Goood morning guyz… here s a promo for upcoming week.. hope u like this track toooo… keep on commenting and supporting guyz…

Ishu: we should always be like this only.. whatever happen..

Shagun: wat could happen.. when we r together….

Raman: ofcourse….

Arnav: we are one …. will make others…


They all had a group hug…

Mihir: missing sanskat badly….
Screen forwards to some extent…
Door opens….


She hugs ishu … where s shagun dhi…

Ishu had lil tears in eyes

Shagun from behind: how could shagun miss our swara..

She hugs swara….

While moving shagun s abt to slip..

Ishu: SWEETIE… careful..

Shagun: i know how to manage myself…. u better care for your family…

Both turns opposite direction.. having eyes full of tears….

Sanskar: wat hap to them…

Mihir: how will i know…. this house has many mystriez .. which i have no idea about…(he stares angrily at arnav and leaves.)

Swara: relax sanky… everything will be alright…

Sanky hugs swara: i thought all will take care of u here … but wat hap??

Swara: how can they neglect me… now see…

Swara screams by keeping hand on stomach…

Ishgun run to her.. and start caring for her..

Swara: i m soooooooooo hungry

Ishu: then have something nah

Shagun: yeah.. wait i ll get it for u

Swara: i will eat only when u two will cook for me together…


Swara winks at sanky…

Kya swara make them united again…

Kya hua ki sab kuch ek minute mein badal gaya…

Thnx a lot guyz for all ur comments.. and now pls pls… tell me abt this track tooooo..

Credit to: arshi

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  1. Exciting…..loved it to core

    1. Thbx yaar vero

  2. OMG!!!!! They r fighting…. Bt I m sure if anything happen in between them then it vill b sorted out… & Swasan vill unite them… Right arshi dear???

    1. Yup…u r right… and thnx yaar paru for this lovely words

  3. Friends have had a misunderstanding it seems perhaps because of khushi’s past where ishu arnav r supporting Khushi n shagun mihir against… Hope swasan unite them soon n they do mast I as usual….

    1. May be and may not be….. and yeah.. in this track also.. their masthi will be seen i guess.. as i m not very much sure abt even Mondays Epi… haha.. thnx yar anu

  4. I must say this track is apt now as everything isn’t rosy rosy all times waiting eagerly for next episode

  5. Oh! Nice promo..

  6. Oh! Nice promo…. But no Arshi scenes ?? just kidding… I ask for Arshi scenes in promo also!!!!? I am a stupid.. ?? anyway waiting for next episodes.. ? ? ?

    1. I was very much sure abt this comment from u yaar… have some patience.. there s many more things going to happen in theor life too

  7. Very exciting promo. Lots of suspense!

    1. Thnx yaar tc

  8. Track is awesomeee arshi. Finally swasan is bckkkkkkkk of course with a bang. Lkng forward to tis track very much. Pl update asap

    1. Ofcourse yaar.. thnx a lot

  9. arshi your ff is just amasing
    hole day i was waiting for your ff to come & when it comes i read it 2timrs at least

  10. Interesting

  11. shocking promo…what had happpen b/w ishgun

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