Good morning guyz…. a big twist s awaiting for u… lets just move into it…
Party.. tushal kapoor makes entry
Ishra cute dance
Arshi beautiful dance…
Arnav’s plan to make kushi to propose to him
Kushi: pls stop this…. ok fine.. i will reply to ur confession today night…
Asr smiles


Suraj in mind: u should regret of blackmailing me
Suraj holds shagun waist and pulls her towards him in party
Shagun: what the hell wrong with u suraj
Suraj: u only wants me to behave normally in party.. thats what i m doing… darling…
He gets much closer to shagun by which shagun gets angry

Party ends… twists knock the door…

Small truth behind shahun’s mrg will be open for u..

A dark room… a girl is seen falling over ground… with shock….
She then gathered herself and moves towards mirror.. and looks at herself… she is none other than KUSHI KUMARI GUPTHA SINGH RAIZADA
Kkg: what happened to kushi?… why devi maiyan punished u … for no reason….
She starts crying… recalling something…
Screen rewinds… where kushi was soo happy and surprises arnav with wonderful arrangement… she proposes asr….
Asr smiles evilly… screen got muted… asr tells something ….
After a while kushi couldn’t control herself…. she raises her hand and slapped asr….
At present… by that slap kkg jerks…
Kkg in front of mirror: kushi…. y have slapped him… no… i should not have done that…but how could he….
She again starts crying..

Bhula dena mujhe
Hai alvida tujhe
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina
Safar yeh tera, yeh raasta tera
Tujhe jeena hai.. mere bina
Ho teri saari shoharatein
Hai yeh duaa..
Tujhi pe saari rehamatein
Hai yeh duaa..
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina
Bhula dena mujhe
Hai alvida tujhe
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina


En Nanbane Ennai Yeithaai.. O..
En Paavamaai Vanthu Vaaithaai..
Un Polave Nalla Nadikan.. O..
Oorenkilum Illai Oruvan..
Nallavarkal Yaaro.. Theeyavarkal Yaaro..
Kandukondu Kanni Yaarum Kaathal Seivathillaiye..
Kankai Nathiyalla Kaanal Nathiyendru
Pirpaadu Gnaanam Vanthu Laapam Yennavo..?
Kaathal Yenpathu Kanavu Maalikai..
Purinthukolladi.. Yen Thozhiye..!!
Unmaik Kaathalai Naan Thedippaarkiren..
Kaanavillaiye Yen Thozhiye..!!


Raman comes to room with druken state..
Ishu: what the hell wrong with u raman…
Raman(not clear voice): iissshuuu…. i didn’t drink….
Ishu keeps hand over her nose
Raman: ishu iiii llllllooooveee uuu ishu…. iii llove uuu….
Ishu : raman but i don’t
Raman: i llove uuu iishuuu..
Ishu: oh god… he s .. ridiculous…
Ishu while moves… raman holds her hand and pulls her closer…. ishu couldn’t free herself… she was lost in raman’s eyes… .
Miryal sweet moments….
Guyz.. are u excited to know whats that storm which came into arshi’s life…. why kushi have slapped arnav…
Leave comments tto let me know
And one thing guyz.. whatever the twist may be… but the scene of arshi will be rocking as usual… so keep supporting guyz….

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  1. wow interesting promo.As usual u rock 🙂
    waiting for episodes eagerly.

    1. thnx moni

  2. Eagerly waiting yaar……….Plzz update fast.Cant wait till monday.Ur ff is awesome.Just fab……no words to express.I badly miss arshi but ur ff makes me feel good.Thnk u. Love u

    1. thnx divanshi…. will try to upload fast yaar

  3. Devudaaa arshi nuvvu enni melikalu pettina mudhuga untadi neekela anipisthe ala cheyi nenaithe epudu neethote…..and ya sweety plzzz don’t translate at least this one yaar plzzz plzz its a humble request ?

    1. haay allah… i m just smiling reading ur commet yaar..want traslation soon

      1. Intezaar ka fal meetha hotha haina arshi…sabr karo dear…

  4. !!!!! ….. ..
    Arshi,, what happened to my cute ArShi??? I was totally confused….. I can’t understand what happened?? Hey, Arshi, I don’t know what will happen Monday but I trust you… I know you won’t do anything wrong with my ArShi… But honestly today’s promo was very shocking……..confusing for me…

    And Thank u soooooo much for ur yesterday’s reply.. Sorry I couldn’t reply but Yeah!!! That will be a great great great gift for me… I will be waiting yaar,, thank u soooooooo much again…

    1. haha… keep patience dear… also… whatever happen… arshi scene will be rocking… have fun

  5. Very Exicted ….
    Eagerly waiting for Monday Arshi

  6. Wow arshi u rock my frnd!

  7. confusing n shocking promo…waiting for monday

  8. Its Really Good Promo……But its have confusion also…………Eagerly waiting for Ur update dr…………….

  9. thnx anii ude snehal reshama

  10. Hai guyz wow arashi u r so rckng yaar is asr taking any revenge frm cute kushi i think so but not cnfrm yaar and sry for not cmntng daily becoz i was busy in my studies thtz y i cant cmnt daily but i cmnt any how if i had time but ur simply rcking yaar i had no wrda to say for ur writings and how do u think tht we r not remembering ur scenes i had not miss even a single scene frm urs…… and try to post as soon as becoz we cant wait till monday…..

    1. ofcoure yaar ritu.. will post as soon as possible…. thnx thanx for this wonderful comment… and coming to your guess…. wait for two more lil days… u will get to know…. but i should say… partly u r correct….but only a 1 or 2 percent is rught/…

  11. what the
    why khushi slapped arnav
    really confusing and shocking scenes yaar
    want the update as soon as possible arshi

  12. hai guyz my name is kinnera and i m from andhra pradesh. i m big fan of ur ff

    1. Kinnera ee ff Ki swagatham suswagatham? ekada nundi ap lo??

  13. And you steal the show just with a promo you are really gifted akka …What’s this kushi slapped arnav….. I think some thing about bua and arnav’s dad is the reason…. I don’t know I can’t say how eagerly I am waiting for Monday …. And you gave a little rajarani touch to ishra that drinking scene… and please update it soooooon on Monday please and this time make ishu jealous over raman please please and please add armaan moments also please sissy it’s a request!!!

  14. Noelene. Naidoo

    Eagerly awaiting ur next update plz update soon

  15. Hey do whatever but don’t keep arshi far from each other n the promi was really amazing as usual …..stat blesses♥

  16. Interesting promo arshi. i am despiratly waiting 4 ur update.

  17. My heart beat got stucked while reading arshi scenes . I m just in……..
    No words
    Reveal the suspence
    Waiting for next
    Please dont seperate them or creatr any rift

  18. Thanq sharwani. i m frm vijayawada. i m studying B.Tech 2nd year in vizianagaram. aap kaha se ho?

    1. Hindi odhu lemma Telugu lo matladu…nenu hyd lo b tech 3 yr chadutuna kinnera…..

      1. Hai sharwani and kinnera …. nenu 9 th std chadhutuna nu though I am not from Andhra my mother tongue is Telugu…. me idhar tho friendship chesko vocha…. nenu chinna pilla ani ignore cheyodhu!!!

      2. Ayyo pichi pilla ikkada chinna pedda undadu talli andaru fans eh kada…aina Andhra kadu kani mother tongue Telugu antunnav ela??

      3. maa family Chennai lo settle aayindhi because of my dad’s work so technically I am not from Andhra but maa nanama thathaiya andharu ippudu Vizaglo unnaru so basically nenu oka Telugu ammaini!! And yes you are right we all are fans united by this page… thanks to arshi akka for this 🙂

  19. I was super shocked Yaar Arshi.PLZ don’t create any misunderstanding between Arshi.But Honestly It was just a Awesome Promo.

  20. wow..arshi….naku nijanga ela pogadalo teliyatam ledu…..chala intresting ga undi naku aa twist telusukovalani…. naku telusu…. nuvvu reveal cheyyavani….. nenu chala athrutaga eduru chustanu monday episode kosam….
    nd sharwani hi …..nenu telugu ammaini kabatti naku telugu vacchu…… by the way i’m frm kakinada…. where r u frm?

    1. Nadi hyd priya…em chestuntaru meeru…aina na fav place Adi Kakinada..nice to meet u??

  21. Awesome promo..
    I m loving suraj Nd Shagun also..
    Nd IshRa best as usual..
    Yeah exited for arshi

  22. Very nice Arshi.. But shocking I think its because of that Buaji’s truth??

  23. hii kinnera, meera, priya, sharwani…….nenu kudaa telugu personn….. nenu vizag nunchi vachhhhaaaaa. caala happy ga undi , so mant teugu vaalu

    1. Hii haru gud to hear that and m chestunnaru meeru??

  24. Arshi… vry beautiful to hear u as a house wife… i hvnt read ur ff by last one week.bt it was tooo rooocccckkkkiiinnggg????????lov ishra… and the promo abt arshi… was stunnning ???
    A suggestion akka… i would like to see that… ASR… with love n hatred in eyes for kushi… just a suggestion akka
    love u akka?

  25. And … i wish u a HAPPY MARRIED LIFE ?? akka??

  26. Ha ha ha NYC episode

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