Hello guyz… here s the promo for the upcoming week… actually i don’t have any further idea… so here s a small promo.. hope u guyz like it…

raman helps ishu in making knot in her rope…. ishu stares at him
ishu: how this sudden change ?
raman: just for mihir… till mihir’s mrg… i wont fight with u even to arnav…
ishu smiles at him… he neither giva a smile nor an anger look.. he left…

payal desperately waits for mihir to propose her…. so as with arnav waiting for opportunity to win the challange….

kushi: i know u cant.. now stop ur acting f scaring me
arnsv: if i did… what will u do
with lil hesitation kushi: whh what whatever u ask..
asr with naghty smile: think once again.. asr never lose…
kushi: even kushi never fails in challenge.. and if u succeed i will do whatever u asked?
Asr: to spend whole day … from morning to evening with me….
Kushi :!!!!!!
Asr: scared? I think u have trust in me that i will win for sure
Kushi: come out of ur misunderstandings… i m ready…. and if u lost u will do what i say
Asr: done…

Mihir seeking help from shagun to impress payal… raman to act sweet with ishu
And whom u want to win in this challenge.. arnav or kushi? Give comments to give ur opinion
Are you guyz excited to watch all these masti… don’t forget to leave comments to let me know….

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  1. arnav should win yr i would be awsm

    1. Thnx heena

  2. Obviously our arnav

  3. off course arnav yar…so that we can hv some beautiful n cute moments of arshi…
    interesting promo..

  4. Yeah hope so..
    Thanks for commenting guyz…

  5. i wish arnav win but in ipkknd whenever there is a challenge between asr and khushi. khushi always won the challenge and that too with asr help. for example payal sangeet and many more.

  6. Nice promo.I want arnav to win.

  7. With compramising from asr Kushi won.she realize it accept to his confitions.Its good idea naaaa

  8. Arnav should win …..

  9. Our ASR should be the winner

  10. Let arnav win arshi dr and lv ur ff. 😉

  11. Reshma Pradeep

    Of course ,Excited yaar…………I want to be win Arnav……By that way we get some ARSHI Moments na…..Isliye…..The promo is really Interesting…………It increasing our excitement yaar………..Gud Job……..

  12. Thank you guyz

  13. Kya baat hai arshi u jst gave a small promo bt we have to wait till Monday its unfair bt I’ll adjust and by the way my vote is for ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA
    no more doubts…..it will be interesting

  14. Arnav should win the challenge because I want more arshi moments

  15. Undoubting I would vote for ASR. This will lead to a strong foundation for Arshi relationship. And arshi once again u managed to satisfy all the leads equally ??????

  16. Arnav obviously..
    N hey plz do clear the misunderstandings between ishra n arnav..

  17. Arnav Offcorse

  18. arnav should win this challange and the story is going to have many masti shasti so i am also very excited

  19. Surely arnav should win. And please unite ishra soon.

  20. Arnav only win:)

  21. I want Arnav to be winner.Plz yaar Arshi update it regularly and plz keep it up

  22. arshi your ff is superb. I don’t have any words to express my feelings after reading your ff. The best ff I have ever read.

  23. make khushi win…..n let her demand something that will led herself in trouble n double masti for arnav

  24. Off course yar our arnav should win n ur promo is awesome exited for Monday to come it’s really awesome update u have created…..stay blessed

  25. Thank you guyz for your support

  26. Arnav Singh raizada is the best. Ofcors he should win.

  27. Kushi should win..
    And in return kushi will ask him to spend a full day with her…

  28. Thank u guyz for all ur comments.. it really encourages me… and.. whoever wins… there will be fun and masthi in upcoming episodes… hope u guyz enjoy t

  29. Oh wow arshi its cute.. No matters who wins… Its lovely..

    1. Thnx nivedha

  30. Hey.Arshi I’m waiting for next eppisode yaar.Where is next eppisode.

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