thought he was just teasing me just like a colleague …but what i saw in his eyes.. is not just a friends concern.. more than that… i don’t know what will happen now… he didnt express his feelings yet.. i hope.. there should nt be any problem bcz of me…
Kushi: jiji.. are u alright?
Payal: yyyeeah kushi.. what will happen to me?
Kushi: tmr a rajkumar will come to see u.. and you are saying u r alright…
Payal: ya.. so wat?
Kushi: jiji.. you always were excited to such things.. but … i could smell some problem.. what is cooking in ur head..
Payal: nnoo kushi.. nothing… nothing .. i am feeling sleepy..
Asr mansion…
Arnav to himself: why i have behaved weirdly … what if mihr likes kushi.. why i should bother… i have told her too many things today.. to which she will be upset..
So what.. i don’t care of her…
Mihir: bhai… wat hap to u?… today.. i have seen a dif arnav there..
Arnav: nothing like that… u tell me.. does she know that you love her?
Mihir: there is no point now… she will be getting married soon.. tmr someone is coming to see her..
Arnav got shocked..: how can she do like this…?
Mihir: leave it nah arnav..
Asr: no yaar.. she cant leave like this ..
.. means she cant leave u…(what hap to u arnav.. be a man… u should support mihir…) come on mihr..
Mihir: where?…
Arnav grabs mihir. Leaves in car…
Next scene
Ishu closes her eyes
Ishu: raman… nooo… i don’t want to hear any f ur ides…leave me…dont do anything..
Raman: oh jaansi ki rani.. i should be fool to think like…first open ur eyes…
Ishu opens her eyes and sees that raman had arranged bed for her…
Ishu: you talked abt some ides to spend night without any issues…. so i thought
Raman: to spend one night without any issue.. how can i risk my whole life.. r u mad?…. you girlz can only think like this…what to do… mind wont work properly for all… sometime it may happen…
Ishu: oh pls… stop taunting me.. you knowingly did this.. so that i feel scared… right?
Raman: oh madam.. i was abt to say that…. close ur mouth and sleep.. so that it wil be good for me and u also…
Ishu makes puppy face and turns.. she felt shamed …..
Arhir reach kushi’s home
Mihir:why here?….
Arnav: listen.. if not now.. it cant be urs forever… u r the man.. just go and propose her… .. first bring her here… no wait.. i will bring her here… bcz.. she is such a chatterbox.. she wont come with u.. i know how to bring her…
Mihir: no yaar.. ther can be problem
Arnav doesn’t listen and goes inside the home from a window…
Mhir notices payal in balcony…
Payal sees him and asks why had he came here…
Payal rushes to mihir.. and grabs him to the back side of the home…
She left the door open…
Payal: sir.. you?
Mihir: payal.. i just came here to say something.. important..
Payal: no sir… this is not the right time…
Mihir: if its not now.. it cant be forever..
Payal: sir..
Mihir keeps his hand over her mouth and says shhhhhh.. let me speak once…
Payal: ok tell mee fast..
Mihir: i just came here to say….
Payal: say….
Mihir: gud night..
Payal: what?….
Mihir: did u expect something else?
Payal: eerrr noo.. not really.. but you have came here to say gud nite.. that does not sound real…
Mihir: so.. i shoukd think f something else to tell u now.. right?
Payal: ………!!!!!

Arnav reaches kushi’s room
Kushi: aaaap… what r u dng here?… yeah.. i think.. you have forgotten to say something else to me… so came here to put another blame on me /.. right?
Arnav: shut up.. and comw with me…
Kushi:are u not feeling well?
Kk: then.. how an u think tat i will come wth u..
Arnv: ok then.. u wont listn righ?… i haav mny other ways ..
Kushi blinks.. arnav grabs her and covered her mouth with hr shawl.. and lifts her ..
He found the door opened..and went … and placed kuhi inside the car…then he searchd for mihir… but couldn’t find hm..
And goes back to kushi…..
Guyz…. so sorry… i have little work… so i will update the remaining scene of this epi till evening…
Next half of this epi will be uploaded later… but i will update it today itself…

Credit to: arshi

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  1. I thought that this episode is going to be romantic….but it’s comedy…but I like this ishra convo is superb…

    1. thank u neha… there will be little romantic scenes in next half of this epi.. hope u like tat

  2. Oh no arshi what’s gng to happen

    1. keep reading.. to know

  3. Ha ha ha he thinks kushi mihir pair so funny

    1. yeah…haha

  4. Super arshi i really enjoyed todays epi its just awesome

    1. thnk u zee

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    It’s Awesome yaar……&It’s OK ….We will wait til evng for the other half……

    1. thank u reshma….

  6. Nice one arshi I thought there will romance in this night epi between ishra but it was nice and don’t worry you complete your work we will wait for your next update…. Nice going!!!

    1. thnk u meera.. i had just now uploaded next half…

  7. Wow such a nice comedy

    1. thnx meghs

  8. Ishra scene was nice
    And wtf arnav thinks that mihir and khushi . I just broke up into laughter
    Update next ine soon

    1. haha.. yeah… thnx kajal

  9. Arshi if u have uploaded it then why os it not published????

    1. thats wat i also dont know.. thses people are nowadays uploading very late…

  10. hey, arshi!!! from where did you get these ideas, dear?? so funny and loved it!!!

    1. thnx yaar

  11. Arshi wer is the remaining update….cant wait with this suspense ?

    1. even i was waiting yaar.. i had uploaded it by 2 clock in afternoon.. still its not been posted… there may be technical issues i guess… even i m trying to upload the promo for next week.. its not uploading.. showing some error….

  12. Update soon

  13. Even our comment moderation is taking alot of time today

  14. Yeah… Its not been uploaded till now.. After the ff of the.. You r my life… After this ff nothing s uploaded

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